30+ Best Pillow Mockups 2020

Pillows, glorious pillows. What would we do without pillows to support our heads and necks and backs, or just to hug when we need comfort? And what a terrific canvas for designers and businesses to display their artwork and logos on.

If you’re looking for a high-quality pillow mockup to display your own artwork, you’re in luck. Today we feature 34 of the coolest pillow mockups from Placeit and show you how to use the Placeit Pillow Mockup Generator to upload your own fabulous designs.

Before we share our favourite pillow mockups from Placeit, let me show you how the pillow mockup generator works.

Use this box at the top of the page to upload your design on one side and choose the colour of your pillow mockup on the other.

Navigate to Placeits Pillow Mockup page

Uploading your selected image will add it to the pillow mockup templates available at Placeit. Browse the templates and click on the one you like most. This will open the image in the pillow mockup generator.

Select a Pillow Mockup You Like

Starting with the controls on the left of the pillow mockup generator, you can add text to your template if you like by using the Add Text button. Here, you can also change the font and the colour of the text to match your brand.

Customise Your Pillow Mockup

Under the Add Text button, you will the Upload Image button. Use this to change your design, make it bigger or smaller, or adjust it up or down as needed. In this example I added “40% off”.

Using the controls on the right, you can change the background of your image or even add a graphic or logo.

Above the background colour selector, you will see the pillow colour control. Here you can change the background colour of your pillow if you so desire.

Move to the Controls on the Right

When you’re happy with your pillow mockup, you can download it for a small fee.

Download Your Pillow Mockup

All eyes will be on your design with this amazing throw pillow mockup. The design features the hands of a young woman holding a pillow up high. Add your image, choose the background colour for your pillow, and just like that, your mockup is ready for use.

Another awesome square pillow mockup. Shot through a window so that there’s a lovely reflective effect in the photo, this mockup shows a young woman sitting in a beautiful living room leaning lightly on a pillow. A great mockup for patterned pillow designs.

Who could resist this lumbar pillow mockup with the terrific eye-catching colours in the photo’s background? Add your design to this simple, tasteful mockup and share it with your world.

This lumbar pillow mockup is just as engaging as the one before, but for different reasons. This one features a young woman leaning lightly on the pillow which faces the viewer directly so that your pillow design holds centre stage.

The beauty of PNGs with their transparent backgrounds is that you can integrate them into any scene of your choosing. For those times when that’s exactly what you need, there is this mockup. An addition benefit of this throw pillow mockup is that you can use the controls to add a background of any colour you desire.

What better way to show off your lumbar pillow mockup than with this image, which shows a woman relaxing on a sofa, engrossed in a book that hides her face. The pillow mockup occupies centre stage in the image, so it’s guaranteed to keep your viewers’ eyes on your design.

If you’re looking for a simple throw pillow mockup, this is it. It offers viewers a clear view of your design against a beautiful, natural wood grain, with no other competing elements in the photo to tease their eyes away from the main attraction.

This lumbar pillow mockup uses a different approach. It goes for a warm domestic scene with a young woman relaxing in a tub chair holding the pillow so that the design or logo is clearly visible.

Pillows and throws complement each other in any domestic scene, so it makes sense that this throw pillow mockup features a beautiful throw in the background, which will act as a great textural complement to your design.

This square pillow mockup is neutral enough to pair with any patterned design. Just add your design and select the background colour for the pillow if needed, and you’re done. Of course, you can always take things a step further by adding a graphic and additional text to the mockup.

This pillow on couch mockup offers the perfect modern domestic scene for your designs. What’s really cool about this particular template is that you can add a different design to each pillow if you care to, or you can use the same design but select a different colour background for each pillow, or you can… I think you get the picture.

A throw pillow mockup with man and his best friend, this charming mockup is bound to attract a lot of eyes. Not just because of the super cute dog, but also because it does such a good job of creating a space for your design to shine.

Now you can show off four different designs or four different versions of the same design with this pillow on couch mockup. The mockup features two lumbar pillow mockups and two square pillow mockups. They are carefully numbered so that you can control which design goes on which pillow.

This lovely lumbar pillow mockup shows a woman sitting next to a sofa, enjoying a warm drink with a pillow sitting on her thigh in such a way that your design will be shown clearly. This is a lovely domestic backdrop for your pillow designs.

Show off your designs with this throw pillow mockup which shows a square pillow filling the frame and lying on a three-colour background of pastel pink, green, and yellow. A simple and eye-catching way to display your pillow designs.

Looking for a pillow-case mockup? This fun template in neutral colours could be just what you need. It shows a young woman lying among throw pillows in bed holding up a large pillow so that it covers her face and the top half of her body. A lovely pillow-case mockup for displaying a wide range of designs.

A pillow on couch mockup to fall in love with! The lovely dog in this photo leads the eye into the image, and the pillow behind her then draws the eye to your design. The orange colour of the sofa warms up the image nicely so that the overall feeling of the mockup is homey.

A throw pillow mockup with a duo-coloured background, this is another simple mockup that will complement designs with lots of texture and colours. One thing to bear in mind is that the background colours can not be changed, so choose this one only if they will complement your design colours.

Happiness is infectious and attractive, and that’s a great reason to choose this pillow on couch mockup that features a smiling woman holding a pillow lightly on her lap. The angle of the pillow creates a nice dynamism in the image without compromising legibility (in the event that your design uses text).

We’ve featured a good set of simple square pillow mockups, so here’s a straightforward lumbar pillow mockup to balance things out. The example here shows a beautiful blue background, but you can change the background to any colour you so desire, or even make it transparent if you need that.

Couple goals? Maybe! What’s for certain, though, is that this throw pillow mockup has a lot of warm-hearted appeal. Wonder what kind of pie that is? Happy pie, maybe.

Two is better than one, or at least in the case of throw pillow mockups. Use this template to upload different versions of one design—or different designs altogether.

This lumbar pillow mockup features an overhead shot of a young woman lying in bed holding a pillow. Probably a good mockup choice for funny or romantic designs or even company logos.

There’s a certain elegance to this throw pillow mockup, which features a beautiful armchair next to a round table with a square pillow placed carefully so it faces the camera and thus the viewer. The soft light coming through the white curtains behind the scene adds a nice soft touch to the scene.

This is a variation of the image above that changes the energy of the scene. The curtains are opened to reveal a bright, sunny day, and the young woman sits facing the camera but with a large square pillow obscuring half of her face and her torso. Her body language creates a bit of a sense of mystery and cheekiness while keeping the design front and centre in the image.

Show off your design with this square pillow mockup, which simply shows a large square pillow sitting on a metal chair. Upload your image, change the colour of your pillow, add text or not, and just like that you have a super simple mockup ready to download.

Are you creating designs with a young demographic in mind? If so, this square pillow mockup is a great choice for you. It shows a young woman relaxing in an armchair while maybe listening to music. She is holding a square pillow in such a way that it faces the camera at an angle. This means that your design is not only visible but holds centre stage.

A terrific pillow on couch mockup with two pillows on a neutral coloured couch. This is quite an asset for designers because it means that the mockup can be used with designs in a wide variety of colours.

If you’re after a pillow on couch mockup that includes a human presence, this might work for you. The smiling young man working on his laptop is a great backdrop for the plump square pillow in the foreground that is just waiting for your image.

Looking for a pillow-case mockup? Then check out this mockup featuring a young woman stretching and rubbing her eyes as if she has just gotten out of bed. What’s great about this design is that with the pillow placed squarely on her lap in the centre of the image, all eyes will be focused on your design.

Keep your friends close and your pillow-case mockup closer. This minimal mockup is all about your design. Probably not a good choice if your design features a lot of text, but a great option if it’s all about texture and colour.

This overhead shot is a great choice for a pillow-case mockup. It shows a woman lying on a pillow but positions her carefully on the very corner of the pillow so that she does not obscure the design but rather allows viewers to see the design clearly.

A pillow on couch mockup with a view. What could be better for creating content and atmosphere? A great mockup for contemporary designs.

If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed throw pillow mockup, this is a great choice. Just upload your design, change the colour of the pillow if needed, add text if you choose, and in a matter of seconds you have a terrific mockup ready to download.

Why not select your favourite mockup, upload one of your designs, and share it with us in the comments below? We’d love to see what you come up with.

And remember, these 34 high-quality pillow mockups are only a fraction of the fabulous selections available at Placeit, so if you haven’t found exactly what you need here, head on over to the site and browse the large collections to be found there.


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