40+ Best InDesign Resume CV Templates for Free & Pro 2020

What do you do when you see a great job, but you don’t have your resume ready and up-to-date?

Every job posting has an expiration date attached to it. So, time is always of the essence! If you’re an InDesign user, start with an InDesign templates resume to jump ahead in the design process and rapidly prepare to apply.

Adobe InDesign still has a foothold as one of the best design tools for its ease-of-use and unparalleled design options. Still, it helps if you’ve got an InDesign templates resume that’s got placeholders for your details that you can update. Just open up the InDesign CV template. Swap the placeholders for your details, and you’ll be ready to apply in no time.

In this round-up, we’re going to review InDesign templates resume. We’ll view some premium InDesign CV template files by Envato Elements and GraphicRiver for the best possible designs, as well as free InDesign CV templates. Let’s take a look!

Every job posting will receive more applicants than there are jobs available. So, you’ve got to find ways to stand out. Every time I coach others on resume design, I always stress the importance of a typo-free, visually appealing resume.

There are free InDesign resume templates out there, sure. But they take time to sift through and choose the ones that fit your style. When you go with a premium InDesign CV template, you take the quickest route to developing your resume in a professional way.

The thing about using templates is this: they already have everything you need on the template. If you struggle with job resumes, you should definitely use an InDesign CV template because of the placeholders on them. Just type over the placeholders with your personalized details. You’ll be ready to apply in no time.

Arieta is the perfect type of CV In Design CV template for acquainting the hiring manager with who you are personally. The profile photo placeholder and brief bio section give you a chance to put your best foot forward and share your background. The template includes

  • a cover letter for a chance to introduce yourself personally
  • icon sets to easily signal key details
  • CMYK color and 300-dpi for easy printing

Bold and eye-catching, this is the type of resume that’s sure to get a second look from a hiring manager. I love the balance of the center column’s light-colored design and the bold and dark rightmost column for your details. The package includes:

  • InDesign CV template, along with Microsoft Word and Photoshop templates
  • two color templates for alternate views on your credentials
  • cover letter for a matching design style for your personalized introduction

Some resumes are neutral and work well for every possible job opportunity. This resume isn’t one of them, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The CV Resume Portfolio available via Envato Elements is a bold design choice that I could see working nicely for a job in the creative space. This is more like a full design portfolio book with plenty of space to show your best work and top projects.

I can’t say enough for including a cover letter when you apply for an important job. It gives you a chance to set yourself apart by writing a personalized introduction.

It’s even better if your cover letter matches your resume. That’s why this In Design CV template is one that’s worth checking out.

Less is more is one of my favorite ideas in all of design. This resume fits the bill perfectly. Sometimes, designers forget about white space when designing and that it’s one of the most useful ways to keep a resume readable. But this one doesn’t. This minimalist approach ensures that the application reviewer will get to know you quickly.

  • print-ready thanks to A4 sizing and CMYK palette
  • easy-to-update graphics to show your top skills
  • cover letter template included complementing the resume


With Myeera InDesign resume template you get four color options to choose between for your color scheme. You also get a light version and a dark version. There are eight pages in this Adobe resume template that make it easy to add as much as you need in your resume. This resume has a professional and creative design.

This resume template is a simple and classic resume. This resume comes with a skills section. So, you can show how much of an expert you are. Along with a skills section you get an awards section to show off that other people have noticed your skills and hard work.

You can easily edit this template and change the color to fit your needs.

This resume template comes with a business card template. So, you can connect with people everywhere you go. Along with the color version of this Adobe resume template, it comes with a black and white version too.

This resume has a strengths section, a place to put links to your social media or your website, a skills section, and a hobby section. This ensures that you tell the employer everything they need to know about you.

The Visual InDesign resume template is ideal for creative individuals who need to showcase their work in a portfolio page along with their resume. This template comes not only with a portfolio page, but also has an image page and matching cover letter. Let your past work speak for itself and help present better opportunities for you. A subtle use of colors helps you create a resume that’ll stand out from the other.

Keep your resume clean, simple, creative and professional. This professional resume template has eight different color variations with easy texts replacement.

If you fear that employers don’t quite read every single word on anyone’s resume, this template is ideal for you. The different color highlights help the reader focus on the important bit. This template also comes with a portfolio page to highlight your past projects and a matching cover letter.

If you’ve got a lengthy list of skills you want to showcase, this option might be right up your alley. I like the skills sections in this Adobe resume template as a way to quantify where your core strengths lie.

  • includes free fonts for low “total cost of use”
  • A4 print size and CMYK color scheme has it print-ready as soon as you download it
  • easy-to-customize skills section puts your top strengths in front of a reviewer

With a placeholder for your profile picture and several color schemes, this is a resume template that you can use to get ahead in your application process. As is the case with many choices in this round-up, just drop in your details, and you’ll be ready to submit in no time.

The bold, sans-serif typography in this resume is enough to make an impact without overwhelming a reviewer. A clean design like this helps the reviewer focus on the details at hand instead of the design itself.

  • Word and InDesign templates included
  • free fonts used
  • CMYK color scheme and 300-dpi ready for printing

Simple and straightforward, this InDesign resume template is one of the easiest ways to skip ahead in the resume-building process.

A cover letter and CV combination make it easy to tell a cohesive story about your career experiences. Try this professional approach out to bring a sense of style to your job application.

This InDesign resume bundle comes packed with six different templates to fit all your needs. It’s a perfect bundle if you’re looking to create a single page resume and have a matching cover letter as well. With these appropriate infographics, turn a lengthy resume into an easy to digest and visually appealing document that you’ll be proud to hand out to potential employers.

This Adobe resume template comes with four different color schemes. So, you can choose which color fits with your needs. There’s a language section so if you’re bilingual you can show that off with this resume. This resume has a modern design that’s still professional. The color scheme adds a pop of color. Easily edit this template.

This resume is simple and professional. There’s a knowledge and skills section. So, you can show your future employer that you’re right for the job.

Everything in this resume is in column that looks nice and organized. It’s also easier to read so that the hiring manager can easily read your resume.

1. High END CV InDesign Free. A minimalist, free InDesign resume template like this one works well in InDesign. It focuses on your details and not on the design itself.

High End CV InDesign Free

2. Clean Styled Free InDesign Resume Templates Pack. Here’s another “less is more” option. A simple splash of color and plenty of whitespaces keeps this free resume InDesign template readable.

3. Vita CV InDesign Free. Here’s another timeline-like resume that also includes an opportunity for a CV page to introduce yourself with.

Vita Resume CV

4. Colorblock InDesign CV Template Free. Straight from Adobe, this is one of the best free InDesign resume templates in our selection. This resume feels professionally designed and refined to make an impact on a hiring manager.

5. Infographic Free Resume/Curriculum Vitae InDesign Template. Infographics help you tell visual stories with your data. This CV InDesign free template is a great way to marry your career experiences with a personalized history.

6. Personal CV InDesign Free Template. Notice that this free resume InDesign template is a text-only approach. That gives you a chance to focus on your story. Without a lot of experience, you can target the text on your background and what qualifies you.

Personal InDesign resume

7. Personal InDesign Resume Template Free Download. Simple and to the point, this resume uses more icons and graphics to showcase your credentials.

8. Clean Interactive InDesign CV Template Free. A robust two column approach is an excellent way to contrast your personal and professional details.

9. Black And White – Free InDesign Resume Templates. A black and white, contrasting resume like this one will naturally draw the reviewer’s eye to your accolades.

Free resume template CV

10. Typographic InDesign Resume Template Free Download. Love typography? This free CV template InDesign might be the perfect choice for a design job.

11. Business Card and Resume/Curriculum Vitae InDesign Template Free. For a bit of extra value with this free CV template InDesign, a matching business card will pair nicely with your resume at a job fair.

12. Bright InDesign Resume Template Free Download. A touch of bright color and placeholders for your details makes this an easy template to update.

Free CV template

13. Mockup InDesign CV Template FreeI like the numbered sections on this resume as a way to walk the reviewer through the sequential steps in your career.

14. Mockup II – InDesign Resume Template Free Download. Here’s yet another example of the timeline approach. I love the brief but bold splashes of color on this free CV template InDesign.

15. Simple InDesign CV Template Free. Simple and professional, the typography on this resume is just enough to act as a bold advocate for your career experiences.

Simple Resume Template

16. Creative Resume Template InDesign Free. With a bit of texture and imagery around the edges, drop in your favorite texture to customize this creative resume.

17. Basic Resume InDesign Template Free. Light and airy, the Basic Resume InDesign template free is designed to make an impact on a reader with a few key details and easy-to-read text.

18. Multipurpose Resume Template InDesign Free. Simple and straightforward as you can see in the preview below. Use the image placeholder to introduce yourself to a hiring manager.

Multipurpose personalized resume template

19. FREE CV Template InDesign. Bright and colorful, this free CV template InDesign is ideal for a bold job application for design-centric jobs.

20. Vertical Resume Template InDesign Free. Including a cover letter that matches the style of a resume makes this choice worth checking out.

21. Creative Resume InDesign Template Free. The complement of blue and orange in this free resume template InDesign free makes this job application eye-catching. But it doesn’t sacrifice readability in the process.

Creative InDesign Resume

22. Simple CV InDesign Free. Rounding out our selection, here’s another simple choice with some graphic flair to help your resume stand out.

23. Free CV Template. This free CV resume has a simple and clean layout that’s perfect for someone fresh out of college.

24. Free Designer Resume. If you’re a designer looking for a new job, look at this resume. It’s got a well-structured layout and includes a cover letter.

25. Free Professional InDesign Resume Template. This free resume template in InDesign has a nice two-column layout. The large header is perfect to include your logo and contact details.

26. Free Resume Template 01 For InDesign. Consider this free resume template in InDesign if you want a more bold and edgy design.

27. Multipurpose Resume InDesign Free. Rounding out our selection, here’s another modern resume that can be used for any type of job hunting.


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