20 Best Keynote Timeline & Roadmap Templates 2020

It’s often said that life comes down to a few key moments. Turning points, milestones, forks in the road—whatever you call them, they’re the pivotal points on a timeline.

When you use a timeline for Keynote, you can build a presentation that brings together two essential tools. Keynote is easy-to-use and makes developing a presentation a breeze. Timelines are eye-catching visuals that help you tell stories.

It’s even easier to create a timeline when you use Keynote timeline templates. These pre-built slide layouts already have illustrations with timelines in every style imaginable.

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use Keynote timeline templates to create an engaging graphic. You’ll see the best Keynote timelines that you can use in your upcoming presentation to weave together a sequential story.

If you’re going on a trip, you won’t depart without a roadmap. The same is true for a presentation. This Keynote roadmap template gives the audience a sense of direction in your presentation. Designs like this create a natural flow while presenting.

A diagram is just an illustrative chart that explains the case. With this timeline in Keynote template, you’ll tap into well-designed diagrams for your series of events. One file includes more than 25 options to create a timeline, each with a slightly different style.

Who knew that there were so many ways to create a timeline in Keynote? Well, this template proves the point. Across 30 slides, you’ll see a ton of creative takes on creating a timeline. As always, you can easily update the starter slides with your color scheme to match your brand.

Timelines are more than a simple series of dates. The TIMELINE template for Keynote shows a multitude of ways that link up key points. Use this to show the progression of events or chart the course to the future. No matter how you use it, the modern and minimal slide designs mean that you’ll do it in high style.

If you’re running a project, one thing is for sure: you’ll need to give updates. Whether you present to your peers or supervisor, periodically updating everyone with the project’s status is key to keeping others informed and the plan moving. Use this highly visual timeline for Keynote to share an update.

Great templates give you extras that enhance your timeline. Use a timeline in Keynote with the icons included for an even more visual way to show your story. You’ve got resolutions up to 1080p to ensure that you never give a blurry presentation on a high-res display.

There’s something that feels fresh and modern about this set of timelines in Keynote. Gradient effects and minimal layouts mean that your timeline is sure to seem in style. As you can see in the preview, this template has a ton of unique takes on timelines.

One of my favorite features in this Keynote timeline template is the slick inclusion of a map. It helps you show not only the timeline of events but also where they occur. Also, there are plenty of timeline templates that work for any purpose with bright colors that are easy to read.

Timelines are important when you plan a project. This Keynote timeline template helps you plan yours with the key dates and milestones in mind. Use the 83 unique slides and ten color schemes to create a timeline design that helps you build the timeline you’re envisioning—with a head start, of course.

Some of my favorite Keynote timeline templates are built with business in mind. That means that they’ll include the typical designs that help you build timelines in Keynote with a business-focused tilt. The stock options tend to show business cases and help you imagine pitching a new business of your own.

Can you believe there are over 100 ways to build a timeline for Keynote? Even better, there are that many packaged right inside of a single template. You’ve got more options than you ever imagined existed for a timeline. This timeline template for Keynote ensures that you’ll never be without the design you need.

Minimalism is more popular than ever. When you embrace the idea of “less is more,” your audience is sure to appreciate the sharp focus on fewer objects. This option helps you create a timeline in Keynote with minimalist-inspired design. Draw more focus on the most important timeline points with this Keynote timeline template.

Skilled presenters use timelines for Keynote for many purposes. One way is to illustrate how a process works by showing the steps in it. A timeline is a great way to link those steps together to explain key processes. Use this timeline Keynote template to do just that.

With ten color schemes and 50 slide designs, this timeline for Keynote template packs a punch. It’s another example of a design that uses minimalism to do more with less. Many of the slide designs have a smooth circular style that’s sure to never go out of style to create timelines in Keynote.

You might not think of Apple Keynote as a 3D design tool. And you’d be right, but there are outstanding timelines for Keynote that simulate the effect. This is a great example of using pre-built designs to create timelines for Keynote that are nearly impossible on your own. Use this template for 3D timelines with only a few clicks.

Go above and beyond what’s required with the help of this Keynote timeline template. It’s got 186 unique slides and features more than a few timelines that are perfect for the occasion. It’s got more than enough timelines for Keynote to create compelling sequences.

Remember: the business world loves timelines! They help your potential investor or team member see that there’s a plan in place to grow and thrive. Use this business-focused timeline template for Keynote to show the steps you’re taking to make your bet a winning one.

As the name suggests, this template is perfect for reporting. Use it for a status or project update that shows your audience that you’re on top of a situation. Use the Keynote timelines built into this template to do that and build confidence in your work.

Using a Keynote template is a superpower of its own. And with the help of this template of the same name, you’ve got a strong general-purpose template with timelines included. This design has a strong use of bold colors so that your presentation will never go unnoticed.

Maybe you’ve heard about pitch decks. They’re popular to help propose a new company while asking for funding or support. Timelines are everything when you run a business, and this pitch deck template has multiple timelines you can use to show your plans.


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