40+ Best Free & Premium Animated PowerPoint PPT Templates With Cool Presentation Slides 2020

40+ Best Free & Premium Animated PowerPoint PPT Templates With Cool Presentation Slides 2020

Do you have a new PowerPoint presentation to design? 

Keep in mind, it’s critical that your presentation slides capture your audience’s attention. A great way to do that is to create an eye-catching animated presentation.

If you’re unsure of how to make your animated presentation look professional, then this article is for you. Today you’ll learn what the most spectacular animated PowerPoint presentation features are and how to use them right.

Then, we’ll dig into a treasure trove of the best premium cool animated PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Premium cool animated PowerPoint templates come with built-in slide effects that’ll help you get professional results quickly. They’re a good choice when you need to make a polished presentation.

This clean PPT animated PPT template includes easy-to-edit animations and transitions as well as objects with custom animation. You’ll get over three dozen modern, creative slides. It’s based on master slides to help you with presentation consistency. Some of the slide types included are:

  • section break slides
  • handcrafted infographic
  • portfolio or gallery slide
  • device mockup (smartphone, tablet, laptop)
  • and more!

There are lots of advantages to using the Hero v1 Animated PowerPoint Background template. First, you’ll get lots of choices with this professionally designed PowerPoint template. There are a hundred unique slides. Also, choose between ten color variations. Plus, there are 20 PPTX files of full animations for a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Don’t overlook this fully animated presentation template. The template name may be Corporate Presentation, but the template is suitable for many different types of presentations. This modern template comes with:

  • animation and transitions
  • based on free fonts
  • based on master pages
  • 70 different slides
  • and more!

The Crystal – Animated PPT Background Template is an attractive, professional template that includes animations and transitions. There are 77 different slides that you can use in your presentation. Plus, it’s based on free fonts to save you money. Also, there are infographic elements, charts, graphs, maps, and icons.

The Arezzo PPT Animation Template has an elegant look. It’ll be an asset to your presentation no matter what you plan to use it for. It’s fully animated with many creative multipurpose slides to base your slideshow on. It also works with three different aspect rations (16:9, 4:3 and US Letter). It’s easy to update, but the included PDF help guide file will get you started quickly. Don’t overlook this one!

ThePress animated PowerPoint template will just blow your mind away. You’ll be spoilt for choice with 480 unique slides at your disposal. Take your animation presentation to the next step in 2020 with this smooth, well-prepared, and professional animation template.

Have a look at the features below:

  • 480 dark and light unique slides with animation on each slide.
  • all elements are editable
  • drag & drop placeholders
  • 122 color options
  • fast & free lifetime updates
  • beautiful free photos

With its colorful, fun graphics and dynamic animations, this animated template for PowerPoint truly is spectacular. Check it out if you want a PowerPoint presentation that’s got the look of an explainer video.

You can edit, not only the text, but also the shapes and colors. The 24 slide layouts include product features, world map, call to action, and photo gallery. Most importantly, the animations are eye-catching and smooth. Small wonder, then, that this new template is already getting rave reviews!

If you want color and motion to showcase your best photographs, then the Keep PowerPoint Presentation Template is your top choice. You’ve got 50 theme color schemes to choose from—or you can create your own.

Over 70 slide layouts cover everything you could possibly need in your PowerPoint presentation, including title slides, bullet slides, device mockups, and lots of charts and tables. If you’ll be using the charts, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can upload your data from Microsoft Excel.

This template uses Master Slides. That makes customizing fonts, colors, and other repetitive elements fast and easy.

With this template, you’ll look like a savvy video animator even though you’ve only used PowerPoint!

This kit includes 100 slides with two color themes: white and colored. You can edit all the shapes and icons used on the slides. You can even mix-and-match the 100+ icons included to create your own custom animated slides.

The creator is also very responsive to questions from purchasers. DIY Animated Promo Kit is another five-star PowerPoint animated template on GraphicRiver.

The Six Template features custom animated pages and transitions. It comes with pre-built color themes with bright or dark skins. There are also six section break slides and an interactive portfolio slide. There are placeholders for your own images and videos, which makes this slideshow easy to customize. You won’t find these kinds of options in free animated PowerPoint Templates.

This attractive slideshow template is suitable for many different types of presentations. Not only do you get easy-to-edit slide designs, but there are also custom animations to help your presentation stand out. It’s designed for two different common aspect ratios (4:3 &16:9). The template also includes free support.

Are you looking for a simple, modern PowerPoint template? The Grid PowerPoint Template with its easy-to-edit slides may fit the bill. This attractive template works well for a variety of presentation needs. The template includes:

  • custom animation
  • 32 different slide designs
  • 7 color options
  • a help file
  • and more!

This versatile fully animated PowerPoint template is as eye-catching as it’s useful. It supports four aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 16:10, and A4). There are also 400 unique slides, choose between light and dark versions. Easily edit any of these slides to add your own unique information and images for a powerful presentation.

This cute animated PowerPoint template is based on the idea of a blackboard. The hand-drawn elements (over 30 of them) make this one truly unique. There are also 32 unique slides. So, you’re bound to find the slide designs you need. If you want your presentation to really stand out, there’s nothing quite like the Sketch PowerPoint template. You certainly won’t find these features in a PPT animation template for free.

This template is loaded with impressive animated PowerPoint backgrounds. You’ve got nine color schemes that give you branding options to match your specifics. Use the smooth easing animations for any object on the more than 100 unique slides.

If your budget is tight you may be thinking about getting a free animated PowerPoint template. While a PowerPoint presentation with animation effects that’s free to download can save you money, the number of features it offers may be limited.

Animated Food for Thought - PowerPoint Animation Effects Free Download Template on SlideHunder

Plus, remember that if the free animated PowerPoint template came with your software, everyone will have access to it. But, if you’ve got to, a PowerPoint animation that’s a free to download template can provide you with the animated PowerPoint background slide design you need.

The templates that come with PowerPoint are a good place to start when you’re looking for free animations for PowerPoint. So, let’s look at a few of those.

First, let’s explore some free animations for PowerPoint that come with Microsoft PowerPoint. Depending on which version of MS PowerPoint you’re using, you probably got these free animated PowerPoint template presentations with installation.

To find the default free animations for PowerPoint template slides, open PowerPoint. You should see some of the templates you’ve used recently, including default templates. Scroll up and down to find a template you like.

You can also search for templates using the Search bar to find specific types of templates:

Search bar

Use the Search bar to find the built-in PowerPoint templates.

To apply a free animated PowerPoint template, click on it to see the description. Then click Create to open the template. Here are some of the free animated templates that come with PowerPoint:

1. Animate Title Spirals

This PowerPoint animation free-to-download template presentation cover slide features a purple background and moving spirals.

2. Animated Infographic Slides

This free animations for PowerPoint template also features moving objects on the title slide. It comes with a total of three slide designs.

3. Animated Tree Growth Graphic

The objects on this nature-themed cover slide template are also free animations for PowerPoint.

Animated Tree Growth Graphic

4. Animated Title Clouds

Watch the gray storm clouds float across this free PPT animation template’s title slide.

5. Animated Scale Graphic

This unique free PPT animation template comes with a master slide and a moving scale graphic.

6. Timeline Progression Course

This red and black free interactive PowerPoint template includes five slide designs with animation on each slide.

Timeline Progression Course

7. Animated Title Geometric

Here’s a modern-looking animated title slide template featuring brightly colored squares.

8. Powerful Presentations

This PowerPoint template comes with an animated cover slide and 16 more slide designs.

9. Animated Gauge Graphic

These gauges actually turn on this animated graphic for PowerPoint.

10. Animated Title Lights

This title slide template features moving lights in the background as the title text appears on the slide. A simple and beautiful free PPT animation template.

Animated Title Lights

11. Animated Title Circles

This is a colorful free PPT animation template presentations cover slide that features moving circles.

12. Animated Grass Slide

This nature-inspired PowerPoint title slide features a moving background of a field of grass.

There are other sources for free download animated PowerPoint templates, of course. Here are some of the sources we found:

Note: The free PPT templates with animation linked here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free interactive PowerPoint templates require that you provide attribution for your presentation. Read the terms of use carefully.

Here’s a list of more free PPT templates with animation:

13. Animated Food for Thought – PowerPoint Animation Effects Free Download Template

This animated template with food-related slide layouts is suitable for any food-related presentation.

14. Happy Holidays – Animated PowerPoint Background Free Download Template

This free PPT template with animation shows snowflakes moving across a blue background.

15. Animated Vital Signs – PowerPoint Presentation Animation Effects Free Download

This free interactive PowerPoint template could be used for a medical presentation.

16. 2020 Calendar – PowerPoint Animation Effects Free Download Template

This is an interactive calendar to help you present in 2020.

17. Animated Free PowerPoint Templates by PowerPoint School

A multipurpose colorful and fun presentation template.

18. Lead Generation Model – PowerPoint Animation Free Template

Lead Generation Model

This free interactive PowerPoint template focuses on a funnel slide illustration for the lead-to-sales process.

19. Animated Medical Template – PowerPoint Presentation Animation Effects Free Download

This free PPT template with animation simulates vital signs reading in red on a white background.

20. Heart Cardiogram – PowerPoint Animation Effects Free Download Template

Here’s another medical-themed free download PowerPoint animation template.

21. Mental Health – Free Animated PowerPoint Template

Address and discuss mental health matters with this free PPT template.

22. Voodoo PowerPoint Template – Free Download

Clean and simple unique slides with animation for various purposes.


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