40+ Best Photobook Template Designs

40+ Best Photobook Template Designs

Ever considered showing off your favorite photos in a beautifully designed photobook template? Whether you’re capturing memories from a wedding or building a photography portfolio, a photobook template design can help make a memorable, professional presentation a snap.

Presentation can really make or break a project, and working with photography is no exception. That’s why the perfect presentation is so important. Your photos deserve the gold star treatment—but this is often much easier said than done.

This is why working with a photobook template can be such a great choice. Whether you’re looking for a foundation to edit and build upon, or you’re looking for a completed design, ready to showcase your photos, a template can save you both time and money.

This stylish photobook template comes in two sizes for your convenience—both A4 and US letter. It’s print-ready, with automatic page numbers already in place, and would be the perfect photobook template for photographers. Just download it and start adding your content.

Looking for something that’s both beautifully minimal and works in some abstraction too? The 28 included pages in this photobook template include a bit of both—both traditional and unexpected layouts. Give it a look!

Working on a wedding photo album? Check out this template. It’s got 22 pages to choose from that you can mix, match, and remix to create the perfect wedding photo book for you or your clients.

This versatile template is perfect for a whole host of different projects. Use it for your photography portfolio, a focused photo collection, and so much more.

How about working with a square layout for your next photobook project? There are 22 pages included, and they’re all fully editable. Jump right in and start making customizations today.

Or maybe you’re working on a photobook to showcase your travels or family vacation. Check out the collection of InDesign photobook layout templates included in this design. These 16 landscape pages could be used in so many ways.

Here’s another adaptable layout, designed with weddings in mind. But whether you’re looking for the perfect template for a specific event, like Indian wedding photo book templates, or something with the versatility to be used for multiple projects, this one is an awesome choice.

Stylish and modern, this photobook template for photographers is a classy fit for any project. Add your photos and content to quickly and efficiently create and finalize a professional design in a flash.

Here’s another landscape design, this time with a different take on a grid-based, rectangular layout. This one has the added benefit of also being available for use in Adobe Photoshop.

If you’re looking for a fun, fresh layout design, check this photobook template design out. Use it to showcase happy memories and stories, or repurpose it to showcase portfolio pieces or your client’s latest photoshoot.

This design clearly takes some magazine inspiration, and it’s a really stylish look. Show off your personal or professional branding while also showcasing your photos in this classy template.

This wedding photobook template takes a different approach—the dark theme makes for such a classy, elegant aesthetic, doesn’t it? Prefer different colors? It’s easy to jump into Adobe InDesign and make your customizations.

Clean, elegant, and beautifully designed—that’s this design in a nutshell! Choose from two different sizes and 24 different pages. This InDesign photobook template for photographers has so much to offer.

This baby photobook template is perfect for sharing precious memories, whether you’re looking to design a baby book of your own or you’re preparing beautiful baby photos for your client. Take a look!

This InDesign photobook template was designed with portfolios in mind—and it includes an amazing 42 pages, too! However, this one could work so well for a whole host of photo collections.

This landscape layout design is perfect for showcasing single, full-page photos or several photos together in a grid-based layout. Choose from two different included sizes. What size would work best for your project?

If you’re looking for a photobook template that also has some included layouts to accommodate text and other content, check this template out. There’s some lovely variation in the pages provided.

A square layout can be the perfect, classy fit for your wedding photobook design. Check out these sample layouts—aren’t they a lot of fun? This one could also be a great fit for graduation photos, birthdays, and so much more.

Have you considered how you might use color in your photobook design? Check out the use of a key color in this stylish design. If you’re not feeling the yellow, it’s easy to jump right into Adobe InDesign and customize this to your liking.

These fun layouts have so much potential! Experiment with color—maybe you want your photobook to have a lot of variety to match your style! This one has so much potential and could be a great addition to any collection.

Love the clean look of a heavily grid-inspired layout? This design might be right up your alley. Check out how beautifully it showcases these landscape photos. It’s easy to jump in and add your photos to this design, too.

This design takes a different approach—there’s some magazine inspiration, and plenty of design space for your narrative, commentary, or other content to supplement your photographs.

Check out these layouts—there’s so much to choose from in this photobook template download. You could mix and match these into so many different page combinations, or even into completely different photobooks—all from one template.

A full-bleed photograph can make such a great impression—showcase your work, your artist’s statement, narrative, and other content in this stylish, sophisticated photobook design template.

Prefer a photobook with portrait orientation? This template takes some magazine inspiration, but does it in a way that absolutely showcases photos in a stylish and eye-catching way.

How about a playful pop of color? This design is trendy, fun, and has so many different layout options for showcasing your photographs. You can also use templates like this one to showcase artwork, scans, and other visual memories too!

Check out this fun design. It takes a lot of inspiration from a classic photobook or even a digital scrapbooking page. It’s easy to jump right in and add your photos, as well as other notes you’d like to share.

Showcase your photos in these beautiful photobook layout designs. How you display your photos can really make a difference—presentation means a lot! How will you best share your work with your audience?

When it comes to photobook layout design, there are so many potential options—and if you’re looking for a lot to choose from, check out the 30 included pages in this photobook template design. There’s a lot of great content to see.

Isn’t this a cute template? Adapt it for sharing outdoor or floral photographs, or maybe use it as a pregnancy photo book template! This template is so versatile—and remember, you can fully customize the included layouts.

The 24 included pages in this photobook template design offer so many options—and imagine how many more options you could have with your own edits! This one is definitely worth a look.

This template is so versatile, you can edit it in not only Adobe InDesign, but also Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word! Take your pick—all of these options are included in one convenient download.

This sweet family photo album is a perfect fit for those looking for a pregnancy photobook template, a template for weddings, family vacations, and so much more! Design, share, and print your memories—this Adobe InDesign photobook template would make a great custom gift too!

Aren’t these sample layouts beautiful? There’s even more to see in this photobook template, too. Easily edit and customize these plages in either Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word.

What a wonderful wedding photobook template! There are 40 pages, and remember, you can mix, remix, and reuse these pages as many times as you like—whether it’s in the same book or another photobook you’re working on.

Will your photobook design have a narrative? What visual story do you hope to tell your audience? Whether you’re trying to promote your personal or professional brand or share the joy of a special event, a versatile template like this one can help make your project a success. It would also be a great photobook template for photographers looking for creative ways to showcase their work.

If you’re looking for a bundle of options, this photobook template can’t be beat! Not only do you get three different albums, but you also get them for both Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. Convenient, right?

Colorful and stylish, with fun horizontal elements, this photobook template design is great for fashion, portfolios, and so much more. Download it now, jump right in, and make your edits today.

The perfect wedding photo template can be hard to find—this has a feel that you might expect from vintage photobook templates and similarly inspired aesthetics. Will you go hardcover or softcover for your next photobook project?

Visually interesting use of line breaks up the layouts here in this Adobe InDesign photobook template. There are 14 pages to work with, and it also includes two photobook cover templates.

The romantic vibe in this photobook template is super fun and memorable! Whether you’re designing for a wedding, a vacation, or putting together a book of memories for a client, this one is sure to be a hit.


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