29 Best Phone Case Mockups

Are you trying to figure out how to create phone case mockups in Photoshop? Well, forget about Photoshop—we’ll show you how to create cool mockups in no time at all using a mobile case mockup generator. We’ll also show you 29 awesome cell phone case mockups you can customise with it.

Now that you know how to use the mobile case mockup generator to create awesome phone case mockups, it’s time to take a look at the 29 best phone case mockup templates available at Placeit.

If you’ve ever seen a phone with a shattered screen, you know why this style of phone case is so popular, making this mockup phone case a great way to display your latest design.

A completely different style of case than the one above (and probably the most popular of all case styles), this mockup features an iPhone 6 against a transparent background, which allows you to place your mockup into any background easily.

If you want the transparent background but want a more dynamic image of a phone in its case, try this template, which features an angled view of a mobile phone complete with a shadow for added realism.

A great mockup phone case of an everyday action, this template features a man putting his wallet phone case in the pocket of his jeans. To add your design to this mockup, just use the mobile case mockup generator to upload your image.

The thing that makes mobile phones so indispensable is their portability, and as big as the iPhone 7 Plus is, it’s still super portable. That’s why this mockup phone case of a woman putting her iPhone 7 Plus into her handbag is a great one for designers looking to show off their creations.

This mockup phone case is just super, with its groovy and colourful background and image of a woman holding her iPhone up to the viewer. It’s as if she’s giving your awesome design a rousing endorsement.

Keep your design front and centre with this cell phone case mockup featuring a young woman with a mobile phone held in front of her to cover the lower half of her face.

Here is a variation on the mockup above, featuring the same model. In this phone case mockup, the phone is only obscuring a small part of the model’s face, making the mockup less mysterious than the example above this one.

One of the things that’s really cool about this mockup phone case is that it not only gives your viewer a clear image of your design, but you can also change the background to any colour you like. You can even make it transparent for those times when you need to blend the mockup into another background.

This mockup delivers a scene that is familiar to people all around the world—someone taking a photo with their mobile phone. Aside from this being a wonderful upbeat image, it’s also a great way to advertise your designs.

For those times when you need a cell phone case mockup you can integrate into any scene of your choosing, there is this template with its transparent background, And if you like the mockup but would prefer a solid background, no problem. You can add a background of any colour to this image with just one click.

This is a beautiful phone case mockup of a very cheerful young woman holding her phone up to her ear as if listening to someone on the other end of the line. Though her hand obscures the lower part of the phone, the most important area where you design would be placed is unobstructed so viewers can see it clearly.

Here’s the male model version of the mockup phone case template above. Upload your image and download your mockup in seconds.

We’ve featured a good selection of cell phone case mockups with solid colour backgrounds, but here’s one that allows you to add three different colours to the background. How cool is that? Why not have some fun and jazz up your mobile phone case mockup with your favourite colours?

This great image of a young woman surrounded by flowers, holding up her phone so your design would be clearly visible on the case, is a great choice of cell phone case mockup. Just upload your gorgeous image, and just like that you’ve got a terrific mockup ready for use.

A simple and no-frills way to display your designs is with this mobile phone case mockup, which features a simple display of two mobile phone cases lying on a wooden table. Upload your design using a mobile case mockup generator, and just like that you’ve got a great mockup ready for download.

All eyes will be on your design with this mockup for an iPhone 11 case. The mockup features the iPhone in its case sitting on a table in the foreground with the case open and facing the viewer.

Maybe she’s taking a photo of her friend, maybe she’s taking a selfie, maybe she’s reading a text. Either way, this is a great mockup because it creates a photorealistic scene with a very clear view of the area of the phone where your designs will go.

Sometimes two is better than one. Upload your design to one mockup phone case, choose the colour of the other, and then choose the colour for your background—or go with transparent if you want to blend the mockup into another scene.

Why not use a split-tone background for your mobile phone case mockup? It’ll add some pizazz while keeping your design central to viewers. Go for it!

Why settle for showing off one design when you can show off three designs? What’s also cool is that you can add whatever colour you want to the background of the image.

Another ubiquitous modern phenomenon—the perpetual photographing of food, and a great cell phone case mockup which will keep your designs clearly in view.

Maybe you like the image above but want a wallet case instead. Obviously, this isn’t the same image, but it does offer a very clear view of your design on a wallet case being used by someone deeply engrossed in their phone. Upload your design and see if this template works for you—or try the wallet phone case mockup below.

We featured a couple of phone case mockups with transparent backgrounds, but for those looking for that style with a wallet case, here it is. This is a great template for focusing all the attention on your designs, and remember that if you decide that you prefer a solid colour background, you can select whatever colour you want in the colour picker section.

Looking for a cool and trendy lifestyle phone case mockup for your designs? Well, this is the template for you. It features a stylish young woman checking her phone against a city background, with her mobile held up so the area where your design goes is clearly shown. What more could you ask for?

This is a scenario that is familiar to most mobile phone users and therefore great as a cell phone case mockup. Use the mobile case mockup generator to upload your image, and your mockup is ready for use.

Lemme take a selfie! Or maybe he’s video chatting for the whole world to hear. What’s important is that this phone case mockup gives your design its proper place by keeping it front and centre of the image.

Lovely purple and pink. Create your own analogous or complementary colour pairing with this duotone template. Then upload your designs to complete your own fabulous mobile phone case mockup.

Finally, check out this solid background phone case mockup with a twist. After you upload your design, you can have a play with the background to see what two-colour combination you want to use to create a delightful gradient background that complements your design.


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