25+ Attractive Eye-Catching Resume CV Template Designs 2020

25+ Attractive Eye-Catching Resume CV Template Designs 2020

Your resume is the most important document when it comes to your job search. That’s why you need a great resume that not only lists the important information, but also has an attractive design.

Attractive, eye-catching resumes will help highlight your skills and land you the job you’re looking for in 2020. It’ll make you stand out among hundreds of other applicants, which increases your chances of getting called for an interview.

Designing attractive resumes is easier than ever nowadays, thanks to premium visually appealing resume templates that already have all the necessary elements in place.

You can find a wide variety of stylish resume templates on Envato Elements. Or, look for eye-catching resume templates on GraphicRiver.

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This template features a modern and bold design suitable for any type of job application. It comes complete with a cover page that you can use as a portfolio, a one-page resume, and a matching cover letter. Customize the template in InDesign. Easily change fonts, colors, and upload your own images thanks to image placeholders.

The Modern CV and Resume template features an attractive, black and white design. You’ll get a two-page resume template. It’s perfect for when you’ve got a lot of experience or need to provide more details about previous work history. Customize the template in Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s a modern and premium alternative to attractive resume templates for a free download.

If you’re looking for a creative resume that’s sure to make you stand out, check out the Resume Vol 52 template. This template includes a colored sidebar, so your contact and personal details stand out from the rest of the resume. Easily customize the template with InDesign.

This attractive and beautiful resume template features a clean and elegant design. Edit it using InDesign as well as Word. The stylish resume template includes a one-page resume with well-organized layers and predefined paragraph styles.

The Resume template is an awesome visual template that comes with a cover page, one-page resume, and a matching cover letter. The template has easily identifiable sections. Customize colors, fonts, and other elements of the resume using Photoshop.

This attractive resume format is very creative and organized. Each section is clearly defined and easy to read. It uses different colors to add a nice vibrant touch to your attractive CV. The included help file will help you download a free font that you can use with the template’s Adobe Photoshop file.

Here we’ve got a very stylish resume template. Patterns are a very popular design trend in 2020, and this template is bordered by a pattern that’s eye-catching. Show off your skills and job experience with its neat design. Make sure you use the two-sided business card and cover letter in this set!

You don’t need neon colors to have an aesthetic resume. This stylish resume template uses two muted colors to draw attention to you and your career history. Try this resume and cover letter set for a professional look.

  • easy to edit Adobe Illustrator file
  • print optimized
  • A4 paper size

This simple and attractive resume and CV template can be edited using Photoshop. It includes a one-page resume as well as matching a cover letter. The template includes two layout styles and two color options. Easily customize them to match your preferred color scheme.

You may find free stylish resume templates, but none like this. Try this resume template if you want a contemporary and elegant look. The template includes four files, which include a one-page resume and a matching cover letter. Customize this template in Photoshop as well as in Illustrator, InDesign, and Word.

The Creative Resume is a great choice if you want a clean resume with stylish aesthetics. The template comes in Word format as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign format. Easily edit it using your preferred program. The template is easy to customize and includes a matching cover letter and two premade color schemes.

Black & White Eye-Catching CV Templates is minimalistic, modern, and impressive. Easily customize this template in Photoshop. This template is ideal for any professional job application. There are no free stylish resume templates that match up with this one.

This resume and CV template has a minimal, yet attractive design that’s perfect for any type of job application. The template comes with three different layout templates, a matching cover letter, and a reference page. Edit the template using Photoshop, InDesign or Word.

This template is perfect if you’re looking to send a single-page resume that’s stylish but straight to the point. Showcase your education background, work experience, interest, and skills with icons and minimal text. Instead of using an eye-catching resume template that’s free, choose this premium template.

This attractive and beautiful resume template features a two-column design with elegant typography. Edit the template in Photoshop and Word. You’ll get a resume page, reference page, and a cover letter.

Edit this visually attractive resume in Photoshop and Word. It comes with predefined paragraph styles as well as a premade color scheme. The standout feature is the header section that includes a placeholder for your profile photo.

This template plays around with some fresh-looking icons. It’s perfect for someone who wants to create a resume that’s not too wordy. The colorful icons help direct the readers to each section of the resume.

This modern resume set includes a two-page resume. Thanks to its minimal and clean look, this stylish CV template would be perfect for a corporate position. Edit the template in Photoshop and you’ll also get a matching cover letter.

This creative resume template comes in four different color schemes. It includes not only a resume, but also a matching cover letter. Edit the template in Illustrator and Word and you’ll also get a set of matching icons that you can use to spice up the design of your resume.

This resume template comes with four unique pages:

  • a cover with your contact details that works well as an intro
  • a cover letter to introduce yourself, or even state why you think you’re perfect for the job
  • a stylish resume with all the relevant information
  • a well-designed portfolio page to showcase your past work

Present relevant information in an orderly and clear fashion.

The Resume CV template is a great choice if you need a visually attractive resume that includes a portfolio page. You’ll also get a cover letter, page for references. The template comes in four different color variations. Edit it using Photoshop, InDesign, and Word.

This resume template has a contemporary and minimal design. It’s a great choice for any type of job application and includes a matching cover letter design. Customize fonts, colors, and other visual elements of the resume using Photoshop, Word, or Illustrator. This stylish resume template also comes with a free icon set. Use it to showcase skills or highlight different resume sections.

This template helps you create a resume that’ll jump out and grab the attention of your future employer. The clever use of infographics helps you stick to a one-page document without having to leave out relevant information. It’s a creative premium alternative to the attractive resume templates for a free download.

The Designer Resume was designed with designers and creatives in mind. As such it includes an aesthetic resume, portfolio, cover letter, and a matching business card to boot. It’s a great choice if you’re applying for a designer position. Easily customize the resume using Photoshop.

Retro design is a popular design trend. Your resume design will be on point with the current trends if you use this template. It’s a template that can be used for any type of a job application. Edit it using Photoshop.

Here’s another great option if you don’t want to use eye-catching resume templates that are free. The Resume CV has a modern and aesthetically pleasing design with a header section that’s sure to make you stand out. The template features a two-column layout and comes with a portfolio and cover letter page. Use Word or Photoshop to customize this template to your liking.

Consider this stylish resume template if you’re a fan of the material design. This template features a nicely organized two-column layout. There’s even an image placeholder where you can include your profile photo. Not many free stylish resume templates can offer that. Edit the stylish resume template in Photoshop as well as Word and you’ll also get a matching cover letter design.

This creative resume template includes a three-page resume. It’s perfect for anyone who has a lot of experience under their belt. The template comes in Photoshop and InDesign format. Easily edit the premade color scheme and paragraph styles to reflect your personal preferences.

Creativity and organization need to be married on your resume. Thankfully, the Karl resume template knows how to unite both concepts. There’s plenty of white space here, and icons and graphics share important information creatively. This print-ready attractive CV format comes with free fonts and is fully editable. It’s something free stylish resume templates don’t offer.

Our last GraphicRiver resume template adds touches of color to tie together your CV. Its design is both professional and appealing. The use of white space and sections makes it very easy to read. You’ll be able to tell a hiring manager who you are and about your career through this attractive resume format. With this CV, land at the top of the candidate pile.


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