30+ Professional Business Project Proposal Templates With Modern Pages 2020

30+ Professional Business Project Proposal Templates With Modern Pages 2020

Has a prospect ever ignored the professional business project proposal you sent them?

If everything else in your proposal is on track, your business proposal design could be the culprit. If your project proposal doesn’t look good, your prospect may not have the best impression of your business. Design does make a difference.

In this article, you’ll find 35 different examples of professional proposal templates you can use to help land the next deal. These business templates are available through Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Clean Web Proposal template features a sleek modern design that’s sure to help you stand out from your competitors. The print-ready template is easy to use—simply add your own images and copy. Choose between A4-sized pages and standard US letter size. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of this popular project proposal template.

If you’re looking for a colorful project proposal to capture your prospect’s attention, this colorful project proposal template is a good choice. The 26-page template can be easily edited to add your own information. Plus, you can quickly add or delete pages from the flexible template. If you want your project proposal to stand out, this may be the project proposal template for you.

Make a strong positive impression with Proposal Template 003. This elegantly designed professional proposal template features 28 pages. It’s ready for you to add your own unique information.

You’ll love the 12-column and baseline grids. Choose between A4 and US letter-size template pages. Plus, there are many other helpful features.

This large, flexible proposal template features a structured layout for a wide variety of business projects. Customize the many page templates to add your own infographics, timelines, and other crucial project information.

This professional template has 40 template pages, including a table of contents page, about page, and a case study page. Simply edit the pages you want for your proposal and delete those you don’t need. It’s packed with design features that blow the free business proposal template away!

This clean, professional proposal template is perfect for the creative professional. It features 30 custom pages with automatic page numbering. The text, graphics, and placeholders are all on separate layers for quick and easy editing.  Whether you’re in the creative business or need an eye-catching modern style design, this project proposal template is a great choice for 2020.

This eye-catching professional project proposal template can be used for a wide variety of projects. The 24 pages of templates include such useful pages as a case study, bio pages, and space for data and charts. You’ll also get:

  • PDF Documentation (including FAQs)
  • choice of A4 or Letter Size
  • free support
  • and more

Use this attractive project proposal template many different types of professional projects. Customize the grid-based template to meet your own needs quickly and easily. You’ll get 40 print-ready template pages that can be used in either A4 or US letter size. The project proposal template supports Adobe InDesign, but there’s also a Microsoft Word version included.

This professional project proposal was designed with the needs of creative agencies in mind. But you’ll find it suitable for many other businesses as well. With this professional proposal template, you get:

  • 24 unique layouts
  • download links to free fonts to use
  • 12-column grid-based design
  • automatic page numbering
  • and more

If you own a web design business or other creative business, this may be the professional proposal template you’ve been looking for. You’re bound to make a good impression with the crisp, eye-catching design. Plus, the versatile template files can be used with either Adobe InDesign or MS Word with either an Apple or Windows operating system.

This is a great project proposal template for web designers and other creatives. It also works well for any type of business proposal you may need. It packs a lot of design features that free business proposal templates may be lacking.

This bold professional proposal template design is sure to catch your client’s eye with its unique landscape design. Plus, this attractive template includes professionally designed front and back proposal cover page templates for added impact. You’ll find that it’s easy to add your own images and content to this project proposal template. You can also choose between two popular paper sizes.

This flexible business proposal template is useful for a wide variety of projects. Take advantage of its flexibility. It just may become your go-to proposal design.

If you want an easy-to-customize proposal that you can drop your information into quickly and easily, this is a great template to work with. The template includes a 16-page document with a grid-based layout. Customize the color with a single click on this print-ready theme.

This professional project proposal template can be easily edited to suit your needs. Here are some key features of this template:

  • 10 color scheme options
  • 20 template pages
  • can be used in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • easily add images

This print ready template will wow the recipient with the professional design.

This business proposal template comes with three different color scheme options. This template is completely editable.

The template can be used in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. Sure, you can find project proposal templates for free. But they won’t match this.

This professional business proposal template has a clean design. Here are some key features of this template:

  • can be used in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word
  • comes in A4 and US Letter Size
  • 18 template pages
  • includes an invoice

This template is great for anyone looking for a professional business proposal template.

Project Proposal Template 003 has 28 template pages that come in A4 and US letter size. This template can be used in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and PDF Format. Project Proposal Template 003 has a professional design with a nice pop of color.

This professional business proposal template has a nice pastel color scheme. Here are some highlights of this template:

  • 28 template pages
  • can be used in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, PDF format, and more
  • colors can be easily edited
  • comes with an invoice and FAQ section

This template has a professional design, but it won’t distract from your business proposal information.

This project proposal template can be fully customized. This template comes with 25 pages and six color schemes. This template is simple and professional. It can be used for many different professional purposes, including as an IT proposal template.

This template comes in A4 and Letter size. So, you can choose the size that you need.

Elite Proposal is a professional proposal template that can be used in Microsoft Word and Pages. This template has 28 pages that you can put your information on. Customize the color to match your corporate branding. Also, easily customize the layout to fit your needs.

Business Proposal Company

This project proposal template has 24 unique pages. Easily change the font and colors with one click to suit your needs. Quickly resize any shapes that are in the template. With this template, you get fantastic front and back template covers for your proposal.

With the many elements in this project proposal template, you can make a detailed pitch to any client. You could even use it for a potential investor.

Some of the many features include:

  • PDF user guide
  • Keynote compatibility
  • infographic templates
  • free fonts
  • over 800 vector icons
  • and more

The modern design of this clean proposal makes the template ideal for any professional business project. The template pages are also available in two commonly used sizes for your convenience: A4 and standard US letter size. Plus, this template is based on free fonts.

Customers love this business proposal template. Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“Appealing, colorful, modern and pro”


“Very great & creative design”

With its well-organized and simple design, this template is ideal for any project. Quickly present what your prospect needs to know and close the sale. The 20-page template includes an invoice, so your branding stays consistent across the life of the project. You’ll get a master page, paragraph styles, automatic page numbering, and more.

With a single click, customize the colors on the easy-to-use professional proposal template. Choose between 24 template pages. Use them all, or just a few.

This design also features a premade professional proposal cover page template. Plus, it’s based on free fonts. And, you’ll get a Microsoft Word version of the template for your convenience.

Impress the clients with a consistent look for all your project documentation using this professional proposal template bundle. Use this print-ready template with your choice of InDesign, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. The template also includes free PDF documentation with FAQs and much more.

This project proposal template includes contract and invoice templates. So, you’re getting three document templates for the price of one!

This is another great project proposal template bundle. It’s full of helpful tools, so it’s also easy to customize and use. Features include:

  • invoice, resume, and contract templates included
  • real wording outline
  • 7 template cover designs for your proposal
  • Excel files
  • 40+ pages
  • compatible with InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • and more

This professional business plan template includes a first-class business proposal template. You’ll get a 40-page InDesign business template AND a 32-page template. Both can be edited in Microsoft Word.

The template includes vector infographics you can customize plus an .IDML file. Choose between two-page sizes: A4 and US letter.

Customers love this proposal design. Feedback on this one includes the following comments:

“This is amazing… Great design, looks professional & clean..”


“Nice and Effective One…”

The 36-page professional proposal template features a clean minimal design. It’s great for project proposals and estimates.

This versatile project proposal template supports multiple file formats for use with many authoring tools: .indd, .idml, .docx, .doc, and pages. Here are the user-friendly features:

  • full layered templates
  • multigrid columns and grid-based layout
  • master pages
  • choose between A4 and US letter
  • one-click color change
  • and more

Here’s a gorgeous 24-page professional proposal template. It’s ready for you to customize with your own information. The three-color concept template is sure to “wow” your prospects.

It includes easy-to-use files for Adobe InDesign as well as IDML CS4 and lower version files and PDF files. There’s also a help file to get you started quickly.

This professional business template comes with 24 pages. Add any information you want to them.

There’s also a premade proposal cover page template design. It just takes a single click to change the colors to match your company color scheme. This template comes in both A4 and letter size.

This template has an attractive modern design that’ll catch anyone’s eye. It would make a great IT proposal template or could be used for any professional purpose.

The template pages are auto-numbered and easy to customize. This template comes in both A4 and letter size. Some graphics are included with this template.

This professional template has a minimal look that won’t distract from your proposal. This template comes with twelve pages that you can add your information to. This project proposal template can be used in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign.

This professional business proposal has a nice clean look. Here are some key features of this template:

  • minimal design
  • comes with a matching invoice template
  • comes with a PDF help document
  • print-ready

This template is great for anyone who is looking for a proposal template that doesn’t have a distracting design.

Gstudio Project Proposal Template comes with twelve pages. This professional business template comes in a blue color but can be easily changed to any color you’d like. This template can be used in Microsoft Word.

This professionally designed proposal template has a professional design. Here are some highlights of this template:

  • comes in US letter size and A4 paper size
  • comes with 28 template pages
  • comes with Light & Dark Versions
  • can be used in InDesign, Microsoft Word, and PDF format

This template pages have a great professional design that won’t distract from your information.

This project proposal template has sixteen editable pages. This template comes in two sizes US letter size and A4 paper size. Easily customize the colors in this template.


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