3 Top Video Templates for Business Presentations

So you’ve got a presentation coming up, and you need to produce a video to support your speaking points. Video is time-consuming to make; you’d rather to spend the majority of preparation on refining your points, pulling data, and rehearsing.

A business presentation video template helps you save time. Just open it in your favorite app and add your details for a fast video with a professional design. Here are three situations that you can use a business presentation video to make a splash:

  • As a pre-watch for a town hall with your team of employees, setting the stage for important announcements.
  • A pump-up video to excite the team about the upcoming year and reviewing their accomplishments.
  • A pitch video to showcase the potential for your business to potential investors and employees.

In this article, you’re going to see 3 top video templates for business. They’re all included with a subscription to Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives.

This template is perfect for business professionals with a bit of experience using After Effects. It’s ideal for combining text and images in a slideshow. It would be ideal to show on large format displays in your office with up-to-date company news.

This template is for Premiere Pro and is a clean slideshow that works well for business. Thanks to simple animations and an image-focused design, it works for practically any business scenario. It’s easy to take your company photos and add them to this template.

This template is the best of all worlds, and it’s a breeze to use in Final Cut Pro. It has all of the assets you’d expect to put together a focused year-in-review video, for example. But its main focus is on a broadcast style video which is perfect for a company news update.


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