20 Best New Product Brochure Templates 2020

Marketing materials don’t have to be a mystery. With the help of pre-built templates, you already have the placeholders that help you know what to include. In this article, you’ll see product brochure templates that help you do just that.

Brochures are ideal for sharing at trade shows, with potential customers, and anywhere your product may be seen. It helps you summarize your product with photos and facts that drive buying decisions.

In this article, we’ll show you the best product brochure templates on Envato Elements, with unlimited downloads. Plus, you’ll see options for modern product brochures on GraphicRiver.

Create a product introduction brochure or advertise services with this product brochure template. This modern product brochure’s eye-catching design makes it an ideal choice for software and technology companies.

Easily edit this template in Photoshop to create your best brochure for a product. Each element is sized correctly and grouped to make the template easier to work with.

Manu is a product brochure template you can use to create flyers advertising sales, products, or events. The clean and modern design makes it multipurpose.

Adding your information to this brochure template is easy to do in Photoshop. Layers and folders are well organized. This brochure for a product is fully customizable.

A well-designed brochure for a product can have a significant impact on new business. Use this product brochure template to tell a story about your products and business.

The 24 pages in this modern product brochure are perfect for highlighting what potential clients need to know.  Add in your logo and brand colors to create your best product brochure.

The modern and sleek design of this product brochure template is perfect for corporate businesses. Give an overview of your services and your company with this brochure.

The simple layout puts your information in the spotlight. Easily add that information in InDesign. Placeholders make it easy to add your images.

Showcase a new product your company is rolling out with this bifold brochure. This product brochure template has an easy to edit and stylish layout.

There’s also plenty for space for highlighting product features. This template is a great way to start creating your best brochure for a product.

Design portfolios are a great way to snag new business. With this product brochure template, creating a professional portfolio is a breeze.

Text and images on different layers make it easy to customize using InDesign. Edit the color scheme to put the finishing touches on a portfolio of your best work.

This square trifold brochure for a product works well for interior design work or graphic design portfolios. Files are well layered for easy customization using InDesign.

Add your images to create new marketing material with this product brochure template. You’re sure to impress potential clients with this modern brochure.

When presenting a product, details can be crucial. Use this product brochure template to include all the specifications on your product. Add images and text using InDesign.

Add an FAQ section and contact information for after your presentation is over. This modern product brochure has 24 pages so that no detail goes uncovered.

Interior designers will appreciate this product brochure template crafted with them in mind. The 30 pages in this product brochure layout are a great way to show completed projects.

You could also use this modern brochure for proposals to potential clients. The unique design is sure to help your work be memorable.

Annual reports are a great way to determine which products to continue producing. Using this product brochure template is a great way to review yearly stats.

The fun and modern design adds a unique touch to routine reporting. This modern product brochure is print-ready but is also formatted for digital distribution.

Market your services digitally or physically with this brochure for a product. Design your best brochure for a product thanks to the separated layers and various photo display options. Customers are sure to love this colorful and fun modern product brochure design suited for any project you’ve got.

Here’s another product brochure template option for a catalog. While putting together a catalog can be overwhelming, well-designed templates make it easier.

Digital agencies can add their information to this brochure. Duplicate or reduce the twelve pages, depending on business needs.

Draw attention to your work or products with the beautiful and trendy design of this brochure for a product. The soft color palette is tasteful, but easily customized for a different look.

There’s plenty of room for more extensive portfolios, projects, and proposals on the 68 pages included in this product brochure template.

Startups and corporations alike can impress their clients with this square brochure for a product. Add product information in InDesign to this simple product brochure template.

This modern brochure design also features a six-column grid and paragraph styling. Whether you’re creating a new brochure or updating an existing one, this brochure is sure to be memorable.

The aesthetic is everything with a portfolio. Create your best brochure for a product with this product brochure layout. The neutral tones of this multipurpose product brochure template make it versatile. The clean and straightforward design won’t detract from products and services advertised in this modern product brochure.

The bold design of this product brochure template is sure to make your work stand out. Technology companies can use this product brochure layout for mass communications.

Use the 32 pages of this product brochure template for:

  • scientific research and reports
  • startup presentations
  • sharing about business concepts
  • and more

Creating a product catalog doesn’t have to be hard. Showcase your products with this brochure for a product. Easily add photos and text using InDesign.

The open design of this product brochure layout is a great way to show all the variations of your product. Impress potential clients with your best brochure yet.

Property management companies can create their best brochures with this layout. Real Estate Trifold Brochure was designed with real estate professionals in mind. Include information about your company and services in this modern product brochure.

The clean and minimalist style will help create a memorable impression with prospective tenants or clients.

Use this trendy, modern product brochure design for agency-based projects. Information about your company, staff, and previous works will help engage prospective clients.

The color scheme is easily changed in InDesign. Text and images on separate layers will make it easy to add staff photos and project examples to this product brochure layout.

Create memorable marketing material with the landscape layout of this brochure for a product. The 24 pages in this modern product brochure provide room to explain what makes your services or products unique.

Help potential customers understand how your services and products benefit them with this product brochure template.


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