20+ Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Templates With Unique Slide Designs 2020

Beautiful PowerPoint templates are the top way to stand out in 2020. Whether you’re presenting to a crowd, or sharing your slides online, it’s time to think differently. The focus is on you to create compelling slides.

But you don’t have to do all the hard work! Add style with stunning presentation templates and watch your content come to life.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a beautiful PPT presentation with nice slides from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Bold flashes of color and the inspired use of contrast are the hallmarks of this pretty PowerPoint template. It’s designed to promote any products and services that you offer. But marketing isn’t the only mission. Choose from 40+ unique slide layouts, introduce your content, and make each one your own.

With 30 designs and custom graphics, these beautiful slides project confidence. One of the best elegant PowerPoint templates available for 2020, it embraces the theory of “less is more.” Text and images fly off the slides, offset against pale backdrops. Use this one to jumpstart the creation of a winning slide deck.

Sometimes you need to wow an audience with vibrant color. Try out these beautiful PowerPoint slides to do just that. Whether you’re making your personal portfolio, or pitching a new business, Advance-Lookbook is ready to help. With flashy features not available in free templates, this is the perfect case for using a professional design.

You don’t have to change beautiful PowerPoint presentation templates to mix up the look and feel. Instead, turn to one like Simphony, which has over 20 color themes built in. All it takes is a few clicks to swap one for another. Instantly, you can alter the entire mood of your slide deck. Best of all: you won’t have to move a single piece of content!

The Champino template is an exercise in contrasts. When sharing images and text, it’s one of the best options to make a memorable impression. You can pull in your own content in moments. And with more than 150 slides to choose from, the creative choices are all yours. Try this one out to offset words and photos in a flash.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there are some nice PPT templates that almost anyone could agree are beautiful. This is one of them. It’s tailored to the beauty and cosmetics world. Use the included icons to tell visual stories easily with the help of the Eviana template.

The included example helps you visualize using this nice PPT for a beauty salon, but it’s flexible for many purposes. One of my favorite things about this template is its use of an easy color changer. That helps you match it to your specifics with less work than ever before. Use the 51 included slides to learn how to make a beautiful PPT presentation.

Fresh templates show content with minimal and easy-to-view designs. This design option is exactly what you might have in mind for a green and outdoorsy presentation. It’s a set of nice slides that really lend themselves to easy customizations and minimalist design.

Beautiful design is almost the only thing these slides have in common. You’ll find layouts customized to suit almost any need. And with simple placeholders, you can add in your own content in just a few clicks. With hundreds of slides and high-resolution graphics, use this versatile template over and over to create perfect presentations.

You might picture business PowerPoint templates as dull and boring. Not so here. Colorful content and engaging elements stand out brilliantly against the gray backdrop. You’ll also find many useful infographics to bring your data to life. It’s a beautiful and robust data presentation.

When choosing a GraphicRiver template, look for extra value. Beautiful PowerPoint presentation templates like this one deliver with thousands of unique slides and dozens of colors. Each and every one has custom placeholders that let you drop in text, images, video, and more. Couple it with a winning message and you’ll be unbeatable in 2020.

Ethereal colors and minimalism define this contemporary slide deck. Foremost among today’s most beautiful PowerPoint templates, Space is designed as a top-flying package to bring your message to the front. Abstract graphics complement content and soften hard edges. You’ll have all of the supporting placeholders you need to drive ultimate style—and none that you don’t.

Earth PowerPoint takes nature’s beauty and rolls it into a slide deck. Inspired by the majesty of the great outdoors, this beautiful PowerPoint template fits an array of personal and professional uses. Try using the photo slides to introduce your team and bring your social media portfolio alive with edgy networking layouts.

Beautiful PPT templates speak for themselves. They support your content, rather than defining it. Such is the case with this attractive PowerPoint template offering. You’ll find all of the layouts and design elements needed your 2020 presentation right here. But you won’t see distracting animations or over-complicated features.

Grayscale themes wash away bright colors while preserving the spirit of images and words. Renowned by artists, themes like this are the ideal way to fashion your unique PowerPoint templates. Details come to life on each and every slide. Plus, this template saves ink if you need to print copies of your slides.

100 custom slides make Ravi a top option for beautiful presentation packs. Much focus is given to circular design, which naturally captures attention and helps viewers stay engaged. Edits are easy, and customization is easier still, with over 40 color designs to choose from. Smart infographic slides are tailored for deep dives into data.

The name of this amazing PowerPoint presentation template speaks for itself. It truly is a powerful resource to use for your slide design needs in 2020. Multipurpose summary slides give way to device mockups, charts, maps, and more. Whatever you’re needing to build your beautiful PowerPoint presentation, this template offers at the touch of a button.

Unforgettable designs are a trademark of stunning presentation templates. The ELEGANT is a prime example, with its black background and golden overlays. Beautiful presentation templates like this help you stand out, and they’re easier on the eyes as well. Perfect for conveying an intimate and luxurious feel, this template is surpassed in beauty only by usability.

Pastel colors and modern fonts make this design a favorite among pretty PowerPoint templates. It’s designed to portray an artsy, fun look on every slide. Yet it remains a very powerful template for sharing data, device mockups, analyses, and more. Every piece of content is fully editable to meet your every need.

Turn to beautiful PowerPoint templates if you need to build stylish slides in a hurry. Powerful and packed with flexible placeholders, this template makes slide building effortless. Rather than including many specialty layouts, it emphasizes easy adjustments to make layouts meet your needs. It’s a perfect choice for almost any kind of presentation, and it can be yours today.

PowerPoint presentation design inspiration comes from many directions. One of these is using a general template with many different layouts. If you’re struggling to portray your content in beautiful style, a template like Moneta can help. Browse over 100 unique slides until you find one just right for you.

A beautiful PowerPoint slide deck like this one is the perfect new marketing tool for 2020. Featuring beautiful starburst graphics, sleek content blocks, and animated graphics, Nebula launches your slides to a higher level. Over 80 slide designs, simple placeholders, and sleek transitions help get you started.

Ideo is a beautiful PowerPoint template focused on creative projects. Use it to share your next big idea with the world. It stands out with 700 font icons and over 100 unique slide templates. It’s built to show off projects, with a complete collection of charts, data models, infographics, maps, and more. Pick and choose to dial in your next perfect presentation.

There are 50 unique and nice slides in one simple package. That creates a lot of value with just one purchase. Bright colors and impactful designs mean that your content will never go unnoticed. The slides are simple and highlight the content.

Here’s a tip for learning how to make a beautiful PowerPoint presentation: try out gradients. The smooth transition between multiple colors is a favorite effect. This nice PPT template includes great gradients that are sure to signal your presentation as one that’s totally on-trend.



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