20 Best Free Business Keynote Templates To Make Plan & Proposal Presentations

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. You’ve got to build a business plan before you launch your new idea.

In Keynote, the best way to do that is to use a professionally designed Keynote business plan template. These templates are blueprints for business plans. They show you the types of slides that you need are easy to fill in with your information.

You’re going to see free Keynote templates for business in this article. Even better, you’ll see the top Keynote business presentations that pros use to craft their business plans confidently. These advanced business proposal Keynote templates can lead to investment and support.

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For your venture to succeed, it’s key to build and present a detailed business plan. With a professional Keynote business presentation like this one, it’s easier than ever. Including over 50 slides, this professional pack has a minimalist style that looks right at home in the boardroom.

Free business Keynote templates may be easy to find, but they can’t deliver the level of detail found in premium options like this one. Explore features such as:

  • a full set of custom icons
  • detailed infographics
  • business metric charting tools
  • ongoing free updates

With a little imagination, you can transform this amazing template into a winning business plan Keynote of your own.

The best business proposal Keynote template options have a few things in common. They’re often characterized by sleek modern styling, smooth animations, and plenty of infographics to share data. You’ll find all that and more with Solitudo, a beautiful business plan presentation. It’s the perfect option if you need to describe your strategy fast.

The goal of a Keynote business presentation is twofold: to inform and inspire. You can’t get away with merely using generic slides. You’ve got to focus on details. Perdu offers all the custom slide layouts any business needs. These include team intros, device mockups, data metric features, and many more.

Trying to get a business off the ground? Your startup needs a compelling business plan Keynote template. Today’s competitive market demands it. Thanks to Minaski, you can build one of your own without wasting a ton of time on design. One hundred slides are included, with extra options to adjust fonts, text, and colors.

As you’re searching for a Keynote business theme, chances are you’re operating within a budget. Like any good business, you’re searching for value. That means it pays to select a versatile design like Business Proposal Keynote Template. Packed with every slide layout imaginable, you’ll find over nine thousand slides inside, ready and waiting for you to customize.

A Keynote business presentation like this one includes everything you’ll need to share your strategic vision. Explore custom slides with topics like competitive analysis, sales strategies, supplier tracking, sales forecasting, and much more. Each one delivers a flexible framework that you can adapt to your own needs with just a few clicks. It’s sure to wow even the most discerning audience.

As you unveil your big business idea, don’t go it alone. Turn to a business proposal Keynote template for help, and take advantage of:

  • dozens of customized proposal slides
  • bright colors and polished styling
  • a fresh, modern feel
  • unique icons

All that and more can be found right inside this template. Try it out today!

Part of what makes a business great is having a strong brand identity. This is a big part of how consumers view your products, and by extension, your team. It’s imperative to articulate your brand identity clearly, and you can do it with this dominant business theme for Keynote. Dive into 36 marketing slides, each one fully editable with custom graphics.

A pitch deck is the primary way to attract investors and potential employees to your new startup. Naturally, this means you’ve got to make a strong and successful first impression. Don’t go it alone: a template like this one includes all the detail-oriented slides you’ll need to educate and inspire.

Balance, a free Keynote templates business design, offers a basic overview that you can use to introduce your business. Slides are included on an array of themes, featuring timelines, pricing tables, and more.

Free business Keynote templates like this are meant to help outline your marketing strategy. Here, you’ll find 16 slides in the popular 16:9 widescreen layout.

A business plan Keynote template for free won’t provide the level of detail found in the premium templates we explored earlier. But you can use one to build a quick and simple overview in a hurry. Corporate Free Keynote has ten slides with that goal in mind.

Barnwell is a business Keynote template theme with a green background. Plenty of photo placeholders are included. You’ll also see data-sharing options like charts, infographics, and mockups.

A strategic plan is an essential component of all successful businesses. With this layout, it’s possible to build a slide deck to support your vision. Several slide designs are included, which you can customize right inside of Keynote.

The free business Keynote templates found in the Voodoo 2.5 pack encompass most major categories found in corporate slide decks. Use the slides inside to introduce your team, chart your growth plans, and highlight your worldwide presence.

Gravity delivers a simple set of slides that you can pick and choose from to build a business Keynote. There are 20 unique designs in total. Remember, thanks to Keynote’s built-in features, it’s a simple task to adjust font styles, colors, backgrounds, and more.

Company Intro Keynote Template provides exactly that: a quick, top-level overview of your firm. It’s up to you to drop in your specific content. It’s all offset against a desktop-inspired wooden backdrop.

Sharing your business plans and proposals is the main element of attracting investor funding. This template is designed with that goal in mind, giving you tools to share data and make a funding ask. All graphics are customizable, thanks to Keynote’s feature set.

A SWOT analysis measures four key forces acting on any business: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This template provides a matrix you can use to highlight these forces and their impacts on your own business.

Cranford is a free Keynote business presentation usable by firms of all sizes. The slides have themes like portfolio showcases, company values, and others. Add in your features with Keynote, like animations and transitions.

Free Business Keynote Template is a framework you can use to build your plan and proposal presentations. It includes ten slides, some with charts and graphs. Add more layouts from the Keynote menu.

A roadmap is a metaphor for business strategy: outline your destination, and the stops and starts along the way. An illustrated version of the concept forms the core of this business strategy free Keynote template.

Partnership is key to the success and growth of many businesses. Having a slide deck to show specific examples illustrates the power of teamwork. This text-heavy layout is designed around that idea.

Bright colors are one way to engage your audience and keep them focused during your business Keynote presentation. Giant Leap Pitch Deck Design uses a palette of orange and purple. An assortment of business pitch slides is included with the download.

Rhodes is a foundation you can use to construct your own business proposal Keynote. It includes 23 slides, which feature a wide array of corporate concepts.

Digital marketing is a rising frontier in the age of social media. This template is designed to showcase digital marketing efforts in your firm. Use images and custom infographics to help illustrate your areas of interest.

ProjectX, a business plan Keynote template for free download, provides 16 custom proposal slides. Drag-and-drop image placeholders are utilized, allowing you to rapidly insert your images and videos.

With a dozen slides inside, free business Keynote templates like Biz Plan can be tailored to fit a variety of business needs. Pair the pre-built slides with Keynote’s editing features for maximum impact. This one is presented in a 16:9 widescreen style.

Finally, Digital serves up almost fifty business plan slides for Keynote free. Master slide layouts are included to streamline the editing process.


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