25+ Best Poster Mockups

Posters! Eye-catching. Informative. Designed to attract our attention, posters make us aware of special events, products, services, political points of view, public service announcements, and simply great art and design. If you’re looking for a high-quality poster mockup to display your own artwork, you’re in the right place.

Today we feature 25+ of the best poster mockups from Placeit and show you how to use the Placeit Poster Mockup Generator to upload your own designs.

Now that you know how to use the poster mockup generator, let’s look at the best poster mockups available at Placeit.

First up is this urban poster mockup. Shot against a graffitied wall, this poster is mockup is best used for showing your advertising poster work in an urban context.

When it comes to urban posters, this man holding a poster mockup is another you could opt for. Featuring a man standing under a bridge and holding a big poster up to the camera, this is a great way to show off your design or your message.

Looking for a great way to show off your art poster? Why not try this wooden wall poster mockup? It’s simple and direct and will keep all eyes on your fine artwork.

If keeping all eyes on your work is your prime purpose, you use a poster mockup with a solid background. With this particular mockup, you can change the background to any colour you need or use a transparent background that will allow you to place the poster in any context you desire.

Looking for a horizontal poster mockup? How about this one that shows a young woman placed dead centre in the image and holding a poster in front of her. This is a great option for political messages or for advertising a product or service.

If you need an exhibition poster mockup, try this one. It shows a professional artist easel against a solid background. Upload your artwork, and your mockup is ready to download.

If you’ve created a great movie poster and need a slightly unconventional way to show it off, this man holding a poster mockup could be a good choice. The mockup possesses just enough questions to make a viewer pause on the image and take time to really look at your poster.

Placeit has a number of awesome exhibition poster mockups, like this one which shows two huge posters clearly in a spacious area with the blurred images of people moving past the images. This is also a great movie poster mockup.

This horizontal poster mockup is a great contemporary way to show your work in an exhibition context. So just upload your gorgeous poster, and your exhibition poster mockup is ready to download and use.

Looking for an outdoor poster mockup? Placeit has several great wall poster mockups shot in various outdoor settings, like this one which shows a poster against a distressed brick wall.

This landscape mockup poster is another great way to advertise a product, announce an upcoming event, or show off a great design. One of the great things about this particular mockup is that the background can be changed to any colour you want, or it can be left transparent so that you can integrate it into your own background.

Want to show your poster displayed on a street? How about this street poster mockup? It’ll show a closeup of your poster with street life in the background. Why not upload your image and see if it works?

For those looking for urban poster mockup, this is a great alternative to the street poster mockup above. It shows your poster off clearly in the contest of an urban housing or business area. For those looking for wall poster mockup, this may also be a good option.

If your preference leans toward indoor wall poster mockups, then you may like this one that features a bedroom or hotel room with two horizontal posters on the wall over the bed. This would also be a great option for those looking for horizontal poster mockups.

Well now this is one mockup with tons of potential. First, if you’re interested in showing off a poster advertising an event or sale—or something else entirely with a clothing store as a backdrop—this is a great urban poster mockup to use. The added benefit is that you can use the very same mockup to show off another project by uploading it to the billboard.

For those who are looking for an exhibition poster mockup of a traditional gallery setting, this is a great option. The image, which features three poster mockups against a white gallery wall, is a great one for posters with more of a fine art bent.

A gorgeous urban poster mockup, this one features a poster pasted against a graffitied wall. A great background for all types of posters: art, political, advertising, etc.

Here’s another take on the exhibition poster mockup, but this time the poster is in the context of a living room. It’s a great option for those looking for horizontal poster mockups as well.

This is a realistic poster mockup complete with off-white masking tape added to the four corners of the poster. Not the most durable way to hang a poster outdoors, but an attractive mockup nonetheless.

This outdoor poster mockup is for those looking to show posters they’ve made for advertising, design, or art. Upload your image, and your mockup will be ready to download in a matter of seconds.

A different take on the outdoor poster mockup above, this one might also appeal to those looking for wall poster mockups or exhibition poster mockups. It features a young man walking into the frame with two posters behind glass hung on a graffitied wall.

This is a great movie poster mockup for those who want their poster to occupy centre stage. A great feature of this mockup is the ability to change the colour of the background or to leave it transparent so it can be easily blended into other backgrounds if you choose.

A street poster mockup for those who want their poster to reflect the wrinkles and creases normally found on posters that have been pasted around town on walls and other surfaces.

This man holding a poster mockup is a great way to show off a unique poster design, a piece of artwork, or a movie poster. Just upload your image using the poster mockup generator, and in no time your mockup will be ready to download and use as you choose to.

How about this exhibition poster mockup to show off your gorgeous art and design work? Your images will look oh so realistic in this setting, which includes a young man walking into the frame on the left and a large palm on the right.

A simple wall poster mockup that will keep all eyes on your poster. Use it to advertise a product, announce an upcoming event, or just to show off your latest designs or artwork.

This street poster mockup is a great way to show your poster in a real-life context, this time at a gas station in an urban setting. This wouldn’t work for more fine art designs but would be ideal for posters announcing upcoming events or advertising products and services.

Last but not least is this landscape mockup poster featuring a small poster fixed to a graffitied metal box. This is a great option for those looking for cool outdoor poster mockups as well.


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