30+ Modern Keynote Templates to Create Beautiful Presentation Designs 2020

Are you using Keynote to create slides for your next presentation?

You’ll want that presentation to engage your audience. With beautiful presentations, design plays an important role in attracting the audience’s attention. Unless you’re a professional designer, your presentation design might not stand out.

You may think “I can’t afford to hire a professional designer to create Keynote templates for my slideshow.” An attractive, eye-catching slideshow is less expensive than you think.

With a premium Keynote template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, you get a ready-to-use, unique template that’ll be attractive and professional. Add your own information and you’re ready to go.

In this article, you’ll get a preview of the best modern Keynote presentation templates to help you make your next slideshow stand out.

This beautiful Keynote template will add a touch of artistic flair to your next Keynote presentation. The Watercolor Keynote Template is perfect for creative professionals. It’ll also work for any business that wants a unique look for their next slideshow.

The professionally designed cool Keynote templates include matching charts, diagrams, tables, and other visual components to help you get your message across. Choose from between two different slide sizes in this creative Keynote template.

Here’s a modern design Keynote template that’ll give your presentation a clean, minimal look. With this awesome modern Keynote presentation template, you’ll get:

  • three color themes
  • choose between layouts for widescreen and standard screens
  • documentation
  • 50 unique slide layouts
  • and more!

This popular Keynote template will give your presentation an added edge because it’s fully animated. Plus, this template is easy to make your own—drag and drop to change the image. There’s even a device mockup with a customizable screen.

The template is based on free fonts such as Sosa, Entypo, Calibri, and more. Use the PDF quick guide to develop your Keynote presentation quickly.

Are you planning a fashion presentation (or other creative presentation)? Or, do you need a cool Keynote presentation design for a professional presentation? This Fashion Keynote template has a lot to offer.

Your slideshow will benefit from the modern typography and layouts. Choose from various color schemes including black, gold, pink, and purple. Plus, this cool Keynote template is easy to customize. So, you can make the slideshow your own.

There’s a reason that the Rockefeller Creative Keynote Presentation is one of our most popular. This flat design Keynote template comes packed with features such as:

  • over 100 unique slides
  • special effects such as the Brush effect and the Overlay Picture effect
  • fully animated slides
  • documentation
  • and more!

Don’t miss this print-ready Keynote presentation template.

Here’s a high-impact presentation template to help you create amazing Keynote presentations. Use it for creative businesses or for any visually oriented slideshow. The template includes the vector shape illustrations for use in the slideshow only.

This beautiful Keynote presentation is designed for a widescreen format (16:9 ratio). Add your own information to this easy-to-edit template.

Here’s a cool Keynote template set with a bright, creative look. All slide designs are based on master slides. Graphics include handcrafted infographics. Plus, all graphics are resizable and editable.

You’ll also benefit from unique slide designs such as a gallery and portfolio slide and even section break slide layouts. There are over 120 total slide designs in all.

This modern Keynote template has an elegant minimal design that’s sure to give your presentation a professional edge. Use it to enhance any type of business or personal presentation. It’s based on Master Slides for consistency and ease of use. All graphics are resizable and editable.

Plus, there’s no need for any other software. Customize the presentation right in Keynote by adding your own images and text.

This is one of our great new Keynote templates that’s got a fresh, clean look sure to grab the attention of your slideshow audience. I think you’ll agree that this modern Keynote template includes some amazing features. Here’s just some of what you get:

  • 540 total slides (135 unique slides)
  • over 6500 icons
  • full animation
  • detailed documentation
  • and more!

Are you looking for a Keynote presentation template for your promotional slideshows? The Haluiva Pitch Deck Keynote Template is an effective option for sales and marketing presentations.

This keynote presentation template has:

  • 30 unique Keynote slide designs
  • two different color themes
  • drag and drop UI image placement

And those are just a few of its easy-to-use features. If you’ve got to make a positive impression, don’t miss this template design!

Have you ever opened a blank Keynote design, not sure how you should start your design work? The solution is to use Keynote themes that already have plenty of ideas built-in. Ever fits the bill perfectly because it’s got over 100 slides that spark the imagination. Use the 20 Keynote backgrounds as the perfect backdrop for your content.

Leonardo da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Truly, it takes work to focus on the minimum and refine your content to the key elements.

It’s easier when you use Keynote themes that are already pared to the essentials like Simpl. All you’ve got to do is tweak the placeholders with your specifics. This template is sure to focus your audience on the essentials of Keynote design.

Infographics are more popular than ever in the top Keynote slide templates. More than ever, audiences want to understand info in creative ways. Keynote themes like Voodoo create a lot of value by giving you built-in infographics that are easy to adapt. Use them for creative concepts that drive intuitive understanding.

It pays to find extra value when choosing Keynote templates. A design like this includes over 150 unique custom slides to support your next project. They’re ready for you to customize with just a few clicks. Plus, you’ll find hundreds of icons and many color options to build your slide deck.

Keynote themes like this are the perfect way to jumpstart the process of creating winning presentations. Packed with dozens of slide designs, Moda has a layout for virtually any purpose.

Inside the download, you’ll find various color schemes in both standard and widescreen layouts. Each is presented in full HD resolution. Free fonts are used throughout.

Pitch proves how creative Keynote templates can help your next slide deck excel. Download it today and explore amazing options like:

  • many color options to style your slides
  • more than 100 unique slide layout designs
  • simple content placeholders
  • maps, infographics, charts, and more

Kaspian is a multipurpose keynote template. This is a high definition template that’s easy to customize. To add any picture you would like, all you’ve got to do is drag and drop the picture of your choice into the placeholder.

There are 450 icons included with the template. There’s also an unlimited number of color scheme options. This enables you to customize the template to make it what you need it to be. This template also comes with a light and dark version.

This template makes it easy to customize. So, you can have the presentation that you want.

Space comes with 2000 multipurpose slides. This template has a contemporary design. It comes in full widescreen template a unique infographics, icons and maps.

Easily customize this template to make it unique to you. This Keynote design comes with at least 10 different color schemes. This template is for you if you’re looking for a minimal and contemporary look.

Here’s one of our modern Keynote slide templates. This template comes with 60 different slides to choose from. There’s an image placeholder so that you can add any image you would like to the template.

This beautiful presentation template also comes with a free font as well as chart and graph slides. So, you can use this Keynote template for business purposes or personal purposes.

10 in 1 - Pitch Keynote Bundle

If you like choices, you’ll want to consider the 10 in 1 Pitch Keynote Bundle for your next presentation. This bundle contains a total of 48 templates. Each template includes color theme variations.

With this awesome Keynote presentation template, you get a mind-boggling 3600 total slides to choose from! Each slide is easy to customize and includes transitions, font icons, free fonts, and more!

You’ll create some great Keynote presentations with the modern, minimal Keynote presentation builder. We get lots of positive feedback on this one and it’s no wonder. This Keynote presentation template is packed with features. Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve gotten:

Good work, well done…

Amazing work!

I will pin it on Pinterest!

If you’re looking for minimal Keynote template that’ll make a real impact, don’t overlook this one!

Are you looking for a minimal Keynote presentation template to highlight your creativity? The Kloe presentation template is a great choice for professionals and creatives alike!

This beautiful Keynote template will help your next presentation to be a hit. It features over 120 different slides including:

  • infographic layouts
  • data charts
  • portfolios
  • a price table
  • and more

With its focus on readability and meaningful design, the Kloe will help make your next slideshow unique and interesting.

Helvetic Studio is one of the many awesome Keynote templates on GraphicRiver. With its clean design and classic modern look, this Keynote template is suitable for nearly any slideshow project. The files include device mockups, maps, infographic shapes, and more! Plus, it’s easy to customize the unique slide layouts with your own information and images.

This template bundle for Keynote has lots to offer. There are also fully editable maps. There’s a slide for nearly every presentation need! So, if you’re looking for the right presentation template for Keynote check this one out.

Start out by selecting the right color choice for your needs from the 24 available color schemes. Next, pick and edit the slide layouts you need from among the over 420 unique slides including graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams.

The KaCell Keynote theme has a flexible minimal design that’ll work for many different types of beautiful presentations. Choose between a widescreen format (16:9) or a standard screen format (4:3). Some of its other great features include:

  • over 170 slides to choose between
  • a minimal vector icon library
  • visual layouts including infographics, data charts, portfolios, price tables, and so on
  • documentation and user guide
  • and more!

This professional pitch desk template for Keynote has nearly everything you might want in a business presentation template. It’s easy to use and edit with drag and drop editing and auto-adjustment features.

There are five ready-made color schemes included. The transition animation is carefully and thoughtfully done. It includes infographics, device mockups, and even maps.

The Fresh Multipurpose Keynote Template includes 135 unique slides. Plus, there are dark and light versions of each slide.

It’s easy to change the slide color to meet your own business requirements. It’s pre-designed for a widescreen HD ration (1920 x 1080). This Keynote template is based on free fonts. And, it includes detailed documentation, making it extra easy to use.

Although the Animus Keynote template is relatively new, it’s already getting some positive comments reviews. Customers are saying things like:

Very good and easy to use

Excellent Work! 

It’s no wonder that customers love this Keynote template. Consider the many features it’s got to offer, such as over 200 unique slides, over 50 color variations, and over 12000 icon fonts. Plus, it includes fast and free support.

This elegant new Keynote template is perfect for a wide variety of industries including fashion, creative agencies, startups, and more. This template features a minimalist design and eight color schemes.

Plus, there are over 1,000 creative icons to choose between. You can even find unique slide layouts to make your presentation memorable such as puzzle diagram infographics. And the template includes full animation.

Eureka comes with 200 creative and modern Keynote designs. Easily edit this template to customize it to fit your needs. The layouts of this template are modern so that you’re on trend with your templates.

This template comes with charts that you can edit. This enables you to use the template for business or personal use. This whole template is in high definition.

Verzus Keynote template comes with 350 slides. These slides vary from chart and map slides regular slides. This template is great for anyone looking for a variety in their slides.

This template comes with icons. These icons can help you illustrate the point that you’re trying to make. Drag and drop any photo of your choice into the placeholder.

Premium designs like MOKSWA offer a powerful style that’s impossible to find in free Keynote templates. A minimalist aesthetic elevates your content. Check out unique features like corporate profile slides and a sleek collection of maps. This pack will help you build an amazing and memorable slide deck.

Connect stands out among modern Keynote presentation templates. It’s got an elegant design and simple slide layouts. It includes a full suite of options, such as:

  • hundreds of professionally designed layouts
  • four color themes
  • fully editable custom icons
  • standard and widescreen slide layouts

Here’s another outstanding Keynote theme that embodies the “less is more” mentality. Remember, simplicity in creative Keynote templates focuses the audience on the key content. These slides are light and use plenty of white space to create visual rhythm. The design skips out on complex Keynote backgrounds so that your content takes center stage.

If you’re a fan of bold typography, Cicle might be the perfect Keynote design for you. My favorite Keynote themes give the flexibility to create practically any presentation, all starting with the same basic template building blocks. Cicle has more than 50 slides that are easily adaptable to use as a portfolio, pitch deck, and more.


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