20 Best Free Chalkboard PowerPoint PPT Templates 2020

Are you a teacher or lecturer eager to refresh your teaching materials in 2020? Maybe you’re a student who needs to present a project in class or even a business developer of a school that needs to present to some stakeholders?

If so, a pre-built blackboard PPT template helps you save time. Present and impress your audience. Don’t risk designing from scratch. If you’re not a professional graphic designer, a lot can go wrong!

It’s time to level up your presentation by creating an impressive and memorable education deck. Envato Element is the best place to start if you’re looking for your next game-changer education blackboard PPT template.

Education – Gray & Green Board PowerPoint Template is a fully animated, simple, and easy to edit PowerPoint template. It comes with 1000 icon sets allowing you to create a visually appealing chalkboard PowerPoint presentation for a younger audience. Use these fun illustrations and icons to turn any dull topic into a fun learning experience for your students.

Excell is one of the best multipurpose infographics templates on Envato Elements. Its clever use of a dark gray tone background gives it a clean chalkboard look and feel. Use infographics to summarize any complex facts and figures. By doing this, you’re making it easier for your students to remember what they’ve learned in your class.

Bews – Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint Template is yet another clean template with a dark gray chalkboard like look and feel. This template comes with over 100 icon sets that can be used creatively to create your best chalkboard PowerPoint presentation.

If you’re someone who wants to create a chalkboard PowerPoint presentation but still wants some white background so the text is easier to read, Miza is an excellent option. Miza has over 115 slides with clean full animations. This multipurpose template is suitable for lecturers and students who are eager to attract attention.

This template helps you create an educational desk with all the essential info your students need to know in a simple and easy to understand manner. Your students will love you for it!

This template comes with eight easy to edit slides. Pick between stylish gray or classic green board PowerPoint template background colors. It’s perfect if you need to create some simple notes in a PowerPoint slide rather than writing them on a whiteboard or chalkboard.

Create a presentation that looks great and is memorable with Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template. This template includes three versions of widescreen chalkboard photographs as the background:

  • green
  • black
  • extra dusty black

It also comes with 32 master screen designs and loads of icon graphics.

Add some fun to your classroom with this School Board template. It comes with seven ready color styles. Plus, you get unlimited background colors.

Use different background colors and chalk colors for every chapter. This template comes with more than 50 unique slides that are fully animated and sure to impress.

Download Chalkboard PowerPoint Template comes in two variations: black and green. This template gives you 30 slides and loads of handmade vector objects. Create your next educational or business presentation without spending too much time by designing it from scratch.

Chalk Board Presentation gives you over 100 unique slides and over 500 icons to help you create the best education presentation. The vectors are fully editable, making it that much easier for you to customize this template according to your needs. The clean layout design has minimal distraction. It’s perfect for audience of any age.

While premium chalkboard PowerPoint templates are your best option for creating a professional presentation, sometimes you don’t have the budget. For those times, here are twenty free to download chalkboard PowerPoint templates from around the web for 2020:

1. Education Chalkboard Template PowerPoint for Free

Education Chalkboard Template PowerPoint Free

This template features a chalkboard background with white fonts and blue chalk lines. It’s a simple and functional design for any education-related presentations.

2. Illustrations Design – Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free Download 

Here’s a pleasant-looking template with chalk dust like illustrations of educational subjects such as science, geography, math and reading-related.

3. Blackboard Free Presentation Template for PowerPoint

This comes with useful features like section break slides and the ability to split your content to several columns.

4. Greenboard – Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free Download 

This free template comes in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides formats. A fun green background with lighter green illustrations is used to create this modern template.

5. Chalk Fun Free Template for PowerPoint

Chalk Fun Free Template for PowerPoint

Here’s a fun template that teachers can use to teach their young students. Teach and have fun at the same time!

6. Brandy Free Presentation in PowerPoint 

This free blackboard PPT template features eight different characters that are editable. Place these characters in front of four different backgrounds: speech balloons, green chalkboard, blackboard, and whiteboard.

7. Foster Free Templates for PowerPoint 

This one grabs your audience’s attention with its fun chalkboard themed background.

8. Back to School Education Themes 

Here are 34 creative and straightforward slides to help you create an educational presentation for your classroom.

9. Green Chalkboard – Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free Download 

Green Chalkboard - Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free

It’s got 29 different slides that include chalk drawings and a beautiful hand-writing title font.

10. Blackboard Speech Bubble PowerPoint Template 

This is a diagram template with six circles spreading out from a center blackboard speech bubble.

11. Speech Bubble Blackboard PowerPoint Diagram Template 

This diagram template has four horizontal list blackboard design that looks like four speech bubble.

12. Free Teachers PowerPoint Template 

It’s designed with teachers in mind. Use it for certain subjects like Maths, Literature, Philosophy, and Science at any school level.

13. Light Bulb – Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free Download 

Light Bulb - Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free Download

This free blackboard PPT template comes with an image of a light bulb in front of a chalkboard. This template is suitable for any topic.

14. Chalkboard Template PowerPoint for Free 

This is a free multipurpose PPT template. The template isn’t limited to presentations on education. It can also be used for businesses.  

15. E-learning School Blackboard – Free Greenboard PPT Template 

It’s designed with e-learning in mind. This template is suitable for online lectures, online education websites, or e-learning courses.

16. Lifecycle – Chalkboard Template PowerPoint for Free 

This template comes with the customer life cycle diagram; develop, research, inspire, acquire, and retain. Use this template for any customer related presentations.

17. Ursula – Free PowerPoint Template 

Ursula - Free PowerPoint Template

This is a free blackboard PPT template that comes with a fresh hand-drawn look and white text and graphics. This white content creates a good contrast against the dark textured background.

18. SEO – Free Chalkboard Template PowerPoint

This template was made with an SEO agency or marketer in mind. Easily make tutorials or educate your audience on the basics of SEO.

19. Greenboard Background Free Template 

This template features a teacher reading a book at a desk. Behind this teacher, a greenboard with writing is visible.

20. School Timetable PowerPoint Templates

Use this PowerPoint timetable to plan classes, teacher training, assignments, and more. Add icons for a visual element.


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