30 Best Creative InDesign Business Proposal Templates (Free & Premium) 2020

30 Best Creative InDesign Business Proposal Templates (Free & Premium) 2020

An InDesign proposal template can help you showcase your content in a professional and visually engaging way. In this article, we’ll look at some creative proposal templates for your inspiration—pick up one today.

In this article, we’ll take a look at both some premium graphic design proposal templates for InDesign and some free InDesign templates too. Both have their pros and cons—sometimes, free is the perfect price, especially when budgets are extra tight. Other times, the convenience and quality of a premium InDesign proposal template just can’t be beat. We’ll look at both, for your convenience.

This clean, sophisticated design includes 36 pages for you to customize in any way you like. It also includes files for Microsoft Word, for your convenience.

How about a design with a playful layout and a fun pop of color? Jump right into this template, in Adobe InDesign. Customize the colors and the included 12 pages.

This sophisticated design includes 20 pages and interesting use of typography. It uses free fonts, for your convenience, and is ready to print. Just insert your content and you’re ready to go.

If you’re looking for versatility and options, this proposal template is a perfect choice. Not only does it include 40 pages, but the layouts themselves are highly adaptable to a variety of design projects.

Playful use of shapes and color make this design really stand out from the crowd. Remember, the colors here are all customizable. Open this design up in Adobe InDesign and make it your own.

There’s so much content included with this template. Not only do you get 24 custom layout designs to work with—you also get them for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages.

Beautifully designed with a timeless, minimalist aesthetic, this proposal design is an excellent choice. Add your content to the included, 16 pages, or use them to create your own creative variants.

How about working with some interesting texture? Check out this stylish design. Not only does it include diverse file types, but it’s easy to customize, too.

This graphic design proposal template was designed with graphic and web design proposals in mind, but it could be adapted for a wide variety of projects. It’s easy to jump right in and make this template your own.

Check out this professional proposal template—this is just a taste of this classy design. Take a peek at the included 28 pages. These layouts have so much potential.

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Check out this awesome, free creative proposal template InDesign file. The fonts used are all free too.

This collection of free InDesign template layouts could be a great fit for your proposal design. Mix them, match them, and use this free download as design inspiration.

This multi-page free proposal InDesign template is super versatile. Customize the pages to suit your proposal template objectives or use them for other multi page InDesign projects.

Here’s another free multi page template, this one designed with a magazine focus in mind. Download and customize this template to meet your project’s goals. Look at these layouts.

This free InDesign proposal template is free for both personal and commercial use. These layouts have plenty of potential.

This free design has a clean, open, look and feel. It’s a versatile, multi-page brochure that could be adapted for a whole host of projects. Use these layouts to craft your proposal design.

This free proposal template for InDesign gives you versatile layout designs that could serve many different design projects. From books to proposals, this could prove to be a free starting point.

Looking for a free template with plenty of space for visual content? This InDesign template was designed with photography in mind. It could be remixed and customized to suit your proposal template.

Designed with business in mind, this free template is perfect for your next business proposal template. Take this into InDesign and add your customizations. Change the colors, add your content, and make it work for you.

This design proposal is a beautiful choice. Check out the included layouts—there’s so much content here to see.

Here’s another free download worth checking out. It’s completely customizable and it’s free for both personal and commercial use. If you’re looking for a free jump start to your design project, this is one choice.

This template was designed with branding guidelines in mind. It’s got plenty of potential to be repurposed for many proposal projects.

Talk about a beautiful design. This template includes 14 pages, uses free fonts, and is free to download and use.

Here’s another template designed with graphic and web designers in mind. If you’re looking for a proposal for your next creative project, this one could be a perfect fit. Customize these templates to meet your needs.

This is a colorful, multi-use proposal template with plenty of potential—and it’s free, too! Download it today and start making your customizations.

If you’re looking for something stylish and artistic, this free template is worth a look. It’s got an artistic look and feel and could work for anything from proposals to art books.

This free business proposal template InDesign file is a versatile one. You could remix and reuse this one for so many different disciplines and projects.

If you fancy a magazine look and feel, give this free InDesign document a look. Remember, these templates can be used as a starting point. Take these layouts and adjust them to suit your proposal’s needs.

Looking for a free, business-oriented design? This one’s worth a look. These layouts could be repurposed for a whole host of design situations, and they’re free to download and use today.

Here’s another free business proposal template InDesign file that you can download and add to your collection, right now. These layouts have plenty of potential for a variety of projects.


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