25+ Best Laptop Mockups

A great laptop mockup is indispensable if you want to show off a web app or website. If you are in the market for just the right mockup, you’re in the right place.

Today, we show you the three best places to find top-quality computer screen mockups around the internet: PlaceitEnvato Elements, and GraphicRiver. These sites offer something for every budget and skill level, so read on to see which works best for you.

Photoshop is one of the most versatile design tools around, and a little later on we will show you the best computer screen mockups for those with some knowledge of Photoshop. But for now, if you need a quality computer screen mockup that doesn’t require Photoshop skills, then you’ve got to check out the laptop mockup generator at Placeit.

Placeit is a one-stop shop for the best and easiest-to-use mockups around. It not only offers you hundreds of gorgeous premium computer screen mockups, but also provides you with a handy tool—a laptop mockup generator—for embedding your website URL or images into your mockup quickly and easily.

What’s more, you can buy just one mockup at a time for a small fee or sign up for a monthly plan that allows you to create and download as many resources as you like for one low monthly fee. 

Looking for a template for a MacBook website mockup? This could be just the mockup you need. Featuring a young woman checking her computer while standing in a space that could be a coffee shop or a flex-office space, this MacBook template will appeal to solopreneurs and entrepreneurs alike.

If you’re in the market for a minimalist mockup, this MacBook template is a great choice. Its solid background allows you to show off a presentation or website with minimal distraction. Use the colour picker to change the background to any colour, and if you need a MacBook PNG, you can use the same colour picker to change the background to transparent.

Another option for those looking for minimal MacBook mockups, this one adds a bit of visual interest with a woman holding a laptop squarely in front of a solid wall. Like the MacBook template above, you can use the colour picker to change the background colour and create a MacBook PNG if needed.

MacBook website mockups for businesses don’t have to be boring. Case in point: this template. It gives a great over-the-shoulder view of a female laptop user who seems to be making herself comfortable with her feet up. The angle of the shot gives us a clear view of her screen so that all eyes will be on your content.

If you love the over-the-shoulder shot idea of the MacBook mockup above, but need something a bit more formal, then this is a great alternative MacBook template. The advantage of this one is that you can make the background any colour you want or leave it transparent so that you can blend it with the background of your choice.

This is another terrific over-the-shoulder shot, this time featuring a man relaxing in his living room, or possibly in a cafe. A great choice if you need a MacBook website mockup or a want to show off a web app. Just use the laptop mockup generator to upload your website or image, and your job is done.

Here’s another great minimal MacBook mockup for those who love simplicity. This one, which includes a book and notebook with a pen in the background, is an excellent choice for academic websites or for sites dealing with writing or blogging.

People working in coffee shops are a common sight in every major city around the world. So of course we had to include a MacBook mockup of a businessman enjoying a cup of coffee while working on his laptop. A really great computer screen mockup to advertise a new website, company financials, or an upcoming company event.

This laptop phone mockup is ideal for showing off responsive websites. The phone overlaps the laptop just enough so that it doesn’t obscure too much of its screen. As a minimal MacBook mockup, this template will appeal to those looking for MacBook Pro PNG files that will allow them to insert the image easily in any background.

If you have a working knowledge of Photoshop and don’t mind spending some time customising templates, then Envato Elements is a great resource for laptop mockups.

It offers a wide selection of professional laptop mockups in PSD format, and the beauty of using Elements is that for one low monthly fee you can download as many templates and other great resources like logos, fonts, photos, business card templates, and much more.

Let’s take a look at some of the superb templates available with your Elements subscription.

This laptop mockup in PSD format features a set of four high-resolution images taken from different angles to offer you a high degree of choice and versatility. Ideal for website developers, app designers, and bloggers, these files are fully customisable and easy to edit via Smart Objects.

A gorgeous laptop mockup in PSD format that would be excellent for website developers, app designers, and musicians to use for their MacBook website mockups. The template features a collection of three high-resolution images in both vertical and horizontal orientation that are fully customisable using Photoshop.

This gorgeous over-the-shoulder shot showing a woman’s hands as she types on her laptop is perfect for photographers, artists, bloggers, influencers, and social media enthusiasts who want a light and summery MacBook website mockup to advertise their accounts. The laptop mockup in PSD format is organised in editable layers that are easy to customise using Photoshop.

These three MacBook Pro mockups feature a stylish and comfortable home office with the computer display front and centre of the images. All the templates are organised on separate layers that are easy and fast to edit using Smart Objects. A help file is included in case you get stuck.

This elegant laptop mockup in PSD format features a MacBook sitting on a rather elegant desk. Ideal for a range of MacBook website mockups, this template offers three hi-res files shot from different angles and using different light settings.

This minimal MacBook mockup will appeal to those looking for a simple laptop mockup in PSD format. The files are presented in both vertical and horizontal orientation and are fully customisable in Photoshop using Smart Objects.

This laptop phone mockup offers six PSD files with a variety of angles and combinations of MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. All mockups are Smart Objects, so you can customise the screen of each device with a single click.

This is a set of 12 minimal MacBook mockups for those looking for simple templates. You can change the background or the colour of the device, and you can even move the shadow around the device quickly and easily via the well-organised layers.

If your taste veers towards the abstract, you’ll love this template, which contains five laptop mockups in PSD format. If you know your way around Photoshop, customisation is relatively easy with Smart Objects. A help file is included in case you get stuck.

Though Envato Elements is the best source for laptop mockups when you are proficient in Photoshop and want to buy many templates as well as other resources, GraphicRiver is best for those who want to buy a single template. Let’s take a look at some of the best templates offered there.

Who wouldn’t love this adorable MacBook Pro mockup, complete with a sweet little pug sitting next to the screen? This template comes in a set of six PSD files offering a variety of angles and lighting. Download and customise quickly with Photoshop using Smart Objects.

This high-resolution MacBook pro mockup is perfect for those looking for a laptop/phone mockup combo. The hi-res PSD file is easy to download and edit using Smart Objects, and if you get stuck, there’s a help file included to help you on your way.

This business card and computer screen mockup is ideal for those who want to advertise their designs in print and digital format. The files offer you a lot of flexibility with customisation. For example, you can stick with the background presented or replace it with one of your own choosing.

This clean and simple MacBook Pro mockup not only allows you to upload the exact image you need for your laptop screen, but also offers you extensive customisation of the elements surrounding the laptop. You can select between 9 options on the left and 3 on the right, for a total of 27 possible combinations to create the exact kind of feeling you want in your image.

This is a gorgeous MacBook template for lifestyle bloggers, social media influencers, and website/app developers alike. The template offers a set of nine hi-res PSD files that are fully customisable via Smart Objects. What’s more, the pack includes both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro mockups.

This MacBook Pro mockup offers a whopping 13 different templates, with enough customisation options to keep you busy for hours. Editing is done via Smart Objects, and you can drag and drop objects from one scene to another to create the exact look you want.

These four laptop mockups in PSD format come in well-organised layers, with three colour correction presents included in each mockup. Just insert your image into a Smart Object and save it.

Display your website or web app using this cool computer screen mockup. The template contains six hi-res mockups, all organised in layers for quick and easy customisation via Smart Objects. A help file is included if you need it.

We finish our list of the best laptop mockups found at GraphicRiver with this awesome sideways shot of a man in business-casual attire, working on his laptop. There are nine hi-res PSD files included with this laptop/phone mockup template, and all are fully customisable using Photoshop.


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