20+ Best Visual CV Resume Templates for Artists & Creatives 2020

A good resume can sometimes mean the difference between getting hired or being stuck in the job-hunting stage in 2020. If you’re an artist or creative, your resume needs to stand out and be a reflection of your skills.

Take advantage of premade best visual CV resume templates so you can focus your time and efforts on the actual job search. Here are some of our best visual resume examples from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

The first artist resume sample template on the list features a colorful and modern design that’s sure to get you noticed. You’ve got plenty of room to list your education and skills and the template includes a matching cover letter to accompany your job application. This good resume template was designed with Adobe Photoshop and is fully layered so you’ll have no problems editing it and adding your information.

The Creative Resume and CV Template is a Photoshop template with a clean design. It features a colored header and footer where you can add your name and contact information. The section for education, skills, and experience is minimalistic with elegant dashed dividers. This art resume template comes with thorough instructions and is fully layered.

Try the Resume Infographics template if you’re looking for an attention-grabbing, bold template. This visual arts resume template comes with 140 custom icons and can be edited using Adobe Illustrator. All the elements are fully scalable and editable, and you’ll have no problems getting this resume to look great in any resolution. This level of detail is extremely hard to come by in a free visual CV template.

The Resume CV is a perfect choice if you lean towards elegant designs. The template offers a subtle color scheme and comes in three format variations:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Microsoft Word

Additionally, you’ll find an application and a portfolio template so you can make a great first impression on potential employers.

The last visual resume template on our list features a professional design that’s best suited if you’re applying for a corporate position. The template comes with eight quality pages in InDesign format, which gives you plenty of space to showcase your portfolio, education, and experience.

The first template on the list has a minimalist design with pops of bright yellow color. It’s a great way to add visual interest to your resume without going overboard with the color. The template has a standard two-column design with plenty of space to add your profile photo. You can also easily display your skills in a visually appealing way. The template can be edited in Word, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

If you’re looking for an elegant resume template that’s perfect for an artist, look at this template. The template comes with two resume pages so you can easily use the second page to showcase a few of your past projects or art pieces. The template also includes a matching cover letter, which is another reason why you should choose a premium resume template over free visual CV templates.

This creative visual resume template has a unique and creative design. It uses a three-column layout, which makes the resume appear more organized. In terms of colors, the template uses an elegant blue and white color scheme that you can easily customize. The template can be edited in Photoshop and MS Word.

The fourth artist resume template from GraphicRiver features a simple, minimalistic and playful creative artist CV example. No one said a professional resume has to be boring.

This artist CV template is perfect if you want your resume to reflect your true self. Make full use of the cover letter and two-sided business card included. Impress your potential employers with this unique and creative resume, cover letter and business card template set.

An amazing retro-like artist CV example that comes in three parts: cover letter, resume, and portfolio. Present all necessary personal info, educational history, and work experiences concisely on the single-page resume. The separate portfolio page comes in handy to clearly and creatively showcase projects you’ve worked on to potential employers. Bold and bright colors separate each section in an artistic way and make it visually appealing.

Need a creative, fun artist CV example that you can edit on MS Word quickly and easily? Look no further. This creative resume template comes with a splash of watercolor header and organized layers making it easy to customize even on MS Word. A help file is also included should you need assistance. This is a perfect template for an artist who isn’t experienced or comfortable using Photoshop.

This artist resume sample template from GraphicRiver features a sharp design and comes in several formats for easy editing. It also includes four color variants so you can focus on adding relevant information and spend less time styling your resume. Of course, the colors and everything else can be customized to your liking if you aren’t fond of the predesigned color schemes. On top of that, this resume template comes 40 fully editable icons.

The Creative Resume template comes in InDesign format and includes 10 pages, so you’ve got more than enough room to showcase your creative abilities and past work. Add your education and experience and employers are bound to notice you. It’s a premium option that’s better than visual resume templates that are free.

As the name suggests, the Clean and Creative Resume features a clean design that’s perfect for highlighting your creative projects. The template is a fully layered Photoshop file designed in the letter format and can be easily edited to match your style. You’ll also get editable icons that can be used to highlight different sections of the resume.

This professional visual resume template comes in both Photoshop and Illustrator format so you can edit it with whichever software you’re more comfortable working with. It comes with three pages, which includes the resume, cover letter, and fully editable icons so you can add more visual appeal to your resume and highlight different sections.

Consider the Beautiful Creative Resume template if you’re a fan of minimal design. This artist resume template features a colored strip at the top and bottom while the rest of the layout is very clean and minimal so potential employers can focus on your skills and experience. This template comes in Photoshop, Illustrator, Word and Apple Pages. On top of that, you also get a cover letter and a references letter template.

This Premium Creative Resume Pack has everything you need to make a great impression on potential employers. You’ll find a front-page resume, cover letter, and pages for education and skills. The template can easily be edited with Photoshop and also includes icons. The entire file is fully layered and print ready.

The Creative Resume CV template offers quite a few features that’ll help you create a visually striking resume:

  • available in A4 and US letter size
  • four pages, which include a resume and cover letter
  • 40+ icons
  • matching business card and Facebook template
  • eight pre-designed color schemes
  • comes in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign format
  • and more

This dark template comes in a black and grey version as well as a white version. It includes premade paragraph and character styles, which can easily be modified. It also comes in US letter and A4 size. Colors can be changed to better suit your personal brand and you’ve got plenty of space to list your skills, education, and experience and showcase your past projects.

Consider the Advance resume template if you want to present your information with an awesome timeline. The template comes with a custom icon pack so you can highlight different sections of the resume or parts of the timeline. You’ll also find a matching cover letter and the template is easily editable with Adobe Illustrator.

If you want to put the main focus of your resume on your portfolio, this template is a perfect choice. It includes several pages made specifically to showcase your past projects and you can still add your education and experience information. All the colors are easily editable and there’s even a detailed help file.

The Clean and Creative Resume book comes with eight pages that you can use to present all the important information about your background to potential employers. Layout and colors can easily be changed so you can make the resume your own and it comes in Adobe Illustrator file format. It’s a more creative option than a free visual CV template.

Try the Professional Creative Resume if you’re looking for a more serious design style. This template was designed in Photoshop and can easily be printed in both A4 and US letter sizes. All the colors and the fonts can be edited the file is fully layered.

The Creative Resume is a clean and simple visual artist resume example that’s fully editable with Adobe Illustrator and made in A4 size. The template allows you to list your education and experience and there’s a bar at the bottom where you can list your social media profiles.

The Clean and Modern Resume CV template has both a dark and a light version. The files can be edited using Photoshop so all the colors and fonts can be customized. The file is fully layered and print ready. It also includes icons to help you highlight different sections and skills.

The last best visual CV example comes in a booklet format so you can easily showcase a variety of your creative projects and works. The template can be edited using Photoshop or InDesign and includes a grand total of 10 pages and several predesigned color schemes.

Here’s another amazing creative artist resume template that comes in Photoshop and MS Word format. This art CV template creates an opportunity for individuals who don’t know their way around Photoshop to be able to edit and customize this template easily on MS Word. This makes it possible for anyone from any industry to show their creative streak without being limited by software skills.

This minimal resume booklet and cover letter is a creative way to apply for any creative roles. It’s made for photographers, graphic designers, logo designers, branding artists, and other creative professionals. This is an eight-page A4 template that’s minimal, clean in style, and gives an overall professional and elegant look. Make use of the well-prepared photos, placeholders, and well organized or grouped layers to quickly and easily customize this art resume template to turn it into your own.

This beautiful artist resume template from GraphicRiver has a colorful design that makes it easy to visually separate different sections of the resume. You can highlight your skills as well as past experience and you can even add your logo or profile photo. The template can be edited with Photoshop, Pages, Word, and Illustrator. You’ll also get a matching cover letter.

This multi-purpose resume template works well as a resume template for creatives. There’s space at the top to show off a photo, logo, or another image. You can also include links to your online portfolio beside your contact information. At the bottom, you can rate your skill with various tools, making this a good creative CV template for a graphic designer or web designer.


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