20+ Best Real Estate Business Card Design Ideas

It’s a mistake to think that business cards are outdated. Even though more business than ever takes place online, many buyers will still expect a card when you meet in person.

Business cards can be your best networking tool as a real estate agent. You never know when you’ll meet an interested buyer and handing them a card can start the conversation.

If you want to become one of the top sellers in your market, you need the best real estate agent business card. In this round-up, you’ll see top real estate business card templates from Envato Elements and tips you can use to build one of your own using Placeit!

A template with a unique back of business card idea for real estate is a great way to stand out from the competition and be noticed. This example makes full use of the space on the vertical template to include images of two properties and also a QR code.

This template uses a silhouette of a city skyline as a one of a kind back of business card idea for real estate. Quickly include your brand information and contact information to create your own unique real estate business card.

This Modern Real Estate Business Card Template is a clean and simple design template that’ll help you take your business to the next step. This template is fully layered and customizable. It also comes in print ready format. Create your real estate business card in minutes.

An elegant, minimal, simple and professional real estate business card template. Include photos of properties as front and back of business card ideas real estate. Impress your future clients with a professionally designed real estate business card.

If you want to keep your business card simple yet modern, this is the template for you. This minimalistic real estate business card template allows you to create your business card in minutes without jeopardizing quality.

In need of multipurpose high end real estate business card idea? Start here with this quick and easy template. All of your contact details will be paired with professional logos and icons.

This template proves there’s no better choice if you’re searching for high end real estate business card idea. Featuring stunning real estate pictures for business cards and bold text, this template lets potential clients keep you in their pocket. And with customizable icons, you can truly make it your own best-looking real estate business cards, in seconds.

Dynamic real estate agencies like yours thrive on growth. That’s why it’s key to make a great first impression with your business card. Use real estate pictures for business cards with a sleek template like this Best-Looking Real Estate Business Card Template.

Unique real estate agent business cards truly drive future sales. A bold and refined look drives potential clients to contact you after an initial meeting. Help enable this success with a template like this, which offsets your contact details with real estate pictures for business cards.

A modern look is a hallmark of today’s unique real estate agent business cards. Channel it here with this elegant real estate business cards with photo template. The text jumps off the card thanks to a sleek font, and your chosen image contrasts brilliantly in the background.

Prospective clients may talk to dozens of real estate agencies. Thus, it’s critical to keep your name in the forefront of their thinking. This creative real estate agent business card helps you do just that, with your name and the number prominently displayed front and center.

Business cards are a dime a dozen, which means you’ve got to stand out. That’s why the best-looking high-end real estate business cards are unique and different. With its quirky artwork and vertical orientation, this new offering is sure to set your agency apart from its competition.

One of the best real estate business cards sample available today, this versatile template thrives on modern design ideas. Explore the built-in icons to illustrate all types of property. Then be sure to dive into the dozens of custom fonts and color options to make this card truly your own.

Commercial property icons make this card ideal for landlords. And with the flexible icon options, it’s perfect when you need real estate investor business card ideas, too. The earthy colors offset nicely against the striking text overlays.

Creative real estate agent business cards like this one will help get your consulting business off of the ground. This template is tailored especially for consultants, but flexible enough to fully support the everyday agent. Its strength lies in the dynamic iconography that works for any situation.

Thanks to cool modern icons and polished text placeholders, this template sits at the forefront of modern luxury real estate business card samples. Whether you sell residential or commercial property, you’ll find all of the icons you’ll need to fit your niche. And by swapping out backgrounds, you can merge this card with your color palette in a flash.

When you use unique real estate business cards with photos, you’re able to showcase prime property alongside your key contact details. This card maker lets you do just that, with a custom background image brilliantly contrasted against your text. Don’t forget to explore the numerous color changers to fully adjust every element.

Whether you’re building great structures, or simply bringing them to market, this modern luxury real estate business card supports your mission. Featuring striking real estate pictures for business cards and ribbon text placeholders, it makes your vision crystal clear. Abstract lines help to deliver avant-garde, unforgettable styling.

Creative real estate agent business cards are meant to help you close deals. Current and future clients are sure to love this sleek modern design, with its growth focus and placement of your name front and center. An array of background images help you fashion your contact details in high style.

Too many real estate business cards samples rely on white backgrounds and dark text. Flip the script with this moody, bold offering. With its black background and colorful icons, this card design is sure to contrast nicely against the stack it’s sure to find itself in. In turn, you’re more likely to get that key callback from future clients.

Luxury realtors rely on elegant real estate business cards. There’s no better option than this glossy template, built by professionals especially for those working in luxury real estate. Discerning clients demand the best, and you can show them your prowess by offering this elegant card.

Emphasizing earthy tones and abstract artwork, this design is truly one of the best-looking real estate business card samples. Whether you list tiny houses or luxury homes, the robust placeholders on this card help you communicate all relevant details. Plus, custom icons deliver those crucial visual elements.

In need of stylish real estate investor business card ideas? It’s hard to find a better choice than this minimalist Placeit template. Designer icons are placed front and center, just above your text. As you build out this card design, don’t forget the custom font options to style your text in the best fashion possible.

Modern real estate business cards have a few things in common – designer icons, bold backgrounds, and professionally styled text. But the best real estate business cards have all of those elements and more. One such example is right here, in this robust and all-encompassing professional template.

Black-and-white contrast is the name of the game with these unique real estate agent business cards. Icons make this card a winning choice for the full life cycle of properties, from construction to second-hand sale. As always, creative choices are left up to you, thanks to Placeit’s powerful browser-based editing tools.


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