25 Best Photoshop Brochure Design Templates PSD 2020

An effective brochure can go a long way towards explaining who you are and what services or products you’ve got. It’ll have a professional design, your brand elements, and carefully chosen typography that makes it easy to read.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to hire a professional designer to design a brochure for your business. You can save time and money by using one of the premade, professionally designed Adobe Photoshop brochure templates available online.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best Photoshop brochure templates and brochure design (PSD) templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. We’ll also show you how to quickly create brochures in Photoshop using templates.

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This modern brochure template (PSD) uses the trifold layout and a vibrant color scheme that’s bound to get your business noticed. The template uses image placeholders so you can easily add your own photos, whether it’s showcasing your office or your employees. The template comes with two PSD files and a help file with a list of fonts used in the design.

If you own a restaurant, this brochure template is a great choice. It’s got a modern and minimal design with placeholders so you can easily add photos of your signature dishes. The template is easy to customize and was designed in US letter size. It’s print-ready.

This brochure has a multipurpose design so it can be used for any type of business. It features a bold color scheme, but you can easily change the colors to match your brand. You can also make use of the image placeholders to simply drag and drop your photos into place. The template’s print-ready.

Consider this brochure design template if you own a wedding planning business. The template is fully customizable, so you can easily incorporate your brand. Thanks to image placeholders, you can easily drop in your images.

Our last example is a great choice if you’re a doctor, a dentist or have another business in the medical industry. The template’s got a clean and professional design. It’s got well-organized layers that make it easy to edit the template with your information.

This brochure has a minimal and versatile design. Use it to create a marketing brochure as well as an annual report. Customize fonts, colors, images, and more. This brochure was designed in both A4 and US letter paper size and comes with four cover designs as well as 20 pages.

If you need to make an annual report, this template will come in handy. Easily customize it with your company’s colors and fonts, and add your own images, and other visual elements. The template comes with 16 pages designed in A4 paper size.

This Photoshop brochure template’s a perfect choice for photographers and any other creatives who want to showcase their portfolio. The template is easy to edit and uses a tri-fold layout, so you’ve got ample space to share information about your business and services.

Try the Dignity brochure template if you’re looking for a classic and elegant template. This template is a great choice for a funeral home brochure, but it can also be used for a hospice facility, nursing facility or any type of group home. The template has eight pages and six premade color schemes.

This elegant trifold brochure template for Photoshop is a great choice for hotels that want to provide luxury service to their customers. The template features a black and golden color scheme. But you can easily customize it.

If you’re looking for a simple and clean brochure design, try this brochure template PSD. It’s got a grand total of eight pages so it’s a great choice if you’ve got a lot of information to cover. The template comes with two premade color schemes that are easy to customize.

This brochure template is a great choice if you’re organizing a music festival and want to promote it. It includes a grand total of 24 pages and two ticket pages. You can easily customize it with your photos and brand colors.

This brochure template PSD is a great choice for any type of business. It’s got a corporate design and comes with eight premade pages. You can customize the colors and use the image placeholders to drag and drop your photos in place.

If you’re looking for a unique brochure layout, try this square template. You’ll find a brochure design for Photoshop with 26 pages and a premade color scheme that you can use as a starting point for your design.

This brochure template has a modern design that can be used for any type of business. It includes six predesigned pages that you can use to present your business and showcase your services. The template also comes with feedback form so you can find out what your customers need.

If you own a funeral home, consider this clean brochure template. It’s got a calm and clean design with four color options and two PSD files. The template is easy to edit thanks to well-organized layers and image placeholders.

Check out this elegant brochure template PSD if you’re looking for a high-end template. This template would make a great choice for hotels, resorts, jewelry stores, and any other place of business that provides luxury services. The template’s easy to customize and is print-ready.

The Advertising Brochure template is a great choice for any hotel that wants to launch a marketing campaign. The template includes 52 pages along with cover pages and image placeholders so you can easily drag and drop your photos into place.

Try this versatile brochure template PSD if you’re looking for a template that’s got a modern yet professional design. The template is fully print-ready and comes with detailed PDF instructions that’ll help you customize the design.

This brochure template’s a great choice for photographers. It’s got well-organized layers and plenty of image placeholders to showcase your wonderful photography. The template is print-ready and has a PDF file with instructions and links to fonts and images used.

The Trifold Brochure Template for Photoshop is a great choice for any corporate brochure. It’s got a sleek and modern design and is print-ready. Thanks to well-organized layers, you’ll be able to easily customize the design and incorporate your brand elements.

If you’re looking for a bold and modern design, this brochure template PSD is a great choice. It comes in the standard tri-fold layout and has premade color schemes, which you can use as a starting point for your design. The template is easy to customize and comes with detailed instructions.

Consider this Photoshop brochure template if you want a creative brochure design. The template has four color schemes and is print-ready with bleed marks already prepared. The template’s also easy to customize.

Consider this brochure template if you’re looking for an elegant and high-end design. This template uses deep reds and elegant blacks with a touch of gold that makes it a perfect choice for promoting luxury services and establishments. Easily replace the images with your own and use your own fonts and colors.

If you want a modern and clean design, this brochure template fits the bill perfectly. The template’s got a corporate look and feel. So, you can easily use this template to promote various businesses and industries.


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