40+ Best Postcard Templates 2020

40+ Best Postcard Templates 2020

Postcards are like business cards, but even better. That’s because they offer so much more space to be visually awesome and to brand and promote your business in ways that many other marketing materials cannot.

If you need postcard design ideas or want to publicise an upcoming event or create holiday postcards, then you need to keep reading because today we’ve got the ultimate list of 40+ best postcard templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Travel businesses will love this clean, modern postcard template for Photoshop users. The template offers a beautifully laid out front display as well as a branded postcard back template, with guidelines for the recipient’s address and a stamp area. The 4×6 postcard template is an excellent choice for other types of businesses like fashion, photography, and lifestyle.

Looking for save the date postcard templates? This is one you won’t be able to resist. This versatile 4×6 postcard template (portrait) is also offered in a 6×4 postcard template (landscape). The postcard template for Photoshop is well organised in layers so that customisation is quick and easy.  The pack also includes a postcard back template.

How clean and cool is this modern blank postcard template? The minimalist layouts are offered in two styles for the front and eight for the back of the template. Edit the standard postcard size using InDesign or Photoshop.

NGOs and charities, design your own postcard with this template, which was created with you in mind. Just open the postcard template in Photoshop, add your image and change the text overlay, and then go to the postcard address template to add your logo and contact information. In a matter of minutes, your postcard design template is ready to download.

This stunning postcard template for InDesign is an excellent choice for a wide variety of businesses but will appeal to visual businesses like fashion, design, art, photography, interiors, etc. Easy to customise, this 4×6 postcard template offers not just a wonderful front layout but also includes a branded postcard address template for the back of your card.

This modern postcard template for Photoshop was designed specifically with photography businesses in mind. Design your own postcard for personal branding, as a giant business card, or for marketing purposes. The 4×6 postcard template is well organised in layers to make editing super easy.

This postcard size template was designed specifically with restaurants in mind, but if you love the layout, why not use it for your particular business? All you really need is two eye-catching images to upload to your postcard template in Illustrator. Then just update the text, and you’ve got a professional, printable postcard template ready to download.

Design your own postcard with this postcard template for Illustrator. This layout is created for both interior design and real estate postcard templates, but it could be adapted for a range of other businesses. The postcard address template is particularly attractive as it offers other opportunities for adding your wonderful images.

The best postcards offer clean modern layouts, eye-catching images, and strong typography. That’s exactly what you can create with this postcard template for InDesign. The template is organised in layers and smart objects, making it easy for you to design your own postcard in a matter of minutes.

This postcard mailing template may have been designed with yoga in mind, but in truth this 5×7 postcard template for Photoshop can be used for a number of different personal and business uses. This printable postcard template is organised in layers, which makes it easy to change the image, text, and colours.

Looking for a flexible holiday postcard template that you can customise in different ways? Then this postcard template for InDesign is just what you need. The clean and modern layouts allow your images to shine while allowing you to add text when you need to. The set offers a standard postcard address template on the back side of the card, with an area to write a short message on the left side and an area for the address on the right side.

Need postcard design ideas? This terrific template offers you three alluring postcard templates for Illustrator that you won’t be able to resist. These clean and modern templates can be used for fashion, photography, lifestyle, travel—you name it.

Looking for a versatile postcard size template to design your own postcards? This standard postcard size for InDesign is the answer. The 4×6 postcard template offers a cool, modern layout that is suitable for personal, business, art, fashion, photography, and more.

Check out this modern and professional postcard template for InDesign. The versatile template can be used in a number of ways. Whether you’re after a postcard invitation template or a business postcard template, this is a layout that will not disappoint. What’s more, the files are well organised and easy to customise.

This 5×7 postcard template is made up of eight fully layered PSD files with different layouts. Use these blank postcard templates to design your own postcards in minutes. The template uses smart objects to make customisation quick and easy.

This blank postcard template is an excellent choice for those looking for a minimalist approach to postcard design. It’s also worth noting that the back side of the card offers a standard postcard address template with one area for a message and the other for an address, which also makes this card a great choice for those looking for a holiday postcard template.

This postcard template for InDesign and Photoshop contains three design layout options in both INDD and PSD files. The layouts, which are offered in both portrait and landscape formats, are designed with fashion retail in mind, but really they can be adapted for a wide array of businesses.

How about this beautiful watercolour postcard invitation template? Wouldn’t it look great for your wedding invites, for a garden party, or for a mid-summer’s bash? Open the postcard template in Photoshop to customise the front and back text.

Here’s another wonderful save-the-date postcard template. This versatile 4×6 postcard template has a bit of a vintage touch and can be used as a postcard invitation template if that’s what you need. There are three layouts included: two front designs and one postcard back template.

Use this A6 postcard template to create cards for any occasion. The template comes with four layouts that are contained in well-organised PSD layers. You can customise the backgrounds, text, colours, and effects as extensively as you need to create the right look for your needs.

No matter your industry, you can boost your company’s brand and sales with this attractive business postcard template. Designed with a marketing strategy in mind, the PSD files are grouped and layered to make editing easy.

This postcard size template has been designed specifically for the food industry. The layout has the distinct qualities of a menu and provides ample space for you to add your stunning food images as well as key text.

Get ready for Halloween when you download this holiday postcard template. There are three layouts provided in both portrait and landscape formats. The 5×7 postcard template contains three fully layered PSD files. Add your favourite photos and graphics to capture the Halloween spirit. You can also use this template as a Halloween postcard invitation template if you need one.

Need postcard design ideas for fashion, photography, or lifestyle cards? Check out this awesome 5×7 postcard template for Illustrator. Perfect for branding, product promotion, or general marketing, this postcard design template offers aesthetically pleasing layouts that are bound to catch and hold your target audience’s attention.

Here are four real estate postcard templates for InDesign that are perfect for showing off your properties to their best advantage, while giving prospective customers all the information they need to take action. These clean, modern layouts are organised in layers and smart objects so that you can easily customise the design and colour.

What would a postcard design list be without a Christmas postcard template? This lovely template uses the non-traditional square format, which has the advantage of calling attention to itself. You can easily replace the artwork in the PSD files using the smart object feature and then edit the text as needed.

For those looking for 5×7 postcard templates, check out this neat postcard design. There are five PSD files in this set, all organised in special layers, with smart object options that allow you to customise the design, shadows, effects, and background.

This art postcard design template is an excellent choice for artists, photographers, and other creatives who are looking for 4×6 postcard templates to create their own postcards. Simply open the files in Photoshop, add your image and text details to the postcard back template, and your work is done.

This professional business postcard template is designed for companies, agencies, marketing events, and more. Customise your postcard template in Photoshop, where the well-organised layers are easy to edit.

Call full attention to your food offerings with this printable postcard template for Photoshop. Use the smart object layer to add your photos and the text layer to add your text.

NGOs and charities will be happy with this template in the standard postcard size for InDesign and Photoshop. The template offers a generous area for photos, without compromising the areas needed for critical text. Alter the images, text, and colours via the well-organised layers.

This elegant real estate postcard template is exactly what you need to show off your high-end properties to their best advantage. Potential customers will be wowed by the clean, sophisticated layout combined with your own stunning property photos.

Take your business marketing to a whole new level when you harness the power of business postcards. You can design your own postcard with minimum fuss when you use this business postcard template, which offers six different layouts in well-organised, layered PSD files.

Here’s another terrific postcard size template for business that allows you to combine your best images with crisp, professional layouts. This very contemporary design is fully editable in Photoshop.

Real estate postcard templates are great tools for creating postcards to promote your real estate business. Your images are easy to add and replace using smart objects, and then all you need to do is edit the text and select your colour palette, and your new postcard is ready to download.

Use this Christmas postcard template to design your own postcards for Christmas. This is also a great choice if you need a Christmas postcard invitation template. The files are organised in layers and are fully editable in Photoshop.

Market your spa services with this beautifully designed postcard mailing template. The template offers two designs with two different colour variations and is editable using Photoshop.

This professional real estate postcard is suitable for all property-related businesses. This template download contains a 300 DPI, print-ready PSD file. All the main elements of the layout are editable and customisable. Simply upload your chosen images, edit the text, and your template is ready to send off to the printers.

This postcard mailing template is designed for sports-related themes, but it can be used for other purposes if the template’s layout appeals to you. There are two PSD files included in this template, which can be fully customised to suit your needs.

What better way to promote your brand and advertise your services than with a blank postcard template? To create your own postcard with this layout, simply open the template in Photoshop and add your images, text, and colour scheme.

Restaurants will love this postcard mailing template, which they can use to raise brand awareness, offer discounts, and promote the very things that make them special. The template is delivered in fully layered PSD files that are well organised to make editing easy.

Whether you’re a private swimming coach or manage a swimming club, you can design your own postcards to promote your services. This postcard template for Illustrator is an excellent choice for your business. With your photos and its clean, professional layout, your creation will surely entice your target audience to take the plunge.


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