3 Top After Effects Video Templates for Organic Farming and Local Food

Organic food has never been more popular. If you’re a busy farmer or restaurateur, chances are that you don’t have time to learn a new app or create a video from scratch.

A template already has most of the basics complete for you, like animations and transitions by professional designers. All of the templates in this article have a common source: Envato ElementsWith a single subscription, you have everything you need to create a high-quality video in very little time.

Let’s look at three of the best in this round-up:

Here’s a 3D animated template that you can adapt to put your product in the real world. You only have to replace the placeholders with your own product images and you’ll see it brought to life in this After Effects template.

Focused on the fields? This After Effects template might just be the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to customize and includes music. Pair it with your assets and voice-over and you’ll create a perfect organic promo video.

Let’s face it: organic food’s end game is being consumed! Why not promote your new restaurant with a promo video? With the help of a video template like this one, you can advertise a farm-to-table concept that puts organic food at the forefront.

As you saw in this article, all of the templates have a common source: Envato Elements! The all-you-can-download library has everything you need to market your business to success.

Not only does that include video templates, but also presentation and graphic design templates that help you grow your business. Focus on what you do best and use templates to outsource the heavy lifting of design.

Video Templates Envato Elements

Download a template, drop in your footage and photos, and you’re ready to go! You’ll help more people learn to love organics by espousing the values with the help of a video.


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