30 Cool & Colorful Resume CV Templates To Stand Out Creatively 2020

There are usually more applicants than jobs. For hiring managers, sifting through a huge stack of resumes takes time. As a job applicant, you’ve got to differentiate your resume. When you want color, resume templates that are free to download aren’t the best choice.

That’s why you turn to pre-built resume templates from GraphicRiver or Envato Elements. You could open an app like Microsoft Word and try to draw a resume from scratch. But in 2020, it would be better to use one of these cool resume templates to stand out from the crowd.

These creative colorful resume templates are useful because they provide ideas. You don’t have to think about how to organize your content or what a resume needs to contain. These cool templates already have it. Just download one of these templates, then add your own details.

Not every cool resume has to be barebones and minimalistic. Add a bright and eye-catching splash of color to make sure that your resume makes its way to the right person. You’ll also increase your chances of getting the big job.

30 Cool & Colorful Resume CV Templates To Stand Out Creatively 2020

A timeline approach to showcasing your experience is a great look. A timeline can help the hiring manager understand how your past experiences connect to the future. Just add your own past education, experience, and achievements to this along with a catchy headline.

This package is a great choice thanks to the following options:

  • works with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • free fonts utilized
  • print-ready with CMYK color palette and high-resolution print settings

Despite what the name implies, this resume template could be used for far more than those working in the Fashion industry. The clean design with a splash of color around the edge is a major step up over any of the default templates in apps like Microsoft Word.

This template includes options for both Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. It also includes free fonts and icons. So, you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything else to complete the resume.

Just because you want a minimalistic and simple resume doesn’t mean that it’s got to be devoid of color and creativity. Aria strikes this perfect balance between ease-of-reading and enough creativity to make it stand out through some of the best colors to use on a resume.

This colorful resume template is easy to customize in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. Open it up. Choose your own color palette (if you wish). Then, add your own details to quickly prepare a customized template.

Designer – Best Resume Colors template cuts straight to the chase with a bold introductory section. It has space to “put a face with a name” in the form of a profile picture. Plus, the introductory paragraph will help you introduce yourself rapidly. On top of that, the colorful name section is sure to grab the employer’s attention immediately.

  • resume, cover letter, and front resume templates included
  • works perfectly with InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • multiple print formats and color settings make it ideal for printing
  • Uses blend of some of the best colors for resume design

Melisa is also a great opportunity to use stock photos that are available as a part of an Envato Elements subscription. The background of the resume can easily be substituted for another stock from photo Elements’ lineup.

  • use with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • easy to update and substitute your own details into
  • print-ready settings built-in by default

The bold typography, professional colors for resume and clean lines make Olivia the perfect choice for work in the creative space. Add your own photo and experiences to help get your message across.

I like Olivia’s approach to using a single bold color. As with many of the choices in this round-up, it’s enough to stand out, but not enough to distract the reviewer from the content at hand. This is a premium template with the best colors for CV that helps you stand out. Go premium and don’t take the risk with free colorful resume templates.

These color resume templates have a few file types that are exclusive to it. That includes the resume, cover letter, envelop, CD, and CD cover. If you’re going to make an impact, think about taking the time to design each of these when you deliver your portfolio to make sure that your resume isn’t missed.

  • compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • CMYK print-ready
  • icons and documentation both included

This standout resume template is another selection that strikes the balance between form and function. It’s got just enough color to stand out from basic resume templates. Plus, Melisa includes icons and sections that are a breeze to update with your own details.

  • Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word formats
  • print-ready with CMYK and multiple paper formats
  • free fonts utilized

With this bold and cool resume formats, Metro is a sure attention grabber. Mix and match colors between sections to build up the perfect look for your next job application. This is a great resume colors template to work with, unlike many free colorful resume templates out there.

  • CMYK and 300-dpi settings to make sure these print perfectly
  • extremely easy to build and customize with practically unlimited combinations of content

Rounding out our selection, this ultra-clean look embodies the simplicity and best color for resume combination. You’ll feel confident with this resume template. The blue featured here is one of the best colors to use on a resume in 2020. It’s easy-to-read, and also breaks down your experiences into content blocks that a reviewer can easily process.

This template’s got a creative use of color. It’s a fully featured approach to showcasing your job experience and accolades. Specifically for Adobe InDesign, there are sections for your personal info, education, experience, and more.

I like this premium template because it looks great when printed. If you’ll be handing off a physical copy of your resume (as opposed to uploading the digital version), this is one of the best choices I’ve seen. Something color resume templates for free download found online can’t guarantee.

Here’s a colorful resume templates that stands out. It’s a great choice because it hits the sweet spot of simplicity and creativity. It’s also easy to edit and customize unlike many free colorful resume templates out there. The bold color highlights are just enough to set the resume apart from other minimalistic choices.

Here’s why you should give this creative resume template a try:

  • CMYK print ready
  • fully editable
  • 300 DPI

This creative best colors for CV template package is like a kit that allows you to design a variety of resumes. It includes four different resume color schemes and dark/light options. So, there’s something for everyone inside of this package. It’s a high-quality premium template, unlike many color resume templates for free download found online.

  • print ready with CMYK color palette and high-resolution design
  • works with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word

The Swiss school of design focuses on the “less-is-more” philosophy of design. The Neue Swiss Resume – Best Resume Colors Template embodies this perfectly. It’s got simple elements and a bold use of the best colors for resumes that are sure to help your resume stick out from the crowd. This would be perfect for a design or creative job application, unlike loads of free colorful resume templates you get online.

  • A4 and US letter sized print options
  • high-resolution, CMYK print palette
  • five color options for multiple use-cases

X-Clean Simplistic – Best Colors for CV Template is perfect as a first choice because it contains so many options. An indecisive applicant can use this best colors for CV template as a jumping-off point to decide between the many options inside this package. Create the best creative resume that you’re proud of to present to potential employers.

  • formats include Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word
  • uses free fonts for an all-in-one package approach
  • best colors for CV template – four color schemes and light / dark versions create over 80 files in total

If I’m going to buy a file to use for my own projects, I like to make sure that it’s got variety. This Simple Resume – Creative Work Best Colors for CV template fits the bill perfectly. It’s a breeze to edit in the app of your choice and has plenty of features to make it a top choice:

  • six different best resume color schemes
  • works in Photoshop and Microsoft Word
  • ready for print with no additional settings required

A color CV can be so much more than a single page file, and this package is a perfect example of that. Build out a portfolio page, cover letter, and more with this single file. With simple, cool resume templates that you can customize and add a bright splash of color. This allows you to be in full control of your customization. This one’s a great choice when using color in resume unlike many risky color resume templates for free download you find online.

Material design is all the rage now thanks to Google’s inclusion of the style in most of its apps. The minimalist and easy-to-read style is favored for its modern look, and this resume incorporates it perfectly. Using color in resumes doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming with a premium template like this. This template uses some of the best colors to use on a resume. Unfortunately, color resume templates for free download found online can’t guarantee this.

  • Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and vector versions included
  • easy to update with “content blocks” to showcase your work
  • matching business card template included as well
  • best resume color scheme

Here’s another great choice that feels more like a full sales package for yourself than a simple cool color CV. Think of this as more of a pre-designed application book than a way to apply. In creative industries, you’ll get jobs on the back of your work, so why not showcase it front and center?

  • usable with Adobe InDesign
  • A4 and US letter formats for great-looking prints
  • easy-to-customize grid approach
  • best resume color scheme

Bold and punchy, the Clean Colorful Resume package is sure to make an impact. It’s a perfect choice for a first application since it focuses on less content and putting more front-and-center. It also makes a great use of some of the best colors for resume design.

  • Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign template designs
  • over 22 different colorful CV templates that can be customized
  • free fonts you can grab as part of the package

Using color in resumes can be tricky, but with this 3 in 1 bundle of colorful CV templates, you’ll have enough selections to pick from. Impress your future employer with the help of this professional yet lively colorful CV templates.

This professional, modern and simple resume comes with two resume pages, a portfolio, and a cover letter template. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. But this file includes a Microsoft Word version so users with various skill sets can use this template with ease. Edit these cool resume formats so it fits your needs and start your job hunt now.

This professional yet cool standout resume template was created to make the job application process easier and effective. Buy and download the file. Customize your resume and cover letter. Contact the author if you need additional pages. Save your edits and send it out to apply for your dream job. It’s that simple!

This bundle is perfect for you if you’re still uncertain whether you should be using color in resume or if you should stick to the traditional grey scale. It’s fine to be hesitant and stick to the familiar, but it’s always nice to have a few options should you decide to try something new on your resume. This Best Resume Colors Bundle offers you just that.

These professional but funky CV templates (resume + cover letter) are yet another perfect choice for someone who wants to create modern cool resume formats by using color in resume. Edit and customize this file on MS Word, PSD or Illustrator quick and easy, allowing you to apply for a few roles in a matter of minutes.

This yellow and black template will definitely catch a lot of buzz. The sharp color contrast is eye-catching, and neat columns keep your information organized. This template links to easy-to-use free fonts as well. It also includes Microsoft Word files if you don’t have access to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

The pink used here is subtle, and uses its pastel tone well. You’ll be able to easily share your work experience, skills, and achievements here. Choose this one if you’ve been looking for resume templates that stand out.

  • one and two page version available
  • CV and cover letter included
  • editable in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • CMYK, print ready

Go bold with these resume colors. Your work experience and education are the stars of the show with this template. Adjusting your technical and soft skills are a breeze when you open up the Adobe Photoshop file. Don’t forget to add your photo and a few lines about yourself to share with potential employers.

This impressive template will have your name at the top of the pile. Using green and blue as its primary resume colors, this template also has clear headings and excellent use of white space. The accompanying cover letter keeps the theme consistent.

Finally, take advantage of the minimal look by using this resume template. This resume uses colors smartly. It adds enough to be engaging while not being overwhelming. It’s perfect for candidates that want a resume that’s restrained.

  • editable Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator files
  • links to free fonts used in the template
  • words, colors, fonts, and sections can all be changed
  • cover letter that can be edited into thank you letter

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