20+ Best Infographic Google Slides Themes for 2020

The verdict is in. Most companies that use infographics for marketing and sales find them to be effective according to Infographic World.

Aside from being (effective) vehicles to convey data, even with few words, infographics have high viral potential. They’re one of the most shareable types of content on the internet.

Google Slides Infographic Template

In the past, creating an infographic was complex. It involved hiring a great graphic designer, working with them for weeks, and using expensive software to bring your vision to life.

Today, anybody can create a compelling and stunning infographic using completely free tools like Google Slides. It’s made possible by editable infographic templates for Google Slides.

It all begins with a well-designed infographic template for Google Slides, like what you’ll find in Envato Elements. Once you complete your infographic, it becomes a compelling part of your infographic presentation.

Elements offers you unlimited downloads of templates for one low price. Or, if you want a single infographic template for Google Slides, download one for one-time usage from GraphicRiver.

Envato Element is a bargain! Aside from Google infographic templates, you get unlimited downloads of fonts, icons, and graphics. It’s everything else you need to make your infographics unique and outstanding.

Of course, you can also find free Google Slides infographic templates. But to create infographics that’ll represent your brand far and wide, go with premium Google Slides infographic templates.

Infographic Template Choices in Envato Elements

Premium templates offer better designs made by professional designers. They also tend to be more user-friendly and easier to customize free infographic templates for Google Docs. For example, the design elements in premium templates are vector-based. That means you can resize, recolor, and edit them without losing quality.

Many premium infographic templates for Google Docs also include hundreds of icons. These come in handy when embellishing your infographics. Some even come with after-sales support from the designer. This means you’re not alone as you customize the template with your own data.

The clean and colorful design of these infographics makes them easy to adapt to any industry. With over 150 slides to choose from, you’re bound to find the right one for your needs.

This template also includes hundreds of vector shapes and icons that’ll come in handy to customize the graphics. The use of vector shapes means you can edit any shape or icon straight in Google Slides, without needing separate image editing software. The slides in this package are in 16:9 (HD) size.

A pyramid-style infographic is the best way to visualize your data. Look no farther than the Pyramid Infographic Pack. You get 35 unique pyramid infographic templates for Google Docs that are easy to customize.

Because it uses only standard fonts, this pack doesn’t require you to install any new fonts. Furthermore, these infographic presentation slides are retina ready.

Boom Charts Infographics gives you 50 unique and editable infographic designs with four color variations, for a grand total of 200 slides. Over 300 icons are included as well. All are editable in Google Slides. Feel free to mix-and-match and combine graphics into one unique and eye-catching infographic.

Digital Utopia has dozens of colorful charts and graphs you can combine to create an eye-catching infographic within Google Slides. Plus, you get 16 Illustrator infographic landscapes, fully laid out, in AI & EPS formats.

This template pack gives you plenty of color options. Five color schemes are built in, each with a light and dark version. You also have a choice of either 16:9 HD size (for presentations) or A4 size (for printing). And with over 4,000 vector icons included, you can create your own data visualizations.

For an infographic with a monochromatic color scheme, consider the Corporate Business Plan template. It offers four slide templates based on one base color—besides a multi-color version. All that makes for a total of over 350 slides. You also get two sets of vector icons, line and simple style, for a total of over 4000 vector icons!

For creative visualization of data, this Infographic Pack by Munkhuumgl has you covered. Use visual metaphors like icebergs, fishing, spirals, and more to impart information without putting your audience to sleep.

As with the other templates featured in this article, all the elements in this infographic pack are fully editable. Dark and bright versions are already built-in to get you started. Let’s not forget the 6000+ vector icons that come in this pack!

This Google Slides template offers 390 creative, unique slides, 3500 vector icons, and 10 premade templates. PRO has various handmade infographic sections that’ll be handy to anyone who wants to impress their audience with graphically clear and simplified data.

How do you make an infographic in Google Slides? PRO – Multipurpose Infographic Template Google Docs effectively answers this question.

Creating any type infographic is possible with this massive infographics pack by CiloArt. A total of 525 unique slides gives you all the different types of infographics you could ever think of:

  • process
  • timelines
  • mind maps
  • 3D sphere
  • arrows
  • and so much more!

Ninety color themes are built in, and it takes only one click to automatically recolor all the slides.

Your infographic will stand out when you use the unique three-dimensional (isometric) graphics in this template! It also offers dozens of people slides that you won’t find anywhere else. The slides are in 16:9 or HD resolution (1920×1080 px) for the sharpest infographic presentations. What’s more, the designer provides free updates and fast customer support, with a response time of 30 minutes.

Looking to make a timeline infographic? The Timeline Infographics template pack gives you 75 unique timeline diagrams in a clean and simple style. Since all the objects on the slides are vector-based, each one is fully editable in Google Slides. This template comes with 12 premade colors, 90 built-in color themes, and over 5500 icons to customize the infographics.

Marketofy comes fully packed with 200 unique creative slides that are useful in real-world presentations. It’s loaded with excellent handcrafted infographic illustrations like:

  • world maps
  • business model infographics
  • flow chart infographics
  • data-driven diagram infographics
  • process diagram infographics
  • stage diagram infographics
  • tree diagram infographics
  • puzzle diagram infographics
  • silhouette infographics

Once you’ve got this template, you’ll never wonder how to make an infographic in Google Slides ever again.

Funnel charts are useful for visualizing the progressive reduction of data as it passes through different stages, as well as parts of a whole. This template pack gives you 38 unique funnel charts and 5500+ icons to make the diagrams your own. Also included are 90 color themes you can easily install in Google Drive to enable one-click application on your slides.

The Eargo Infographics Google Slides template is a good option for creating an infographic with different types of diagrams. It goes beyond the basic charts and offers maps, tree infographics, and visuals that show convergence and divergence. You get more than 250 unique charts, 30 premade color schemes, and light and dark versions of each slide.

Add creative arrow diagrams on your infographic with the Arrow Infographic Google Slides Template. You’ll find more than 20 unique arrow infographics that are 100% vector based. This means each part of the infographics is fully editable.

The infographic presentation slides in this template are in 16:9 or HD resolution. The template also includes free updates and fast customer support from the designer.

Mazano not only comes with over 3000 icons, but also 234 unique, clean, and professional infographic slides that are custom made for various industries. Pick graphics from this extensive selection:

  • 3D infographics
  • bulb infographics
  • circle infographics
  • education infographics
  • environment infographics
  • goal infographics
  • health infographics
  • human infographics
  • process infographics
  • property infographics
  • puzzle infographics
  • pyramid infographics
  • rocket infographics
  • security infographics
  • SEO infographics
  • technology infographics
  • traffic infographics and more.

Once you’ve got the infographics you need, quickly and easily edit them to make them your own. Add custom animations or transitions and you’re all set to impress your audience.

Circle charts are best for showing parts of a whole and how they compare in value to other parts as well as the whole itself. Circle charts also represent cycles and repetitive processes.

The Circle Infographics Google Slides template gives you 38 unique and handmade circle charts to use in your infographic. All slide objects are vector-based. This means you can move, resize, and recolor them as much as you want to suit your needs.

Bundle Colorful Infographic Pack 3.0 boasts 100 unique infographic presentation slides with one-click recoloring. It’s got all the file formats you need to edit the graphics in Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote. More than 350 vector icons come with the template, and custom animations are built in as well.

Create engaging infographics with the Dizital Infographic Pack Google Slide Template. The package contains 200 unique and well-designed infographics with a modern, clean, and colorful style. Everything from basic charts to puzzles, maps, and visual metaphors are at your fingertips. And all the slide objects can be moved, resized, and recolored without losing quality since they’re vector shapes.

Whoever said a SWOT analysis can’t be exciting hasn’t seen these infographic templates for Google Docs! You’ve got a selection of single-color or multicolor infographics, for a total of 250 slides in all. These infographics are versatile enough to use for more than Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Strengths (SWOT). They can also be used to show timelines, cycles, and processes.

Another hefty template, LeadData Infographic Pack delivers more than 265 infographics! These have a modern, clean style and include a variety of diagrams, such as puzzles and maps. As with other templates, each object on every slide is fully editable, thanks to the use of vector shapes.

In the Company Analytics Infographic template, not only are the objects fully editable, they come with built-in animation as well. Google Slides is all you need to change the shape, color, size, and position of the objects.

This Google Slides infographic template also has 60 color schemes for you to choose from. Switching schemes takes only one click. Charts automatically update when you plug in your own data. You’ll also love the included font icons kit with 500+ icons.

This awesome Google infographic template is a must-have to create a presentation with data in 3D infographics or showcase events in a clean and creative timeline graphic. If you’re new to infographics and learning how to make an infographic in Google Slides, there’s a help guide that’ll come in handy.

Skybiz Infographic Pack brings you more than 145 effective infographics with creative data visualization. Slides come in 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the ideal size for infographic presentations. These infographics are fully editable in Google Slides and have pre-built transition animations. You also get maps of Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia.

Aside from charts and graphs, the Premax Infographic Pack also includes well-designed tables that won’t put your audience to sleep. You also get elegant transition animations, maps, and 500+ font icons.

Customize as much as you want. Changing the color, size, and position of each object doesn’t require any special graphic design software. Everything is editable in Google Slides.

Are you still trying to figure out how to make an infographic in Google Slides? You don’t have to start from scratch. Start with a premium template like Montague.

This infographic template for Google Docs offers more than 4000 slides that you can customize quick and easy for your next presentation. Easily drag and drop, change colors, add text, and information within minutes.


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