30+ Best Instagram Post Templates

Instagram is one of the hottest social media channels around at the moment, and brands are cashing in on that popularity by jumping on the Instagram bandwagon in record numbers. For small businesses with limited staff and resources, it can be a challenge to create new and eye-catching posts daily, and this is where a tool like the Instagram Post Creator can be a life saver.

The Post Creator provides you with a number of gorgeous editable Instagram post templates that you can customise in a matter of minutes to create your own unique Instagram posts. Let’s take a look at what I mean.

Starting with the controls on the left, you can add your own text and change the font style and colour to match your brand.

Customise your blank instagram post template as much or as little as you like

Moving to the controls on the right, you can change the graphics used in the design and their colour.

Customise your blank instagram post template as much or as little as you like

Using the settings on the bottom right, you can also change your background image by using any of the ones provided or uploading your own.

Customise your blank instagram post template as much or as little as you like

You can resize any of your text and graphics and move them around to find the layout that’s right for you. If you’re not happy with the changes you’ve made, you can hit the Reset Layout button to return the design to its original layout.

Customise your blank instagram post template as much or as little as you like

Download your Instagram template for a small fee, or if you regularly need blank Instagram post templates and other resources like flyers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly plan may be the best deal for you.

And that’s how you use an Instagram post template to make your own unique Instagram post in five simple steps.

Customise your blank instagram post template as much or as little as you like

A terrific template for fashion brands that want a professional template for use in Instagram posts, this template offers a gorgeous selection of fonts, loads of cool images, and stylish graphics.

Are you a food, health or lifestyle brand looking for beautiful Instagram stories templates? This template, with its beautiful frames and bold fonts, is for you. What’s wonderful about this template is that it is flexible enough to be adapted and used for posts as well.

Designed with artists and art teachers in mind, this editable Instagram post template will be ready to use in minutes. Just upload an image of your work, add your text and select the font and font colours you most prefer, and your template is ready to download.

Isn’t it wonderful to be living in a time when more and more countries and people are recognising that “Love is Love” and that LGBTQI people have a right to enjoy the same freedoms, rights and protections under the law as heterosexuals do? For those times when you want to celebrate LGBTQI people, there is this wonderful editable Instagram Post Template.

Whether you run giveaways pretty often or from time to time, this template will help your post stand out in a busy instagram timeline. Just upload a photo of your product, change the text, and your template is ready for use.

Let your fans and followers know about your next sale or the arrival of a new collection with this stylish template for Instagram posts. You can modify the colours in both banners and in the frame and of course add your own riveting image.

Just to show you what we mean about customising the template to make it your own, here’s a version of the previous one with a different photo, different banner and frame colours, as well as different text for an entirely different clientele.

Who doesn’t love a great quote? Use this great template for an Instagram post as your go-to signature style for quotes, and update the background and colours to make it uniquely yours.

Instagram is a great vehicle to advertise and promote new posts that you’ve added to your blog, so I’ve included some pretty awesome blank instagram post templates you can use to show off your  post topics to their best advantage.

If you’re looking for a super versatile template for promoting your new topics on your blog, check this one out. It features almost 100 backgrounds in tons of different patterns and themes that can be colour customised to suit your needs.

Long-term travel has reinvented itself as a 21st-century obsession, so of course there is a suitable fake Instagram post template with travel photo, graphics, and bold text for all the travel bloggers out there.

Here’s another template that can be used to promote travel-themed blog posts. Indeed, it can be used to promote a wide range of other kinds of blog posts as well, with a change of image and text.

Lovers of quirky illustration will adore this template theme, which features a wonderful selection of endearing illustrations to which you can add your favourite quotes.

A clever approach to giveaways, this template uses a ripped paper frame through which you can see the giveaway. You can colour the paper frame in the colour of your choice and add your image of the giveaway to the background.

Here’s another wonderful Instagram template for travel enthusiasts, bloggers, and agencies. You can customise this template by uploading your favourite photo (or using the photo provided) for the background image and then adding your text.

Celebrate your follower count landmark with this awesome editable Instagram post template. Choose your background, add your text, download your template, and upload it to your Instagram account.

Use this terrific Instagram post template to advertise your lifestyle advice posts. The template features a wide selection of attractive backgrounds, a selection of stylised arrows, and bold fonts.

A template dedicated to beauty bloggers and others working in the beauty industry, this editable Instagram post template uses fun illustrations and striking text to hold your viewers’ attention.

List posts have been popular seemingly forever, and this template helps you promote your list posts with cool images and attention-getting text.

Fabulous top and bottom graphics make this template stand out from the pack. There are hundreds to choose from, and what’s more, you can custom colour them to suit your taste or your brand.

Following the style of the Instagram template above, this theme offers hundreds of cool centre graphics that you can add to your design to give it some pizzazz.

Another awesome Instagram template for travel businesses, this theme is one that you can modify as much or as little as you like. Start your customisation by adding your text, then select an image from one of the many provided that suits your theme, and you’re done. Or you can upload your own images, customise the colours, and experiment with the hundreds of great graphics available.

An alternative to the follower-milestone Instagram template already featured here, this theme uses amazing accents and stand-out fonts to honour your fans in the way they deserve.

Fashion and beauty businesses, this instagram post template is for you. Add your amazing images to the background, select a badge of your choice, add your text and colour scheme, and you’ve got a stunning image ready for use.

Another super cool template for fashion and beauty businesses and enthusiasts, this template features a wonderful selection of images, a semi-transparent overlay whose colour you can change as needed, clean and modern text, and a selection of great graphics.

This is an Instagram template for businesses and lovers of the outdoors. Add your own gorgeous photo to the background, and then select a graphic that works for you or upload your own logo. Then all that’s left is to add your text and you’re done.

Make your quotation posts stand out from the rest with a carefully chosen image and the right fonts. You can change the background colour of the black borders to any colour you desire. This simple template also provides you with a selection of stylised quotation marks and other graphics that you can add to the template.

This is a super stylish editable Instagram post template designed specifically for manicurists and beauty bloggers, although it can also be used by any other kind of business with an appropriate change of image and text.

The great thing about templates is that you can access stylishly arranged text in every template with no effort whatsoever. This template is no exception. If you were creating your own Instagram post template PSD file in Photoshop, it would take you much longer to create than the two minutes this awesome template takes to customise.

This split frame template allows for loads of customisation. Choose your desired colour on the left and upload an image on the right, or select one that comes with the template. You can then add a transparent colour overlay to match or complement the colour you’ve chosen on the right. Alternatively, you can forgo an image completely and just go with a solid background colour of your choice that complements or matches the colour on the left.

If you like the split frame effect above, here is another example that shows how the template would look with totally different customisation.

Expand the options of templates you can use for giveaways with this cool template that gives you a selection of textured backgrounds surrounding a polaroid-style frame to which you can add your giveaway of choice.

Fashion brands will appreciate this fashion-themed Instagram post template with its great selection of fonts, lovely images, and semi-transparent overlays that allow you to change the colour. There’s also a lovely selection of graphics to add if you want.

A great template for lifestyle and food bloggers, this template features terrific images and nice bold text for you to add your titles to.

If your brand style is cute and quirky, you’ll love this Instagram post template, which features a wonderful selection of sweet illustrations that can be applied to a number of different businesses.

Looking for a stylish quotation template for your Instagram posts? This is the template for you, with its elegant illustrations, vintage fonts, and clean, modern style.


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