20 Best Free Club & Party Flyer Background Template Designs 2020

Are you a night club owner or marketer who is trying build up your club in 2020? While you’re busy organizing various special events and promotions, don’t forget to get the word out to your potential customer by creating fresh club flyers.

Do you wonder how to make club flyers that are unique and creative every time? Use pre-built club flyer templates.

Pre-built flyer templates help you churn out modern flyers that represent your establishment well and entice clubbers. Creating weekly, monthly, or special club flyers will never be a daunting, time-consuming task anymore.

A well-designed flyer helps you highlight information your potential customers would want to know, like:

  • featured guest DJs and the weekend lineups
  • ladies’ night promotions
  • happy hour promotions
  • festivals and events
  • special or themed parties and more

Get loads of professionally designed flyer templates to help you create weekly, monthly, or special event flyers. With the right template your flyer will look unique, grab attention, and, best of all, save you loads of design time. 

This article lists the best 20 free to download club flyer templates found online. We’ve also included a list of premium club flyer templates from Envato Elements and some best pre-built party flyer templates from GraphicRiver.

Jump right in and explore our curated list to find the best flyer templates for your club.

Tired of the usual club flyers with a black background? This minimal template has a brilliant burnt orange tone that blends to black. It comes with two PSD files and contains a Facebook event cover. This template is perfect if you need to create flyers, posters, and social media banners to promote your EDM event.

This well-organized layered template is fully editable in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Change the main image to an image of your DJ, edit the information, and you’re all set to print. This bright and bold colored flyer helps you stand out from the crowd. It’ll be remembered for its uniqueness.

Yin Yang Club Flyer Template is suitable for any club party, event, or concert advertising. The creative use of black, off-white, and pink creates a contrasting and stylish flyer that reflects well on your club. This is a great template to use if you don’t have good high-resolution images to include in your flyer.

Do you have a special event at your club? Use this professionally designed flyer for any special event advertising needs you may have. It’s simple, unique, multipurpose, and stands out. Download, edit, and be ready to print in minutes.

Do you need to advertise for an upcoming techno, trance, deep house or dubstep party? Regardless of the EDM subgenre of your club party, attract the clubbers with this vibrant and futuristic flyer template. A well-designed flyer reflects well on your establishment. Set the stage for your club as the trendy place to be seen for 2020.

This modern and impressive flyer template comes with all the elements as seen. The image of the model is also included for use. This makes things a whole lot easier if you don’t have a high-resolution image to use. Just download, edit and you’re all set for print in minutes.

Night Club Flyer Template Background Bundle consists of four square club flyer PSD templates. Create a flyer for each weekend in a month and start distributing them early so the partygoers can plan ahead. Square templates make it easy for these to be shared as banners on social media, helping you reach your audience in every possible way.

Throwback – Night Club Party Flyer is perfect for anyone who needs to organize and promote an upcoming retro, 70s, 80s or 90s night for a club. Replace the old analog radio with any other retro-element or even the image of the DJ who will be spinning that night. A groovy flyer!

This template comes in an 8.5×11 inch template with .25-inch bleed. It’s designed for hip hop, alternative, R&B, house, rave, electro, and grunge music club events. It can also be used for a magazine cover or other advertising. Insomnia is a well-organized, fully editable and professionally designed template.

Night Club Party Flyer Template is a multipurpose club party flyer. It’s got a fresh summer or spring feel that can be used based on season and not the genre of music for the party. Easily customize this template to promote your tropical or seasonal party.

Do you wonder how to make club flyers with little to no budget? Free club flyer templates available online are a good option for those on a really tight budget. Here’s a curated list of 20 best free club flyer templates found online:

1. Night Club Party Flyer Design PSD Freebie is a generic club party template that can be used by any club to promote their events.

Night Club Party Flyer Design PSD Freebie

2. Neon Night Party Flyer Design PSD is available for free download. This template comes with a black background and neon-colored graphics and fonts.

3. Happy Hour – Free Club Flyer Templates Online is suitable for any club or bar that’s trying to advertise their happy hour promotion along with the special guest DJs. 

4. House Party Flyer Design Free PSD is a colorful and free creative design template that helps you promote your house party event. Here’s a template that’s simple and helps you get straight to the point.

5. Vintage Style – Free Club Flyer Templates OnlineHave a retro event or music event to organize on a tight budget? This vintage style flyer may come in handy. 

Vintage Style Party Flyer Design PSD

6. Electro – Free Club Flyer Templates OnlinePromote your electro party at your club with this well-designed club flyer background template.

7. Club Night PSD Free Flyer Template. This club flyer background features an image of a lady partying with club lighting. This template is versatile enough to be used to create a block party flyer.

8. Club Vibe DJ Free PSD Flyer Template uses an image from Unsplash. So, you don’t have to replace it. This is another simple design that can be used to create a block party flyer.  

9. Neon Club Party PSD Free Flyer TemplateThis club flyer looks futuristic and uses neon pink lights. This club flyer background is suitable for any modern or electronic music club party.

Neon Club Party PSD Free Flyer Template

10. Free Club Flyer Templates OnlineThis template has a creative mix of bright and bold colors. It’s a multipurpose template that can be used to create music event flyers, club party flyers or even block party flyers.

11. DJ Club Night Free PSD Flyer TemplateThis one features a high-quality image of your DJ on this template. An image in low-resolution would ruin the whole flyer.

12. Free Future House Party Flyer TemplateThough this future house party flyer template comes in 4×6 inches, it can also be used to create posters and social media banners.

13. Free Night Club Saturday FlyerThis template has a unique deep purple and green background. The main fonts used, though creative, could be hard to read. They may need to be changed.

Free Night Club Saturday Flyer

14. Free Electro DJ Club Session Flyer Template is a free Photoshop PSD club flyer template that can be used to create club party flyers or block party flyers when you’re on a strict budget.

15. DJ X Background Club Flyer TemplateThis template features a bright colorful X in the background. The rest of the background is black. Fonts are white and pink.   

16. Deep Blue Club – Free Background Club Flyer TemplateHere’s a freebie to help you create a music or club party flyer, poster or social media banner.

17. Retro Club Party Free Flyer Template is suitable for an 80s or 90s themed party. The retro background club flyer template features a reel-to-reel tape machine in pink, green and yellow on a black background.

Retro Club Party Free Flyer Template

18. Electro House Party Flyer Free PSD TemplateThis template has a unique mix of blue and pink in its background. This causes the image of the featured DJ to stand out without much editing.

19. Free Saturday Night Flyer Template was designed for clubs that need to promote a specific night for a given period. The template comes with a black background and contrasting white and orange fonts.

20. Absolutely Fabulous – Free Flyer Template PSD comes in three color variations: pink, green, and a mix of both. This template was created with luxury and elegance in mind.


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