20 Best Free Fundraiser Flyer Templates for Charity & Benefit Events 2020

Need a fundraiser flyer for your charity or benefit fundraiser event? How about a donation flyer? A professionally designed flyer template could help you not only get your project off the ground, but get it finished in a snap, too.

Having a bank of assets can be a valuable addition to any designer’s tool kit, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional. Templates are no exception here—for example, if you need a flyer in a snap, having a template handy can help quickly get your project off the ground. You could use third party templates or even make your own, adaptable ones!

In this article, we’ll look at a collection of free and premium fundraiser flyer templates, as well as some extra design inspiration, fundraiser flyer ideas, design tips, and more! There’s a little something for anyone, so let’s dig right in.

Looking for a flyer with a lot of emphasis on imagery? Check this design out. It’s got plenty of space to showcase your chosen photography.

How about a double-sided flyer? This could be a perfect fit for projects that have a lot of content to share with the target audience.

This design sections off the content in a visible, colorful grid. This could be a great choice if you’d like to showcase many photos, as well as several snippets of text.

Is your event food based? Illustration can have just as big an impact as photography. Check out this fun flyer design template. Easily swap this image out with a different one, if you prefer!

How about this color scheme? It’s soothing and welcoming, isn’t it? This one is a perfect fit for photography too.

Check out this fun template. It’s easy to customize and print ready. Download it now, easily customize the design, and add in your own content.

This Photoshop flyer template collection comes with three different design variations. Not feeling the red? Easily change the colors to match your brand or event.

How about something lighter and a little fancy? This template could be a great fit for your charity brunch or other fundraiser event.

Looking for a lot of content with just one download? Check out this charity event flyer template bundle! There’s a lot to see and work with here.

This template has a fun color scheme and uses some interesting type! Use it for your historical themed projects, museums, and more!

Now, let’s look at some free printable fundraiser flyer templates for your next flyer design project. Here’s a helpful list of fundraiser flyer templates you can download for free:

This Photoshop flyer template comes with three different options for you to choose from. There’s plenty of space for photos, text, and more!

Want to keep things simple and work with a green theme? Check out this Microsoft Word template.

Here’s another free template for Microsoft Word. It’s completely free. So, download and edit this one to your heart’s content.

This fun, school themed flyer could be a great fit for your next school fundraiser, bake sale, or benefit dance. Check it out.

This event flyer is plenty versatile. Change the colors and easily adapt it to meet your project’s goals and needs.

Is your charity fundraiser within your business organization? Check out this business flyer template. This is another versatile one that could be adapted for a whole host of projects.

Holding an event for your school or teachers? Check out this flyer template. How cute is that school themed background?

If you’ve got a lot of information to share in your fundraiser flyer, you might want to consider a newsletter approach. Check out this free Microsoft Word template.

This seasonal event flyer is a great fit for summer. But you could easily swap out the imagery, change the colors, and remix this one for a whole host of projects.

Looking for an energetic, summery event flyer? Look no further! This fun, Photoshop template has so much memorable flare.

This flyer template is a great fit for eye catching imagery. Swap out the image with your photograph and change the colors to match your event.

Are you going to have live music at your charity benefit or event? This live music themed flyer template could be a great fit for your project.

Isn’t this a cute, welcoming template? It’s simple, but there’s plenty of room here for the basics. Consider downloading this one today!

Holding a gaming marathon or event for charity? This flyer might be right up your alley.

Fundraisers can be a lot of fun, especially in an academic setting. This school themed template is colorful and ready for your customizations.

Looking for something simple and free? Look no further. This template keeps to the basics and it’s free.

This multipurpose flyer could be a great addition to your collection. Not only could it work well for your charity event flyer, but it could be remixed for a whole host of projects too.

Holding a fundraising event at your business meeting or conference? This benefit flyer template is perfect for that scenario. Or, adapt it to meet your project’s needs. It’s free to use and remix.

Who doesn’t love some good eats? If your charity event is food themed, why not consider a food themed charity flyer template, like this one? It’s free, so why not give it a try?

Having a themed night at your charity event? This retro theme event flyer is such a fun one.


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