30+ Best Polo Shirt Mockups

There are many ways to create a polo shirt mockup to showcase your artwork or logos without investing in costly photoshoots. But the easiest and most cost-effective way is to use a mockup generator like the polo shirt mockup generator at Placeit.

This polo shirt mockup generator provides you with a number of awesome templates that you can customise to suit your needs. Let me show you how.

When you find a polo shirt mockup you like, click on it and the polo shirt mockup generator will open up.

  • Starting on the right of the polo shirt mockup generator, upload your image.
  • Some mockups allow you to add text to your mockup. When this is possible, you will find an Add Text button above the Upload Image button.

Polo Shirt Mockup

Using the controls to the left, change the background colour of your polo shirt if needed. In this example, I needed a grey polo shirt mockup to match the logo I was using, so I changed the colour of the polo shirt to grey.

Polo Shirt Mockup

Now you can download your polo shirt mockup and use it as you like.

Polo Shirt Mockup

Now you know how to use polo shirt mockup templates in five easy steps.

Now that you know how to create polo shirt mockups, let’s look at 30+ of the best polo mockup shirt designs you can find at Placeit.

Here’s a terrific mockup shirt in polo style that you can use for showing off logos for schools or clubs. It features a young woman in a classroom looking through a window. This particular polo mockup shirt design allows you to add two levels of additional text and comes with the perfect dimensions for Facebook Ads.

For those times when you’re looking for a polo mockup shirt design featuring a polo against a solid background, there is this flat-lay mockup. Use the colour picker to choose the specific background colour you need, or go for a transparent background if you need to blend your mockup into another scene.

This is a great casual shot that would work well for a variety of needs. Use the generator to upload your logo or design and add additional text if needed.

This is a terrific polo mockup shirt design for upscale sports or leisure brands. It features a stylish young man sitting on a patio and looking broodingly off in the distance. Upload your image using the generator and your mockup can be ready to use in a matter of seconds.

A great image for designs and logos targeting a teen or young demographic, this polo shirt mockup uses dimensions that are ideal for Facebook Ads, but it can also be used in brochures, websites, and other promotional literature.

Looking to show off your designs or logos on a young man in an urban setting? Then this is the right polo shirt mockup for you. It allows you to add as much text as you need to create your own badges to draw attention to your text. A versatile and fun template.

Another polo mockup shirt design that you can use in your Facebook ads, this one features a young woman sitting indoor with soft sunlight streaming through the window in front of her. Upload your design or logo and then add any text that you need to complete your mockup.

Need a mockup with a bit of flair? Then this may be the perfect choice for you. It features a young man in a grey blazer striking a dancer’s pose. The jacket opens with his movements and reveals a polo shirt underneath, with the area for your logo clearly visible.

If you love the model above but are looking for a mockup which is less dynamic and allows viewers a clearer view of your logo/design, then check out this option. In it, the model from the previous image faces the camera squarely with his jacket slung over his shoulder, allowing the viewer’s eye to naturally find the area where your logo/design will go.

Those working in the creative or cultural arenas will love this fabulous grey polo shirt mockup with a young woman standing in front of a large painting. If you love the mockup but weren’t looking for a grey polo shirt mockup, simply change the colour of the shirt after you upload your design using the colour picker in the mockup generator. It’s as easy as that.

Looking for a stylish polo shirt mockup to show off your sports or team logo? This could be just the thing you need. Customisation is simple with the polo shirt mockup generator. Just upload your design and add text to the mockup if needed, and your job is done.

This fabulous polo shirt mockup of a young woman enjoying the afternoon sunshine while sitting alone in a stadium is a great way to show off your designs or logo. Would be great for sports-related businesses, but might also be a great way to show off other business logos in a surprising way.

Another sporty mockup shirt polo style, but this time dedicated to the sport of tennis. It features a young woman sitting crosslegged in the foreground of the template with the area for your design/logo kept front and centre of the screen.

Here is another terrific polo shirt mockup for tennis-related businesses looking for another option to the selection above.

This lovely polo mockup shirt design is quite versatile and can be used by a variety of businesses for a variety of reasons. Add your design/logo and then add text to the mockup as needed.

If your target audience is middle-aged or elderly, Placeit has a number of templates that feature both middle-aged and older models. Some, like this one, not only allow you to change the colour of the polo but also let you change the colour of the background or create a transparent background, which is great if you want to blend your mockup into different backgrounds.

Most of the styles featured here allow you to add your designs to the left side of the polos. This mockup is for those who are looking for a design that allows you to add your design to the right side of the polo.

Sometimes you just need to show a close-up of your design. This mockup is for those times. You can make the background any colour you want or keep it transparent so it’s easier to integrate into various scenes.

Here’s another variation on the close-up polo shirt mockup. This time, a model is wearing the polo with the area for your design/logo very clearly shown slightly off centre of the image frame.

If you like the style of the polo shirt mockup above but are looking for a male model instead, here’s a great alternative. Though it’s in landscape orientation, if you prefer a portrait orientation you can always crop the image.

Yet another take on the idea of keeping the logo/design highly visible, this polo shirt mockup may not be a close-up but displays your design clearly and prominently.

You may have noticed that there are plenty of polo shirt mockups showing the front but not the back of the polo. Well, don’t fear if you are looking for a back view—here’s one just for you. The area for the logo is centred between the shoulders for maximum attention and impact.

And if you really need a polo shirt mockup with front and back views to display your designs, then here is the same model from the mockup back view above, showing the front view of the polo mockup. Use the two images side by side for a polo shirt mockup with front and back views.

Use this polo shirt mockup when you want to add a bit of allure. Shot from below for a bit of visual interest, this mockup is versatile enough to be used by a wide range of businesses.

Shot in a classroom setting, this option is great for school logos and school club or sports teams logos. Add your logo, select the shirt colour you need, and then change the text or remove the text completely if you prefer.

This polo shirt mockup is a simple way to display your polo design or logo. You can change the background to any colour you prefer or make it transparent so you can blend it into the background of your choice.

Outdoor businesses and sporting goods businesses will love this mockup, which features a young woman basking in the sun with her arms over her head. The area for your logo is quite legible, and you can add additional text to your mockup as needed.

Need a mockup with an urban feel? This one may do the trick. It features a young man standing in a street and looking directly at the camera. Apart from adding your logo/design easily and quickly using the mockup generator, you can also add a cool badge to the frame and highlight your text, as shown in this example image.

If you like the idea of having a badge to frame the text but want a cleaner style than the one offered in the previous mockup, check out this option, which features a range of stylish circular badges.

Speaking of stylish, this polo shirt mockup is a great template for upmarket designs and brands. It can be used for a variety of businesses, from travel to fashion to sports.

An excellent option for schools, bookstores, or coffee shops, this one shows a young woman enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a book.

A sweet mockup that is great for cafes, ice-cream shops, and other businesses. It shows a young woman enjoying a giant milkshake while glancing cheekily at the camera. The area where your logo or design will appear is shown clearly so that viewers can’t miss it.

Show your logo or design to full advantage with this casual polo shirt mockup featuring a young woman standing in the middle of a road. Upload your image using the mockup generator, and your mockup can be ready to download in seconds.

We end with an image that will appeal to a number of different businesses. This stylish shot can be used for lifestyle, fashion, travel, sports, or any other type of business you can imagine. Just upload your logo/design, adjust the colour of your polo, add text if needed, and your job is done.


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