30 Best Unique Resume Templates With Interesting Creative CV Ideas 2020

If you’re looking for a job in 2020 and don’t know where to start with your resume, keep reading. It’s a tough job market, and you want to make your resume unique.

With a unique resume template, you’ll grab the hiring manager’s attention. And, when you use a premium resume template, your resume will look both professional and unique.

As you look at these interesting resume templates, you may be thinking I don’t even know how to create a unique resume. We can help by providing exactly the right templates to help you express your creativity and still look professional.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the best professional and unique resume templates in 2020 from both Elements and GraphicRiver. You’ll also find five tips on how to create a unique resume.

This interesting resume idea has bold colors. In this innovative resume template, there’s a timeline so that your experience can really stand out. The whole template is fully customizable, so make the template fit your needs. This modern resume template will present you as a creative individual who is serious about their job search.

Ferns is a unique resume template that features a border of ferns. If you love nature, you can still look for a job and show off your love for nature while remaining professional. With this resume template, you get a title page, cover letter, and two resume pages. This template is fully editable and print-ready to help you finish your resume quickly.

This innovative resume template will stand out with its sleek design. Here are some key features:

  • comes with a cover page
  • black background to make a great initial impression
  • well-organized
  • picture section

Download this resume today to make a lasting impression. The black background sets this apart from all the resumes with a white background. This resume also lets your future employer know that you’re not like everyone else.

This innovative resume uses different shades of pink. Whether or not pink is your favorite color, this resume will attract attention in the stack of plain white resumes. This pink resume is also perfect when applying for a position with an organization whose company colors are pink. Plus, this resume template has a skill section to highlight your skills.

If you’re looking for an innovative resume template, look no further. This blue and white template has a modern design. Here are some key features:

  • timeline to showcase your experience
  • fully customizable
  • social media section to link to your social media
  • interests section

Show off your unique qualities to create a positive impression on your future employer. This template lets you highlight your interests to show the hiring manager that your interests align with the position you’re seeking. If your CV needs creative ideas, choose this template.

Material design is a modern design style that uses grids and cards to share information. This interesting CV adapts that style to make your resume easy to read. The colors are endlessly customizable. It also includes a free font for you to use. Get inspired with this template’s use of innovative CV ideas.

This is a great template if you need to share a portfolio with your resume. The Resume For Creatives is one of many unique resume templates found on GraphicRiver. It allows you to tell the story of your career using a booklet style. There’s also a business card template so that your contact information and resume match.

Choose between different looks with this resume set. You can go with color or the traditional black and white look and still have an interesting CV. Make this amazing resume template your own.

  • 2 CV and cover letter designs
  • easily insert your professional photo
  • files for Adobe InDesign

With three sets of resume templates and matching cover letters, GD Professional Resume Set 01 gives you the best bang for your back. Each set comes in a black-and-white version as well as color variants. Vector icons are also included. As a bonus, you get a guide on how to choose and write a resume and tips and tricks for a better resume.

If you’re looking for creative resume ideas, then look no further. This is a template for both a resume and cover letter, with two different layouts. You can use each for a two-page resume. The files are in both US letter and A4 sizes and are compatible with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. A Help File is also included.

Looking for a creative way to present your professional details all on one page? Then the Unique Single Page Resume template is for you. The letter-sized template comes in both light and dark color versions. However, if you prefer to change the color scheme, you can do so with one click. You can edit this template in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

This outstanding resume is perfect for artists, designers, and anyone else who wants to show off their work to future employers. You get eight different pages to show off your unique style. With this resume booklet, you get plenty of room to showcase what you’ve created in the past. You can easily customize this template to show off your personal style.

Are you looking for a job in politics or maybe you just love politics? This political resume is a unique way to show off your love for politics. This template comes with a cover letter template and a resume page. There are six alternate color schemes to choose from. Make your own political campaign with this template. The hiring manager will be impressed with your ability to promote yourself.

Here’s a resume that’s truly different. If you want to get your resume noticed, this unique resume template is perfect for you. This resume design lets everyone who sees it know that you’re a creative individual. With this template, show off your skills in a fun way. You can quickly change the photo, and there are many color options to choose from. Show your future employer how creative you can be.

Have you traveled a lot and want to show it off? Alternatively, maybe you’re applying for a job that includes travel or is in a travel-related business? Here are some highlights of this resume template:

  • comes with resume page, cover letter page, map page
  • references section
  • four color scheme options
  • print-ready

This unique resume will make a lasting impression on your hiring manager. You’ll be able to showcase all the interesting places you’ve traveled to. This resume will let your experience stand out.

This outstanding resume will separate your resume from other resumes. There are two different color schemes for you to choose from: a bold black and green option or a white and green option. With this template, you get cover letter page and resume page. This template is easily editable so that you can show off your personality.

This resume is simple but it’s also a unique CV/resume. The skills section allows you to show off what your top skills are. The proficiency section displays your skills and how skilled you are at each one. When the hiring manager sees this professional, unique template, they’ll be impressed. Download this template if you want to showcase your skills.

Are you looking for a more straightforward resume that’s a bit different? Look no further than this minimalist resume. Here are some key features of this resume:

  • five color schemes
  • comes with matching business card template
  • resume page and cover letter page included
  • timeline section
  • skills section

With this resume’s clean lines and simplicity, there’s no distraction from what you want to focus on. This print ready resume and business card will help you look professional and impress the hiring manager.

Here’s one very interesting CV. This resume booklet has unique icons that come with the template. When you download the booklet, you get templates for the following:

  • cover letter
  • about Me page
  • education page
  • history page
  • portfolio page
  • skills page
  • contact page

This template is easily customizable and print ready.  The simplicity of this booklet allows the hiring manager to skim your resume quickly.

This resume template has infographics to make your information really unique. It uses innovative CV ideas and trends. There’s an Interests section so that you can showcase what interests you. This template also comes with a map, so you if you’ve traveled you can show where you went. This template even has a language section to list the different languages you speak and to show how proficient you are in each of them.

Do you love vintage things? This vintage style resume shows your love for the classics while allowing you to remain professional. It’s one of many fun resume templates found on GraphicRiver. Here are some highlights of the retro style resume:

  • five color scheme options
  • easily editable
  • to change pictures, drag and drop them into place
  • comes with three pages

Have you been looking for a one-page resume template? This is an excellent template for you. This one-page resume template has enough room for you to say everything you need to say without it being crowded and confusing. The use of infographics helps draw the eye to important details that you want to emphasize. This template is fully editable so you can make the template say what you want.

This unique resume comes with a resume page and cover letter template. You can easily customize this resume template to make it your own. To showcase your skills and your proficiency in those skills, then choose this template. With the unique circle design, your experience is visible at a glance.  There’s also a references section and an awards section. Show off your creativity with this sleek design.

Do you love color, but don’t want to sacrifice that love of color to be professional? The unique resume template lets you express your love of color. Here are some highlights of this resume template:

  • three color schemes
  • easily editable
  • comes with icons
  • comes with three layouts

This amazing resume template comes with two versions, a color version and a white version. This print-ready colorful resume template will be sure to catch the attention of a hiring manager.

Are you going into a social media-related job? This unique resume is a perfect way to emphasize your love of social media. This template comes with two different styles and eight color combinations. Also, you get a free font and free icons with this template. Customize this unique template with your details quickly and easily. If you’ve been looking for fun resume templates, look no further than here.

This stylish and colorful resume lets you show off your personal style. This template comes with a resume page, cover letter page, and reference page. There are two different designs to choose from and four color schemes to choose from. You can easily edit the color, text, font, and design to customize the template how you want.

The Marketer Resume stands out because of its clean, sophisticated design. Choose from one of three sets: one-page, two-page, or three-page resume layouts. A cover letter template is also included. Each set comes with six color presets. This template is compatible with InDesign and Microsoft Word.

The Resumaker is another one of those unique resume templates with a modern, streamlined design. Created especially for Photoshop, it’s extremely easy to personalize. Type in your own information then select a color scheme from the three premade palettes. Now, you’re ready to print your resume. Of course, if you want to make changes to the design itself, you can do so, too.

Take your unique CV to the next level with this template for Google Slides. It’s one of many fun resume templates found on GraphicRiver that can frame you as the best candidate for the position. This template uses modern-day design trends like liquid shapes and engaging typography that’ll put you ahead of the pack. It’s easy to export to a PDF file for easy sharing as well.

Last but not least, we’ve got the Omni Resume. This amazing resume template set features a template for every style of resume: chronological, functional, and hybrid. It’s got a strong focus on visuals with its infographics. It’s easy to read and skim thanks to its graphs and data approach to storytelling. If your CV lacks creative ideas, choose this template.


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