15+ Best Swift & Xcode App Templates 2020

15+ Best Swift & Xcode App Templates 2020

Do you want to save time and money building your Swift app?

A Swift app template allows you to build your mobile iOS app with Xcode. Developing an app from scratch is a costly and time-consuming process, but a Swift app template is affordable because much of the code is already written for you.

Besides, the app templates come with all the features you need to create your own mobile app. You only need to follow the instructions in the documentation to customize and add elements that will make your app unique.

App templates let your app to run efficiently. They offer UI consistency and performance that can only come from native apps. However, building a feature-rich iOS app with an elegant user interface can be challenging. Fortunately, by using an app template, you can save substantial amounts of time and effort.

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Universal for iOS is a template that anyone can use to create amazing apps using content from all around the web. No coding knowledge is needed. It supports many content sources including WordPress, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

It comes with lots of features, including AdMob for monetization and in-app purchases if your user wants to have ad-free content. You can also change your content remotely.

And of course it comes with a complete Xcode template, so you can get your app up and running quickly.

The WebViewGold app template is another great template that allows users to convert a website’s content into an app. It does so by using a Swift Xcode package to wrap the URL or local HTML into an iOS app. The real genius of this app template, though, is that it does its work in just a few clicks, so no coding knowledge is required! WebViewGold is optimised for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

SuperView is a template designed to let web developers easily create a native iOS container for their website. It provides some basic functionality, including a toolbar with back, forward, and refresh buttons, but it keeps your website front and centre.

This template also adds a lot of extra features you can take advantage of in your app, including Firebase or OneSignal push notifications, GPS support, social network login, Google AdMob, and support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic.

If you’re looking for a template to help you create a classified ad app, then check out Classify, a universal app template that you can use to develop your own mobile classifieds service app. End users will be able to post and edit ads using their mobile device of choice. The app allows end users to do everything you’d expect, like browse listings by categories, search for what they need, and contact the seller.

The iOS Recipe App template gives you an app which displays various recipes based on categories, including a user-customisable Favourites category. The screen for viewing the details of a recipe supports multiple images, sharing, and smooth transitions.

All the recipe data is stored in an XML file which can be easily edited or replaced with data loaded from a server. This template also includes quite a few extra features, including a shopping list, Google AdMob integration, push notifications, and a sliding menu on the left side of the app.

The Events app template allows you to create your own mobile iOS events app to store and share events happening all over the world. End users are able to submit new events, and you can approve and add them in your Parse dashboard.

The app also has a button that enables end users to automatically add an event on their native iOS calendar and to open its address in Maps to get directions. They can also share the event via their social media platform of choice.

Mokets, short for mobile markets, is an eCommerce app template targeting today’s busy shoppers. The template distinguishes itself from the competition with a gorgeous Pinterest-type grid that displays items for sale with all relevant information. It features user registration and login, shopping cart with checkout, transaction history, push notification, user feedback, analytics which track customer interests, and so much more.

woopy is an app template that allows developers to create listing apps that facilitate the buying and selling of used and hand-crafted items online. Users can browse by keyword or category. They can also chat with sellers or potential buyers and give feedback on each transaction.

One of the app’s outstanding features for sellers is the ability to add a ten-second video to their listings. Another is the app’s optional email verification system that gives buyers and sellers extra assurance by posting a verification symbol next to the user’s name.

When you need to find a specific item or store and don’t want to spend all day driving from one end of town to the other or doing laps around the mall, a store finder app is a lifesaver. Enter the Store Finder app template, a developer’s dream, with a long list of must-have features like photos, call, email and SMS integration, comments, Google directions, social media logins, pinch and zoom function, and so much more.

If you have a brick and mortar store and you want to build your eCommerce store in the shortest time possible, you’re in good hands with MStore Pro. And if you’re a developer pressed for time, this app template is your friend. It supports WooCommerce integration, AdMob and Facebook ads, push notifications, and multiple payment gateways.

The WebView Swift app template is the perfect choice to turn your website into an app with a native-seeming look and feel. It is made using Swift 5 and Xcode 11. You can easily customize it by changing the colors of buttons and text, and even hiding them using config files. It also includes a Swift 4.2 for Xcode 10 version if you prefer to work with that version.

Making the world less lonely one person at a time is easy through the Dating App. The iOS version of this app is built with Xcode 10.3 using Swift 5. Its long list of must-have features that will keep users engaged includes a full-featured admin panel that allows you to manage user accounts, view personal conversations, account and gallery moderation, and manage advertising. To boost your revenue, you can add in-app purchases and AdMob ads.

Consider AdForest if you’re looking to manage product listings for your ad posting website. It comes with handy features like Google Maps integration, radius search, featured ads, social media registration and login, seller ratings, and more. Once you install it, you can make the necessary changes, and your app is ready to use. And since it’s completely white labeled, you can upload it to the iOS App Store with your business’s brand name.

Instagram stories are booming. Big companies spend millions of dollars to get their products mentioned in Instagram stories. Here’s your chance to provide your clients with an app that will make it easy to tell their stories on Instagram. Insta Story Editor allows you to build an app with story templates that can be edited easily.

The templates are on the gallery screen. Users can change the background colors of stories, add text, change the color of text and font sizes, add photos from a library, and move images around. And finally, users can save their stories to a photo library and share them directly on Instagram.

If you have an idea for quiz or trivia games, then Quiz: Trivia 1 Pic 1 Word has got you covered. This template will get you started with 20 levels. Just type in your levels and names, and drag and drop images that match the names in your level. The game will load the levels from a file that is easy to visualize and understand. Users can purchase coins or watch reward video ads to earn coins. You don’t need coding knowledge to add new levels.

appyMap is an excellent app for browsing different locations and points of interest near the user’s current location. The template allows you to split up points of interest into various groups which, if you want, can easily be locked behind an in-app purchase. appyMap also lets you choose between using either Apple’s CloudKit or a local .plist file for your data. Additionally, this template features AdMob integration if you want to use it.


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