20+ Best Tote Bag Mockups | Using an Online Mockup Generator

20+ Best Tote Bag Mockups | Using an Online Mockup Generator

Want to create a terrific tote bag mockup to showcase your designs? Then this list of 20+ best tote bag mockups is exactly what you need.

As more and more countries ban the use of single-use plastic bags, reusable fabric bags are becoming more popular. What makes these totes so terrific is that they’re not only eco-friendly but are a great vehicle for showing off cool designs, protest art, or your company logo.

With this in mind, today we share with you over 20+ amazing tote bag mockups you can use to test or display your latest designs. But first, let’s look at how easy it is to use these cool mockups.

Upload your design using the button at the top of the page and select your bag colour. All the templates will update to show your design in the colour you’ve chosen.

Look through the designs available and select the one that reflects your target audience and shows off your design the way you want your audience to see it.

Placeits Tote Bag Mockups

When you select your blank tote bag mockup, it will open up in the Mockup Maker. Look over your design and make sure it’s displaying the way you’d like it to. At this point, you can upload an alternative design and change the colour of your tote bag.

Placeits Tote Bag Mockup

When you’re finished with your tote bag mockup, you can download it for a small fee, and just like that, you’ve got a great black tote bag mockup to use as you choose.

Placeits Tote Bag Mockup

If you’re looking for a stylishly casual blank tote bag mockup, this cloth bag mockup may just be the one for you. With its summery vibe, you can use the mockup for a number of beautiful designs or for your company logo.

Water-resistant totes are great for a day at the beach or by the pool, so if you’re looking for a summery fabric bag mockup with a water theme, this is a great choice. Just upload your image and your mockup is ready to download.

Whether you run a tennis club, are a physiotherapist, or sell sporting goods, this cloth bag mockup is great for companies that want to promote products or services related to tennis or sports in general.

For those looking for a shopping bag mockup with a bit of pizzazz, this stop motion mockup is a great choice. The animation begins with a flat lay of a cloth tote lying next to two baguettes. The baguettes then crawl into the bag to lie neatly next to each other.

Looking for a black tote bag mockup? No worries. You can make the tote bag in this terrific cotton bag mockup just about any colour you need by selecting your desired colour from the dropdown menu to the right of the design.

One of the many great things about totes is that they’re unisex. Use this fabulous cloth bag mockup to see how your new design ideas or business logo look on a finished product.

If you’re looking for a mockup featuring a male model in portrait format, this shopping bag mockup is perfect for you. What’s great about this particular mockup is that you can control the colour of both the tote handle and the bag separately.

This terrific fashion bag mockup is another cool stop motion animation. This time, the animation features a duo-tone background with a hand in the foreground swinging a tote filled with daffodils back and forth. This is a fabulous shopping bag mockup for fashion and design brands.

For those times when you need a blank tote bag mockup displayed against a coloured background, there’s this mockup which allows you to add three different colours to the background of your image to bring a wonderfully dynamic feel to the mockup.

This cotton bag mockup featuring a woman walking down a path with a tote over her shoulder is an excellent choice for keeping your design or logo front and centre.

This tote bag mockup is another wonderful stop-motion animation. This time, it features five frames of a young woman walking down a street carrying a tote bag with the space for your design clearly displayed. To use it, just upload your design and the Placeit software will do the rest.

For those times when all you need is a nice, clear photo of a blank tote bag mockup against a transparent background, there is this mockup. Just upload your image, select your bag colour, and your cotton bag mockup is ready for download.

This great cloth bag mockup with a stylish young woman leaning casually against a blank wall is perfect for displaying a wide range of designs. Use it as an urban fashion bag mockup for your business logo or abstract designs.

If you’re in the business of fashion or design, you’ll love this fashion bag mockup video. The short clip shows a woman in a city scene wearing stylish shoes and outfit and carrying a canvas tote. The tote is always held in such a way that the viewer won’t be able to miss your gorgeous design.

This domestic scene creates a versatile background for this fabric bag mockup. Use it to advertise your products and services or for your creative designs.

Great as a shopping bag mockup or a fashion bag mockup, this gorgeous image features a happy young woman surrounded by beautiful bouquets of summer flowers.

Use this wonderful image of a young woman in a coffee shop with a tote bag slung over her shoulder to advertise your new tea or coffee shop logo design.

Tote bags make great carry-all bags, and this cloth bag mockup with stationery and personal effects spilling out of the top is perfect for advertising your art or stationery business. After you upload your fabulous design, select your bag colour and choose a complementary background that shows off your bag to the best advantage.

This tote bag mockup is perfect for the minimalists out there. The design features a tote hanging on a nail against a duo-tone wall. The cotton bag mockup allows you to change the colour of the bag as well as both colours of the background.

If you love video, you’ll love this fabric bag mockup that comes in the form of an eight-second video of a fashionably dressed young woman holding a tote so that the logo or design will be clearly displayed. Just upload your image as usual, add audio from the tracks available, and your mockup is ready to download.

This portrait tote bag mockup is a great choice for displaying designs, products, and services targeting the young male demographic. One of the cool things about this design is that you can change the colour of the strap and the colour of the bag separately.

What better way to advertise your earth-friendly message and designs than to use a reusable shopping bag mockup? This mockup comes as a stop-motion animation featuring four different frames of a young woman shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables.


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