40 Best Professional Business Resume Templates

When you apply for a job building a professional resume can seem like a huge task.

When you’re applying for your dream job, how do you build confidence and showcase your best side? Use a business professional resume template that’s got all the elements you need to land the job.

In this article, I’m going to showcase some of the most popular and effective resume templates that you can use when applying for a job. Take these starting points and add your own details to make sure that your professional resume works its way to the top of the stack.

This professional resume template for business is the perfect choice for Photoshop users who need to create a sharp looking resume. It comes in five different starter color schemes to list your credentials.

The layered PSD file is easy to customize and add your own details to. With placeholder sections like education, experience, skills, and contact details, this is an ideal way to showcase your credentials.

Also included is a Microsoft Word (.DOCX) file to create the same finished product.

No matter what type of work you’re looking for, the Gabriella professional resume template is a good choice. The Gabriella Resume comes in a variety of formats for Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. So, it’s a great general-purpose choice for building a professional resume.

Gabriella is also the right choice if you want to write up an introduction to yourself as well, as it features a placeholder paragraph in the center. It’s a nice hybrid approach between a resume and cover letter.

I like the minimalism and ease-of-reading that Gabriella offers. The text-only approach helps the viewer’s eyes scan the document easily and find your credentials.

Terri is another minimalist professional resume format that you can easily add your own details to. Drop in your own education, experience, skills, and contact details to make it easy to get in touch.

Again, Terri has a variety of file formats to use in apps like Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Because of the customization options, you could easily add a splash of color in any of those apps.

Terri also includes a template for a cover letter. To introduce yourself, consider combining the professional creative resume and cover letter templates to grab the interviewer’s attention.

This professional design resume template by Egotype takes a more creative approach to listing your credentials. With image placeholders and a flare of design, this is ideal when applying for a job where your creative skills are on display.

This template also includes a page where you can include screenshots or photos of your work, almost like a mini portfolio.

I’d recommend this best resume template to aspiring web or graphic designers who need to quickly prepare a professional design resume. It fits.

This is an extremely minimalist approach to a professional resume format with clean lines and easy-to-read text.

My favorite part of this professional resume design is the timeline approach to showcasing your work history. Link your various roles and employers together to illustrate why you’re applying for the current role.

This pack includes a professional resume, but that’s not the only thing you’ll find inside. This project for Adobe InDesign includes a great looking business professional resume template, but so much more as well. You’ll also get a cover letter, portfolio page, and project quotes.

Use this resume business template and related templates to apply for a job. Or pitch yourself as an independent contractor with additional files like price quotes and project proposals.

The Chevron design and light colors in this professional resume template for business are designed to make a quick impression. This project would work great for applying for a job in retail or the service sector.

Keep in mind that you can always adjust these templates for resumes in the app that they’re built for. In this case, you could use Adobe InDesign to remove elements like the QR code or tweak the color scheme to your liking. You could even remove the pattern if it doesn’t match the position you’re applying for.

This template has a clean, professional resume design with information blocks set against a colorful background. Your contact information and other information can be found easily next to the appropriate icon.

For Photoshop, Illustrator, and Word, this resume has all the essentials for a successful resume. Drop in your own contact, work history, and education to help make a great impression on a hiring manager.

This professional creative resume is a clean and tight project that’s sure to catch a reviewer’s eye. Using fonts that you can grab for free; this is one of the easiest-to-read resume’s in this roundup. It makes great use of white space and is divided nicely into logical sections.

Here’s another project that’s ideal for creative professionals. With beautiful typography and a focus on portfolio pieces, this suits more creative jobs.

If you’re an InDesign user, this project is a great choice. Adjust the color scheme and add your own details to catch the eye of the person reviewing your professional creative resume.

Minimalist resumes are popular because they focus on your credentials, not the design. This project is a perfect example of how less is more when it comes to graphic design.

For Adobe Photoshop users, this project is ideal. It’s easy to drop in your own credentials and details to draw the reviewer’s attention to what you’re capable of.

Here’s a simple, one-page resume that you can adjust in both InDesign and Microsoft Word. Use your own photo and details and create your professional design resume in less than an hour.

A simple, concise resume like this is often the best approach to showing your history and ambitions.

Here’s a clean, professional resume design that would work perfectly for an office job. It’s got all the essentials to help communicate your credentials to an interviewer.

Don’t miss out on the Skills section on this resume. Consider listing the apps and techniques that might set you apart from another candidate.

This professional resume template for business has a modern design. Everything in this template is editable from the colors to the text. Edit the template in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Microsoft Word.

This template has a professional resume format that’s simple and modern. Easily edit everything in the company resume template. The template has a software skills section. So, this template is good if you’re applying to a company that uses a lot of software.

If you’re looking for a simple and clean template, then this is the best resume template for you. You get two resume templates and a cover letter template in this bundle. One company resume template has a place to list your expertise the other template allows you to list your skills and hobbies.

First up is this versatile company resume template that comes in four color variations. Use the template with the premade color or customize any of the color schemes to match your preferences. The template even includes plenty of space for your profile photo to capture the attention of potential employers.

This professional resume and CV template is easy to edit and it features a classic two-column design. Share your work experience and education history in the main column. Use the narrower one to highlight your contact information or your skills.

This professional resume format uses a creative color scheme to draw attention to various parts of the resume. It also comes with a matching set of business cards to look like a true professional during your job search.

Use this professional resume bundle and create your resume, cover letter, and business cards all at once. The bundle has an elegant blue color scheme that’s easy to edit.

This classic resume template has a two-column layout and plenty of space to showcase your education, experience, and skills. I love the elegant border that separates different sections of the resume. If you want a company resume templates that’s easy to read, this is the template to go with.

This minimal resume template has a one-column layout and plenty of white space that makes it easy to find important information. Easily add your profile photo or include your logo to quickly grab the attention of potential employers.

Here’s a different approach to showcasing your qualifications. Even though it’s got the traditional elements like education and work history, it also pulls in graphic elements that showcases what you’ve accomplished.

This project would work great for areas like sales or finance where the results of your work can lead directly to profitability. Using these infographics, catch the reviewer’s eye and emphasize the results you get.

 professional design resume

This company resume template comes with a flyer template and invoice template. This ensures that you’ve got everything needed for your business needs.

Easily replace images. Drag and drop the images into place. With easy customization, you can make this template reflect your business.

This professional creative resume template is easy to customize. Easily add any photo you want by dragging and dropping the photo in place. Change the background of the resume to give the impression you want.

I love this black and white resume that includes easy-to-customize timelines and infographics. You’ll also get a cover letter page to drop a personalized message into.

The placeholder for an image header might suggest that this is best for creative professionals. But you can also remove those images for more traditional fields.

The Flashing Resume Set is a highly visual and graphical approach to listing your credentials in Adobe InDesign. For example, it includes a “skills” page where you can use icons to show your skill in various categories.

It also includes many templates for resumes that many applicants will benefit from, like a cover letter and references page to give you a chance to introduce your experience.

This three-piece work resume template includes three essentials when you’re pursuing a new job: a cover letter, professional resume, and portfolio document. Whether you’re using it in Photoshop, InDesign and Word, you can use those resume business templates

Each of these documents comes in both a light and dark style for variety.

The portfolio template is ideal if you’re applying for a creative type role where it’s important to showcase your key projects

One unique thing about this pack of CV templates for professionals is that it includes a landscape orientation resume template. It might catch a hiring manager’s eye to provide this alternative resume style. So, try out this pack for that purpose.

Of course, there’s a traditional portrait-style CV/resume template here too. It’s nice to have a choice, though.

This is another clean resume to customize in Photoshop, Illustrator or Microsoft Word. This pack also includes a template for a cover letter when you need to pen an introduction for yourself as part of the application.

This best company resume template comes with a flyer template. Both templates for resumes are high definition. Change the background to reflect your business. This resume has a professional look with the skills section and experience section you can emphasize what’s important.

This clean resume template is print ready. With the classic clean lines, you’ll be able to easily customize the template while remaining professional. You get two color schemes to choose from so that it matches your personal brand.

This professional classic style resume is easy to edit. Add or take away what you need to make the resume reflect what you want it to. This resume template comes with an experience timeline making the resume easier to read for the hiring manager.

This clean CV/resume template features a standard two-column design with a beautiful and subtle color scheme that makes it suitable for any type of job application. The company CV template for professionals includes a matching cover letter.

This simple resume template is fully editable in Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s got a creative layout that does an excellent job of highlighting your work experience. It includes a matching cover letter and is easy to customize.

Try this resume template if you want a simple resume with a pop of color. Even though it’s got a clean layout, it does a great job of drawing attention thanks to the colored line and pops of color throughout. Edit the template in Photoshop.

This professional resume template for business has a two-column layout. It comes in five color variations so you can easily pick one as a starting point. The template has well-organized layers so it’s easy to edit. Use this template to create a one-page or two-page resume.

If you prefer a minimal resume design, look at this minimal resume template. It makes excellent use of white space. It’s also got a header area where you can add your photo or your logo to capture the attention of potential employers.

Consider this CV/resume template for business professionals if you’re looking for a creative and unique resume layout. This template has an elegant dark color scheme so it’s a great choice for a job application in a high-end industry. Customize the colors and the fonts and easily add your own information.

These company resume and CV templates are professional in their design. There’s a space to add a photo. So, if you’re applying to a job that requires a photo resume, there’s a space for that. This best resume template also highlights your work experience and skills.

This resume is great for someone in the creative business. It’s got a section to showcase your work. Easily edit everything in this template from the colors to adding images.


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