20+ Best Podcast Cover Art Designs

Passionate about a specific topic, have heaps of knowledge about a niche area? Podcasts are a great way to share your passion and knowledge and get others motivated as well. Of course, if you decide to start your podcast, apart from killer content, you’re going to need some eye-catching podcast cover art.

The best podcast covers are an enticing visual representation of your content and help you stand apart from the crowd when potential listeners scroll through podcasts looking for something new and fresh to listen to.

Happily, you don’t have to spend loads of your precious time trying to figure out how to create podcast covers. This podcast cover art maker from Placeit has you covered.

It offers a wide selection of best podcast covers, all of which you can customise in a matter of minutes to create amazing podcast cover art. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Navigate to Placeit’s Podcast Cover Art Maker and select a podcast cover design you like.

How to Make Podcast Covers Using the Podcast Cover Art Maker

Starting on the left side of the podcast cover art maker, you can add the title of your podcast, your name, and any additional text you care to. Here you can also change the font style and colour.

How to Make Podcast Covers Using the Podcast Cover Art Maker

When you’re done, move to the right side of the podcast cover art maker. Here you can change the colour of the background, choose a graphic for your podcast, change the colour of that graphic, and add a logo. You can also upload your own graphic or photo and logo.

How to Make Podcast Covers Using the Podcast Cover Art Maker

When you’re happy with your mockup, you can download it for a small fee. And just like that, you’ve got a terrific piece of podcast cover art ready to use.

How to Make Podcast Covers Using the Podcast Cover Art Maker

Is your podcast all about supporting women in living their best lives? Then this is the perfect podcast cover art for you. The template features tons of female empowerment images, and you can customise it to reflect the exact tone you want to convey.

One of the great things about using a podcast cover art maker is that you don’t have to worry about figuring out your podcast cover art size or resolution. That’s because the cover maker does all the work for you, as you can see with all the covers here.

If your podcast is all about finance, this is a good podcast cover art design for you. Just add your title and subtitle and any other text you need, select your preferred colour scheme, and your design is done.

Stimulate those creative juices even before your listeners tune in to your podcast with this wonderful podcast cover art dedicated to podcasts dealing with creativity. The template has loads of gorgeous backgrounds to choose from, but you can always upload your own if you prefer.

Podcasters specialising in different aspects of the movie industry will love this podcast cover option. It offers loads of images, graphics, and icons that refer to the movie industry, so you can customise it to your heart’s content.

This podcast cover art is for music aficionados. Though this template specifically targets jazz specialists, it can actually be customised to be used in other music genres as well.

One of the things that’s great about this particular podcast cover is that it can be customised to work for any number of subjects. Use this fabulous image or take a look through the many different background images to find one that works for you, and then customise it as needed.

If you create a podcast that’s all about architecture, this is a good podcast cover art design for you. Just add your title text, author name, and select your colour scheme, and your template is ready to download.

How’s this for a cool podcast cover? It’s an excellent choice for podcasts dealing with maths, science, and technology. Add your colour scheme, select your fonts, add your text, and you’re done.

The best podcast covers reflect the subject of the podcast, so if you’re creating a podcast dedicated to music, this is a great template for you. There are loads of great images reflecting different music genres, as well as a whole array of cool music-related icons to choose from.

Whether your niche is everything to do with UFOs or the nocturnal habits of glow worms, this podcast cover is one you should consider. That’s because the minimalist cover design uses bold colours and text rather than graphics and images to grab attention. Take it for a spin and see what you think.

If travel is your thing, then you need a podcast cover that makes would-be travellers super excited to join you on your adventures—via your podcast, that is. This template uses gorgeous travel images as a backdrop and semi-transparent overlays which call potential listeners to your text without completely obscuring the images in the background.

This clean and simple podcast cover art is another great one for a wider range of topics. Use bold text to highlight your podcast title, add a subtitle and/or your name, and then select one of the many gorgeous rectangular graphics which will sit next to your text. All you have left is to decide on your colour scheme, and you’ve got a great podcast cover ready to go.

Is your podcast all about self-improvement? Then check out this podcast cover template specially designed for those in the self-help industry. Choose a background image that works for your specific style and taste, and then customise your cover using the podcast cover art maker.

Another terrific podcast cover for movie buffs. The template features loads of awesome graphics and illustrations associated with the movie industry. Find the one you like the most and create your own unique podcast cover in a manner of minutes.

Keeping with the movie theme, let’s take a look at another cinema-related template that uses a different style. This theme, which is billed as being designed for movie-related podcasts, can actually be used for any type of podcast. That’s because the graphics used are all audio related rather than movie related. So if your podcast is more of a magazine style, meaning that you deal with loads of different subjects, then this is a great theme for you.

Bring a touch of lightheartedness to your podcasts with this template, which features tons of great doodles. You will grab your audience’s attention and bring a smile to their faces. That’s a very good first step in building your audience.

For those podcasters dealing with issues of gender, this template is ideal. Take a look at the terrific background images and choose one that appeals, or simply upload your own image. All there is left to do then is enter your text, choose your font style and colour scheme, and your podcast cover is ready for use.

Here’s another template that can be used to create any type of podcast but is most suited for those podcasters dealing with feminist issues, as it offers loads of female-related icons. Of course, if you like the style of the template but your podcast covers another area, you can use the podcast cover art maker to create a podcast cover that reflects your area of expertise.

Calling all business podcasters. Here’s a podcast cover template designed to attract the eye of potential listeners. Use this photo or choose a business-themed photo you most relate to. After that, all you need to do is select your colour scheme, customise your text, and you’re done.

If your podcast is all about art, then you need an eye-catching podcast cover art design to reflect that. That’s where this gorgeous template comes in. It offers tons of really special backgrounds that will keep all eyes scrolling through reams of podcasts where you need them. On your podcast.

Why not go for a light-hearted theme for your podcast cover art? This template offers fun doodles and a playful font that could be adapted to a range of different topics. And the plain background gives your text a chance to stand out from the podcast crowd.

More and more people are turning to meditation to alleviate the effects of stress on the human psyche. If your podcast is all about meditation and other mindfulness practices, you need podcast cover art that reflects a sense of tranquility. And here it is. Follow the steps in our ‘How to Make Podcast Covers Using the Podcast Cover Art Maker’ section, and your template will be ready in no time.

Use this podcast cover for a host of subject matter related to music. If you specialise in another subject but love the design, upload an image of your choice and use the podcast cover art maker to customise the template to suit your needs.

Another great template for the self-improvement market. This template gives a ‘we’re all in it together’ vibe, but it can be modified to produce a totally different feel just by changing the background image, font, and colour palette. Go for it!

This podcast cover art is all about making a big splash with a strong image, bold colours and text, and eye-catching graphics. Upload your own photo, add your text, change your font style and colour scheme, and you’ve got one stunning podcast cover ready to go.


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