32 Best Twitter Headers Using a Twitter Header Maker

32 Best Twitter Headers Using a Twitter Header Maker

Today we’ll share 32 of the best Twitter headers for business and personal use.

Open any Twitter page, and the first thing that catches your eye is the Twitter header. But in spite of its prominent place at the top of the page, far too many Twitter users miss the opportunity to display a banner that expresses their brand identity and sets the tone for their account.

Given the Twitter header dimensions—1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high—many people end up with headers where the subject matter is cut off unattractively, or they just settle for the default header which says nothing about their business, personal style, or interests.

If you want to make the best use of your Twitter header, you’re in the right place. Today we’ll introduce you to a tool that’s designed to take all the stress and guesswork out of creating cool Twitter headers: the Twitter Header Maker from Placeit.

The Twitter Header Maker allows you to create stunning Twitter headers in the right dimensions in a matter of minutes, but it also offers an exceptionally large selection of premium Twitter header templates that are easy to customise.

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Navigate to Placeit’s Twitter Header Maker and select a Twitter header template you like.

How to Make Cool Twitter Headers using a Twitter Header Maker

Starting on the left side of the Twitter header template, you can add the title of your page and any additional text you care to. Here, you can also change the font style and colour.

How to Make Cool Twitter Headers using a Twitter Header Maker

When you’re done, move to the right side of the Twitter header maker to choose a graphic for your Twitter banner or upload your own graphic, photo, or logo.

How to Make Cool Twitter Headers using a Twitter Header Maker

When you’re happy with your image, you can download it for a small fee. And just like that, you can create a cool Twitter header in a couple of minutes.

How to Make Cool Twitter Headers using a Twitter Header Maker

Now, let’s take a look at the 32 best Twitter headers at Placeit.

We start our list with this aesthetically pleasing Twitter header for photography pros or dedicated amateurs. The key here is that the header maker offers you a variety of gorgeous photos cropped expertly to fit the Twitter header size and then allows you to add your own text to an attractive rectangular bar on the right. You can change the colours of the bar and text to reflect your brand.

Funny Twitter headers are always a good idea, and Placeit offers a number of great illustrations and pithy sayings that you can use when you want to set a light-hearted, humorous tone. And if you’re looking for a template of a specific colour—like, say, a blue Twitter header—Placeit’s got you covered as well. You can customise each template to reflect the colour you need.

Gardners and horticulturists are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding dope Twitter headers for their brand. This white Twitter header features a variety of leaves attractively placed to frame the text, which sits in the centre of the banner.

One great idea for keeping your Twitter page up to date is to change it to celebrate global events like Valentine’s Day or International Women’s Day. Placeit has a number of awesome Twitter templates that you can easily customise for every occasion, like this pink Twitter header specially designed for Valentine’s Day.

To create an aesthetically appealing Twitter header that conforms to the Twitter header size requirements, you need a few key elements: great images or graphics; clean, bold text; and an attractive colour scheme. All qualities that Placeit Twitter templates offer.

Draw attention to your favourite quote by adding it to this centre-placed ribbon and uploading the Twitter header template to your site.

Cute Twitter headers are easy to create with Placeit templates. Just take a look at this wonderful pink Twitter header. The floral theme offers a wide selection of floral choices that frame your text nicely.

Fashionistas will love this cool Twitter header, which features a wonderful selection of photos that you can choose from. Then all you need to do is add your own text, and your Twitter header is ready to use.

Cooking aficionados, this Twitter header is for you. Add an image of your favourite dish, along with a title and any text you want to include, and your job is done.

Sports teams will love this sports-related theme, which offers a plethora of gorgeous background photos and an attractive bar layout that you can use to add various text.

If you’re in North America, adding Thanksgiving or Halloween Twitter headers to celebrate these holidays with your fans and followers is a great idea. And Placeit helps you do just that with its range of themed Twitter headers. Browse the cool collection to find the header that works best for you.

Are you a wedding planner or caterer? Then this black Twitter header with delicate flowers framing the text is for you. Add your own text, select the background image that reflects your brand or aesthetic, and your template is ready to go.

Travellers and adventurers deserve a Twitter header that reflects their sense of possibility. That’s why you should consider this dope Twitter header, which offers one stunning and inspiring image after the other, to which you can add the text that most inspires you.

This abstract Twitter header template offers a whole lot of versatility, so that a number of different people or businesses can easily adapt it to their style or brand. Choose the pattern you most like from those on offer, and then add your brand colours and any text you want to. Customisation is as easy as that.

Flower companies, here’s a cute Twitter header just for you. If purple isn’t your colour and you want, say, a yellow Twitter header, first change the background colour and then choose a flower that complements your colour choice. After that, add your text, and your Twitter header is ready to download.

Share your philosophy with the world when you use this simple Twitter header, which features stunning photos for your background and a variety of stylish boxes to which you can add your text.

A meditative blog deserves a meditative Twitter header. Choose the right design for you when you select this template. First, decide on your background photo, then select your colour scheme, and finally add your text. Easy peasy.

How lovely is this Twitter header template? A great choice for greeting new and old followers alike.

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs will love this cool Twitter header template. Choose the background from a wide range that includes combinations with cameras, iPads, notebooks, laptops, etc. Then just add your text and favourite colours.

Going places, either literally or figuratively? Then this may be the perfect template for you. It offers loads of inspiring background images, and you can add any inspirational quote that rocks your world.

If you’re a tweeter who specialises in American football, use this Twitter header template to update your fans on each game you’re going to be tweeting about. What a great way to keep things fresh and updated on your Twitter account.

A classy florist deserves to have a classy image on Twitter, and you can do just that with this cute Twitter header for florists. You can change your background colour, change the floral arrangement used in the template, and of course add your very own text.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your Twitter header when you use this template. Select an image from those provided or upload your own special image.

The great thing about using the template is that you don’t have to worry about Twitter header dimensions because all Twitter templates at Placeit are designed with the correct Twitter header size in mind. So if you’re a blogger who tweets, you can use a template like this one, without worrying about whether it will fit or not.

Who doesn’t love a speech bubble effect? If you are one of those people who can’t get enough of them or are looking for dope Twitter header templates that incorporate speech bubbles, you’re in luck. With this template, you have a great selection of speech bubbles of varying shapes. Choose the one that appeals the most, and add your own text and colour scheme.

This funny Twitter header is just what you need to add a touch of humour to your Twitter page. The template requires very little customisation. If you like it, you can download it and use it as is.

Artists who tweet are not left out when it comes to cool Twitter headers. This black Twitter header, with abstract art references and an area in the middle for a quote or whatever text you want, is perfect for artists. Personalise the template by uploading your own images if you choose.

The arrival of spring is reason enough to celebrate, so why not take this yellow Twitter header for a whirl whenever the season bursts on the scene in all its splendour.

There are many ways to add inspirational quotes to your Twitter page, but the easiest is to customise and download one of these cool Twitter headers from Placeit. They make life a whole lot easier.

Show your flower love and expertise with this bountiful garden Twitter header. Add your text and use it as is, or select your favourite flower image and download.

The pumpkin spice craze shows no signs of growing old, and if you’re one of its fans or you just love fall, you may enjoy this cool Twitter header.

We end with a lovely illustration paired with an inspirational quote that would work well as a Twitter header for a number of individual and business accounts. There are several great illustrations to choose from, and of course you can add the inspirational text of your choice.


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