30+ Creative Menu Layout Ideas for Restaurant Menu Templates

If you’re opening a pop-up restaurant and looking for a creative menu layout or you’re ready to update your existing menu to something cool and contemporary, this collection of 30+ fabulous menu layout templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver is for you.

The selection consists of the best Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign templates available on the internet today. Let’s check them out.

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A gorgeous menu design for a semi-casual restaurant, this well-organised template consists of four PSD and four AI files that are fully layered for easy customisation.

Are you looking for just the right menu design for your new bistro? How about this terrific InDesign menu template? It features a standard A4 size template in 300DPI resolution that is easy to customise and print ready.

Here’s a great menu layout template for a casual eatery. You can upload gorgeous photos of your best dishes to entice would-be customers and make it easy for them to scan the menu quickly by grouping dishes together. This A4 size template comes in fully layered and well-organised PSD and AI files.

Looking for an amazing InDesign menu template? This one may just be what you’re looking for. It combines bold colours with bold design to create a menu that is eye-catching and modern. The template file comes in standard A4 size with high resolution and can be edited in InDesign.

Another premium InDesign menu template, this one features a solid colour on one side with the restaurant logo/related graphic image and name in the centre of the page. The other side is reserved exclusively for the layout, which is fresh, clean, and contemporary.

Looking for a creative menu layout ideas for your cafe or coffee shop? Check out this coffee shop menu layout template. It takes its references from a chalkboard with gorgeous hand-drawn, coffee-inspired graphics, colourful, cursive fonts for the category headers, and capitalised sans serif fonts for the body text. So cool!

A terrific menu layout template for a seafood restaurant, this example combines your gorgeous images and menu text so that the two complement each other perfectly. The A4 size template comes in AI, EPS and JPEG files and is super easy to customise. Just add your text, upload your images, select colours that reflect your brand, and you’re all done.

When you’re looking for something a bit extra, this InDesign menu template is the answer. It offers 14 custom layouts in A4 and US letter size formats and is ideal for restaurants that have menus with more than one page or that want to create a brochure to explain their food philosophy, history, etc.

A menu format designed to be used in breakfast bars, cafes, and other casual eateries, this template features a cover on one side and a menu layout on the other. The well-organised A4 files are presented in AI, EPS, and JPEG, and they’re very easy to customise by adding your own text and images.

Designed specifically for seafood joints, this stylish menu can easily be adapted for other kinds of eateries. The A4 menu layout template is presented in two PSD files. Add your own image to the cover, change the text and colour scheme, and your menu is ready to send to the printers.

If you’re looking for menu layout ideas for portable/takeaway menus, check out this trifold menu format. You can edit the files using Illustrator, and customisation is as easy as adding your images and text and changing the colours to reflect your own colour scheme.

Liven up the menu for your fast food eatery with this “placemat as menu” idea. The menu design template uses cool and casual illustrations of dishes offered on the menu and bold, easy-to-read fonts. Download the A4 template and customise it in Photoshop.

Another fast food menu with a different twist. With this one, you can add big, beautiful images of your best-selling items and reinforce the choices available with text. A great menu for casual eateries.

Yet another one for casual eateries, this bifold menu design template is all about simple and limited offerings and big gorgeous enticing images. The PSD files come in both A4 and US letter size.

Try this simple and stylish menu for semi-formal eateries. The landscape layout features a large image on the cover and a menu layout on the other side. The high-resolution A4 file comes in AI, EPS, and JPEG formats.

Those who are after a minimalist touch will appreciate this menu format. The menu eschews images for standalone text. The file, which comes in both AI and PSD, is made up of well-organised layers which are super easy to edit. Just swap the placeholder text for your own text, and you’re ready to go.

An awesome illustrated menu format for bistro type eateries, this hi-res A4 template can be edited in Photoshop or Illustrator. Customisation is as easy as adding your own text and modifying the colour scheme.

Looking for menu layout ideas for a bakery or dessert shop? Well, how about this bifold menu design with its “sugar and spice and all that’s nice” vibe? You can add your own images to the A4 size template using Illustrator. Then all that’s left would be to add text and customise your colours.

The perfect menu format for your pizza joint, a folded menu means more portability, and the area for big gorgeous images of your pizza is all you need to entice potential customers.

This elegant menu layout idea can be adapted to a wide range of mid-range restaurants. Just add your own image and text, choose your colour scheme, and you have a great menu ready to send to the printers.

This package of four PSD and four AI files contains a great menu format that is suitable for a number of higher-end restaurants that need a bigger menu template. This classic layout in A4 size is very easy to customise with your own colour scheme, images, and text.

If you want your menu to be portable, then A5 size—half of A4—is certainly a better size choice. Plus this option gives you more space, with four potential surfaces rather than the two of an A4 size menu. A great menu format for cafes, coffee shops, food trucks, and other casual eateries.

Combining script fonts with sans serif is often eye-catching, and this menu layout template certainly uses the two to the best effect. In addition, the nice pop of colour and the gorgeous illustrations complete the very attractive picture. Use the A4 size file to create a wide range of casual restaurant menus.

A great choice for higher-end restaurants, this A4 menu format is clean and contemporary. Upload your own image in Illustrator or Photoshop, add your text, and then choose your colour scheme, and just like that you have a gorgeous menu ready for the printers.

This menu format offers four different design layouts to accommodate a range of needs and tastes. You can use the A4 PSD files to create menus for casual eateries or for something more sophisticated.

This gorgeous menu layout template can be adapted for use for a variety of restaurants but most suits contemporary eateries that focus on fresh ingredients. All of the text in this A4 size file is editable in Photoshop and Illustrator.

A clean, minimalist design for cool, upscale eateries, this menu design is super easy to customise using Illustrator. Just add your text, colour scheme and photos to the hi-res file, and you’ve got one terrific menu to send to the printers.

A great menu layout for casual eateries and bistros, this template offers four design variations to choose from. The A4 PSD files are editable in Photoshop, so that you can change the text, photos, and colour scheme.

Looking for a gorgeous menu layout template for a stylishly casual breakfast joint? Then check out this menu design. You can change all the elements to give the template your own signature look. Just swap out the cover photo with one of your own, change the text to reflect your own menu, modify the colours to reflect your brand, and you’re done.

Just because your restaurant specialises in casual eating doesn’t mean your menu has to be blah! Whet the palette of your potential customers with this menu design template. The super well-organised PSD file allows you to change every element of the design to reflect your own brand. There’s a help file included to help you in case you get stuck.

This menu layout is a great choice for coffee shops and cafes. It is clean, simple, and easy to modify in Illustrator. That’s because all elements are placed in well-organised layers. Just go through the layers systematically and add your own details.

For those times when you’re looking for flexible InDesign templates that you can use for your menu and also extend to create a brochure that introduces customers to your restaurant style and philosophy, there is this stunning InDesign menu template. The A4 template provides you with a number of stylish page layouts. Just choose the ones you want and add your content to create your brochure or magazine. You can then use the same template to create your menu, which will allow all your materials to have consistent branding.

This is an excellent menu design for upmarket eateries. With its wonderful abstract background design, this InDesign template gives a contemporary art vibe to your menu. The InDesign menu template offers two types of menus in four sizes: A4, A5, US letter size, and half US letter size.

Do you like the chalkboard aesthetic? Why not use it to update your restaurant menu? And don’t worry, you don’t need to figure out how. Just use this menu layout template, which does all the heavy lifting for you. To customise it, first choose whether you want an A4 or US letter size menu. They add your menu text and photos and voila! Your menu is ready for the printers.

Photoshop users will love this US letter size menu design that features two different layout styles. The well-organised PSD files are easy to customise to get just the look you want for your restaurant.

More InDesign templates for lovers of the software. This menu template contains two different InDesign files. Choose the one that appeals the most, and then choose either A4 or US letter size. After that, all you have left to do is add your text and your menu is ready to go.


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