17 Best Shopify Templates for Your Online Store 2020

Managing an online store can be difficult; it’s challenging to differentiate yourself in ever busier marketplaces. If this is an issue you’re facing at the moment, you’re in the right place. Below is a list of the best Shopify templates available on Themeforest to help you take your website and online business to the next level. Every single one of these templates is perfect for getting your store noticed and racking up more sales!

Envato Market (Themeforest) is home to hundreds of premium Shopify templates. With more being added each month, we recommend you check back regularly to see what’s new!

Choosing the right Shopify template is only the first step. Below are 4 tips that will help you make the most out of your new template and online store.

No matter the traffic situation on your store, if you invest the time in improving the shopping experience your visitors have on mobile devices, it will have a positive effect on your bottom line. That’s because better experiences make buying easier—plus, websites optimized for mobile rank higher in search results. It’s a win win.

Photographs are a key selling feature of many products—from hotel rooms to enamel pins and everything in between. Invest in a professional photographer or at least a professional photo setup to optimize your site’s visual representation of your goods. High-quality photographs crank up higher conversion rates.

photo shoot

Email marketing can absolutely move the needle for your sales. Wishlist reminders, abandoned cart emails, or the return of out of stock items can truly make a big difference. They are different from the typical sales or promo email because you’re reaching out to someone who has already specifically shown interest in your products. Use email to nudge them a little to close more sales.

Shopify is a remarkable platform because it heavily invests in producing free yet high-quality content for their clients. Always read what they publish as it is fundamentally meant to help you create the best possible eCommerce business.

When it comes to Shopify, you now know the ’what’—but how about the ’why’? Whether you’re designing your Shopify site for yourself or a client, read on for 4 stats that will quickly explain why it’s an essential plugin for any eCommerce site in 2020 and beyond.

Reported in October 2019, Shopify had totted up a total of $135+ billion in sales. If you fancy a slice, you know what to do.

According to Shopify’s latest figures, in the third quarter of 2019, 81% of traffic and 71% of orders on Shopify stores came via mobile devices. This compares to 77% and 67% from the same quarter in 2018—so, it’s clear to see mobile is growing.

With at least one million merchants worldwide using the platform, you’ll be in good company. Make sure you’re keeping up.

And, if you think the number of merchants is high, then you’ll be even more impressed by the number of sales. Reported in June 2019; there were 218 million buyers on the platform during the previous year alone—that’s more than 11 times the population of Australia. Ensuring your website has Shopify capabilities means you’ll be able to tap into this strong and growing market.

Manor is one of the more versatile examples among the many Shopify templates featured in this post. The Manor Shopify template comes with over 30 different homepage templates to choose from, plus 24/7 support, thorough documentation, as well as video tutorials. Its minimalist design is a great option for your Shopify store.

Oozing style, Mantis is an absolutely stunning and colorful Shopify template. It comes with a variety of different pre-made pages including a great collection of product pages. It also features a few different pre-made sections to choose from, including footers and headers.

It has a fresh and uncomplicated design which makes it very appealing for all kinds of online stores.

Hebes is a lovely, minimal Shopify template. It’s perfect for eCommerce brands that want to put the focus of their websites on their products in an elegant and understated way. Just about every aspect of the design for this template screams high-end and high-quality.

The designers took care of every detail from unique item descriptions and ’add to cart’ UIs, to creative menus and list and product layouts. It’s a large Shopify template and one of the most capable ones too.

One thing to note about Oreo compared to typical Shopify templates is that it was made from clients’ requests. At its core lies a distinct and simple design that allows colorful images to highlight the products being shown off.

On top of that, the makers of the template made sure it was developed with the utmost SEO optimization in mind; including rich snippets, clean and well-structured code base, responsive integrations, and CSS + JS compression.

Elessi is a perfect Shopify template for those with large eCommerce stores. It handles browsing extremely well. Elessi is highly optimized for speed which makes it ideal for handling large inventories.

Additionally, it’s one of the first themes to support Shopify AR! If you’re into exploring new technologies,  Shopify AR is the perfect opportunity for you to take shopping experiences for your visitors to the next level.

Plant is designed specifically for the gardening, floral, landscaping or houseplants industries. It’s a clean and simple template that has strong minimal design style. Solid images in the demos highlight the importance of art direction for your own store.

Fona’s design is one of those Shopify themes that’s so colorful and full of energy—what’s not to love? It features flexible and easily customizable layout pages including nine product display pages, seven homepages, numerous headers, and copious pre-made demos.

The template makes great use of Ajax transitions to make the shopping and buying experience a lot smoother and more intuitive for your visitors.

Helas is an incredible Shopify template because it’s clean and simple, yet bold! It has over 16 demos with gorgeous layouts, all of which make great use of spacing, typography, and imagery. If you’d like a Shopify store with creative visual design, Helas is for you.

The template also features free lifetime updates, wishlist support, advanced typography design options, sales labels, and customer reviews features.

Zyra is another one of the best Shopify templates on our list that combines simple design with large and striking images. It emphasizes design variations and customization with which you could potentially create an unlimited number of page layouts such as product displays, product lists/categories, sales, and landing pages.

If you want a template that lets you fully customize its look to something unique and truly yours check out Zyra.

I really enjoy the Goodwin Shopify template because it’s extremely reliable. Not only is it updated regularly, it has prompt customer service, but it also has a large collection of design elements and demos that will work for any type of Shopify store.

Goodwin comes with over 14 ready-made homepage layouts as well as over 50 other pre-made pages. Notably, it has fifteen 5-star reviews on ThemeForest. Talk about impressive!

The Bravo Shopify template is perfect for fashion-based retailers including apparel, accessories, watches, shoes, activewear and so on. It will work great no matter your branding style too. Bravo is one of the best Shopify templates on Themeforest because it features over ten stunning and high-quality pre-made demos; they are all quite excellent!

Additionally, Bravo features product rollovers, footer column customization, cross-browser compatibility, smart and responsive grids, sidebars, custom post types, and multi-lingual support.

The default visual design of Zoa is one of my favorites on this whole list. It’s creative, interesting, inviting, and fun! The visual design is arguably minimal but the colors, images, and typography are what give this Shopify template its amazing sense of personality.

Zoa is 100% responsive, retina-ready, and SEO optimized. It features automatic price changes, built-in sliders, advanced menu layouts, multiple currencies, and Ajax transitions.

One of the best features of Precise is its optimization for speed and SEO. Stores with better SEO get more eyeballs, while faster sites make more sales because they lose fewer visitors.

On top of that, Precise does feature an attractive visual design with over 13 homepage demos and over 8 additional pre-made page layouts. It’s definitely an excellent contender on this list of the best Shopify templates.

Ciloe is a great Shopify template for drop shippers due to its integration with and support of Oberlo. Saying that, it will also work well for other types of eCommerce operations and stores as well. Ciloe’s layout design is wonderful and clean.

This Shopify template comes with an easy drag and drop page creator which makes it easy to use and customize. Additionally, Ciloe supports Ajax sidebar carts, infinite scrolling, sub-collections, and even a Facebook Messenger chat integration.

Moleez is optimized for the mobile shopping experience, which is a fantastic step towards growing your store. Moleez comes with a visual footer and header builder as well as a built-in mega menu. Its search feature is pretty creative and capable too.

All in all, it’s a highly versatile Shopify template that will make for a perfect online store.

Updated regularly since it launched in August 2019, this is a relative newcomer to the block but it can certainly compete with many of the older Shopify templates when it comes to style! It’s also been rated highly for customer support and feature availability, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

You can pick between light or dark theme options, as well as varying templates including fashion, retail, and electronics. It’s also been designed with fast loading times in mind—something that is especially important when you’re creating an eCommerce website. After all, you don’t want your potential customers to bounce due to slow loading speeds. Let’s face it, time is money!

Shella - Multipurpose Shopify theme fastest with the banner builder

When it comes to custom Shopify themes, Shella is another brilliant option with almost limitless flexibility. With more than 80 pre-designed pages, the developers have done the hard work for you—there are even 15 unique homepage styles to choose from.

It’s also regularly updated and comes with plenty of features to make the user experience as simple as possible, such as the Vertical MegaMenu which visitors can use to find relevant information quickly.


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