28 Creative InDesign Portfolio Templates 2020

Make the most of your potential with a creative portfolio design. Check out this list of InDesign templates.

Creative portfolio design templates give students, designers and professionals access to high-quality portfolios without the lofty bill.

And whether you’re preparing a presentation or trying to win over a client, you will definitely benefit from an Adobe InDesign portfolio template in hand.

So stay inspired with this incredible list of professional brochure templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Looking for a stylish way to showcase your work? Check out this beautifully designed InDesign template. Choose from either A4 or US Letter size and easily customize the included layout designs to suit your professional brand.

Portfolio Album

This A4 sized portfolio is a perfect fit for photography and artwork. Designed in a stylish, horizontal format, it includes 28 pages for your mix, match, and customize. Add your content and easily make this design your own.

InDesign Portfolio

Looking for a pop of color? This stylish portfolio is very versatile and adaptable. Use it for a variety of design and publication needs; it’s so easy to customize, and the included 14 pages give you so much content to work with.

Photographer Album Portfolio

This is a beautiful template, perfect if you have a lot of content to showcase. There’s a whopping 42 pages here to work with—yes, 42 included layouts! It comes in both A4 and US Letter sizes too. Easily adapt this content to work with a variety of projects!

InDesign Portfolio Template

Beautifully designed, with strategic pops of color, this template is stylish and versatile. Experiment with the included, interior layouts, and choose from two different document sizes. The fonts used are also free for commercial use!

Creative Agency Portfolio Brochure

Launch your creative agency with an exciting brochure. This InDesign portfolio template packs a punch with a bold cover design and simple font elements. Swap out the surreal photos for your own work and update it to fit your needs. Try it out!

Creative Portfolio Template

This next Adobe InDesign portfolio template is sure to win over interviewers. Present your catalog of design illustrations, photos and more in this lovely, minimalist portfolio with delicate accents. Add, delete, or swap the pages for a customized look!

Simple Portfolio Template

Adobe InDesign templates come in many amazing styles, like this simple portfolio template from designer Incools. This modern brochure features a clean and professional appearance to highlight your photography portfolio. Get a total of 20 pages and more!

Havana Portfolio

How would you use this portfolio layout template? InDesign users will love this next classic design inspired by Havana, Cuba. Enjoy a clean and simple approach with 24 pages for all your material. Free fonts are also included for more help.

Wolfsburg Portfolio

Help the right clients find you with an inspiring portfolio template. This stunning brochure design features A4 and US Letter sizes along with stylish, multipurpose layouts. Use your portfolio to display photos, products, or other designs.

Architecture Portfolio

Display your architecture portfolio with a smart Adobe InDesign template. This modern layout features a spacious landscape design with 20 full pages and 10 unique spreads. Additional features are also included, like automatic page numbering and more.

Multipurpose Portfolio Layout Template

Multipurpose portfolio layouts are the best! They’re easy to use and give you endless possibilities for designing an impressive portfolio. This 26-page template includes fully layered documents along with one-click color customization. Add it to your collection!

Simple Portfolio Template

There is power in simplicity. And this portfolio template is striking yet simple. This template includes vector infographics, free fonts, and master pages. A help guide is also included for more information. Check it out!

Photography Portfolio

Choosing the best photos for your portfolio will be harder than the design. That is, at least, with an impeccable photography portfolio layout like this one. This InDesign template includes 50 pages that are all easy to customize. Edit them fast with versions CS4 and above.

InDesign Portfolio Template

Next up is a template comprising 18 pages of clean, professional design. Perfect for graphic designers, artists, and creative professionals, this portfolio design template is both fashionable and trendy. All the elements included can be quickly updated to fit your creative needs.

Portfolio Template

Display all your projects with a captivating portfolio template. This basic layout features bright pops of color which you can easily change to fit your style. It’s print ready and fully customizable, so it’s ready to go once it’s downloaded. Check it out!

Graphic Design Portfolio Template InDesign

The best part about graphic design portfolio templates is their uniqueness. This next InDesign template is quirky and humorous. Although the cover illustration isn’t included, you can easily try out another fun photo for a bold effect. Works with Adobe InDesign CS4 and above.

ACCENDO - Portfolio Template

Make your portfolio the talk of the town. This gorgeous portfolio template provides the perfect aesthetic for a professional and captivating look. Replace the cover photo with another beautiful landscape shot, or include a quick company picture for a personal touch.

Simple Portfolio Brochure

Portfolio brochures couldn’t get any simpler. Save valuable time drafting your own designs with this impressive portfolio template. It features minimal, sans serif fonts like Bebas Neue and Aller, and is totally print ready for optimal convenience. Try it out!

A5 Portfolio

Need a strong portfolio template in A5 size? Then check out this extraordinary design best suited for photographers and digital artists. This 22-page document features editable layers you can turn off and on, along with every element you need to make it a masterpiece.

The Portfolio Template

Are you a creative looking for a design portfolio template? InDesign users should definitely add this next brilliant asset to their arsenal. This print portfolio template includes an elegant and modern layout created with plenty of room for your content. Just add new photos and text!

Minimal Photography Portfolio

Drag and drop your best work into this exquisite photography portfolio. Create a striking look with this minimal design that works best with black and white photography. Keep the theme as is or add more color for a totally new perspective.

Design Portfolio Template

Print portfolio templates like this one are perfect for beginners to Adobe InDesign. Since it’s mostly made up of text and icons, all you have to do is update the layout with your own portfolio details and photos. Don’t need the blue? Just change it with one-click color customization.

Portfolio Catalogue

Many fashion portfolio templates read more like catalogs. This next brilliant design features a strong geometric title and a minimalist back cover design. The download includes a 24-page document, along with an icon font that was created using Sosa.

InDesign Photography Portfolio Template

If you’re not ready for a digital brochure, you can always try a portfolio book template. Best suited for those with experience in Adobe InDesign, this template is fun and easy to use. You can adapt it to nearly any industry and customize it within an afternoon. Check it out!

Creative Portfolio Brochure

Brochure templates come with many creative portfolio themes and styles. This vibrant design features a striking yellow background and elegant fonts. It includes 30 high-resolution pages and an additional help file for more information.

Portfolio Template

This next portfolio template uses fonts likes Roboto and Montserrat for a clean, professional aesthetic. Try it out for your business or creative profession using Adobe InDesign CS4 and above. Add it to your collection for less than $20! This one’s a winner!


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