25+ Best InDesign Book Templates & Book Design Templates 2020

You could be the next greatest author of our time with our book design templates. Find your perfect cover with this list of exquisite InDesign book templates which have the best book layouts and cover designs.

Do you have aspirations to be a writer? Writing a book takes lots of care and consideration, and you’ll need to put just as much energy into the layout and final cover.

That’s why we recommend learning how to make a book layout with Adobe InDesign. And InDesign book templates and InDesign book layout templates offer convenient, no-hassle solutions to stunning book covers in less time.

Need some inspiration? Grab a few of our favorites from this list of InDesign book templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

This first selection is great for lifestyle bloggers or fashion enthusiasts. Try these fabulous designs for outstanding lookbooks and more.

Fashion Lookbook Template

Do you have a knack for style? Outline your top fashion tips and tricks with this wonderful fashion lookbook template. This InDesign book template is perfect for any stylish creative. Launch your business with a 24-page book design template that’s fully editable inside!

Fashion Lookbook

Ready to take over the fashion world? Get started with an amazing lookbook. This book layout template features a clean, professional design with plenty of room for your outfit pictures and so much more. Get access to awesome extras like free fonts and a quick help file.

Fashion Lookbook

Will you be the next fashion mogul? Give it your best shot with a well-designed lookbook. This book layout template is not only stylish and sophisticated but also completely print ready! Get 30 custom pages available in two standard print sizes. Check it out!

Square Portfolio Book

One of the best ways to make a great impression for creatives is with a solid portfolio book. And this next template is sure to give you a winning combination of style and professionalism. Enjoy 24 pages that are fully layered and customizable.

Fashion Photo Book

Is it almost summer? Set the scene with a brilliant cover for your book. This next InDesign book template is perfect for stylists or fashion photographers. You’ll get several Adobe InDesign files that are best suited for versions CS4 and above.

Luxury Wedding Photo Book

Some memories are best kept within our personal belongings. That’s why we know you’ll love to add this wedding photo book to your shelf! This InDesign book template features a luxurious design with textural gold details and a stylish book layout template. Display your love story and more with one stunning template.

Photography Portfolio

Are you a budding photographer? Get started in the industry with a brilliant portfolio design. This extraordinary template features a trendy nature-based design that’s available in both A4 and US letter sizes. Get access to master pages, free fonts, and a total of 28 pages.


Celebrate your next selection of fall fashions with a stylish lookbook. This InDesign book template features 32 print-ready pages with a 3 mm bleed guide. All the text and image layers are fully editable, so you’ll be able to customize it fast!

Wedding Album Template

Want to remember your special day forever? Download an amazing wedding album template like this one below! This template features a simple and elegant design with 32 pages you can dedicate to your special memories. Add it to your collection!

Wedding Book Template

Wedding books give families the chance to remember a very sweet moment in time. Now you can commemorate your love with an InDesign book template like this one. Enjoy 30 pages along with two cover choices for more options.

Know a great recipe for dinner? Craft spectacular meals and share your recipes. Discover the right cookbook for your style with these InDesign book templates.

InDesign Cook Book Template

Cook your way to the top of the best-sellers list with this awesome cookbook template. Created with Adobe InDesign, this template is fun and easy to use. It features easily editable layers and 16 pages you can add to. Check it out!

Square Cookbook

Give your family recipes a home with this next InDesign book template. This cookbook design template features a sleek and minimalist style with plenty of room for recipe information and large photos. Change the colors, text and images fast with Adobe InDesign versions CS4 and above.

InDesign Cook Book Template

Are you dreaming of the next award-winning recipe? Let us know your culinary secrets with an impressive cookbook! This next InDesign book template helps you feel more like a chef than ever before. Enjoy several Adobe InDesign files that are print ready and fully customizable.

InDesign Cookbook Template

What’s your favorite dish to make? Include the details along with your favorite stories within this next cookbook template. A great choice for newbies to the culinary world, this template will make your life so much easier. Just edit the layout and cover all with Adobe InDesign.

InDesign Cook Book Template

Want more choices for the layouts of your recipes? Then check out this next awesome InDesign book template. This book layout template comes in a sleek square design with multiple options available for creative layouts. Enjoy free fonts and more all in one download!

Food Restaurant Brochure

You could be the next curator of brilliant, delicious meals with a fantastic restaurant brochure like this one. This InDesign template is perfect for foodies on a mission for worldwide culinary domination. Get free fonts and a quick help file for more information.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? Try a multipurpose template from this last selection. Enjoy fantastic book templates and book design templates that cover many major industries.

InDesign Square Book Template

Books come in many different shapes and styles. So why not choose a square design? This first multipurpose template is great for professionals on the go. It fits various types of businesses and includes everything you need to get started.

InDesign Book Template

We’re sure your next book will make a huge splash with readers. Just make sure to design it with a beautiful and bold cover like this next InDesign book template. This download includes print-ready files with 30 unique layouts and more. Try it out for your special design!

InDesign Book Template

There’s nothing more impressive than a well-designed book cover. And the Bermus template is a great addition for any Adobe InDesign lover. This template features three master pages along with many creative layouts to choose from. Design your next book today with this professional book design template!

Colorful Brand Book Template

Need a colorful way to showcase your brand? Then check out this professionally designed brand book template. Made for Illustrator and InDesign users, this template features a square page layout along with exciting color options. Add it to your collection!

InDesign School Yearbook Template

There is nothing quite as memorable as your school yearbook. Now you can make the most of your experience with this polished yearbook template. This multipurpose template is fully editable with Adobe InDesign and includes 40 pages for all your special interests.

InDesign Portrait Book Template

Are you a portrait photographer in need of a new portfolio? Then check out this classic book design. This high-resolution template features a baseline grid with 20 unique pages you can customize yourself. It’s the perfect start to any writing or creative journey.

Brand Book Template

Create an artistic representation of your brand with this brand book template. Made for both Illustrator and InDesign users, this template offers quick color editing and easy file navigation. Enjoy creative page themes and so much more!

Square Brand Book Template

Writing about your experiences? Start from the beginning with this square book template. This bold and creative InDesign template features print-ready pages with replaceable colors. A helpful PDF guide is also included for more information. Check it out!

InDesign Magazine Template

If Adobe InDesign templates are more your speed, then you’ll definitely love this magazine edition. Easily change the colors, fonts and photos with efficient InDesign files that are easy to use. A minimum version of CS4 is required to edit this template.

Corporate E-Book Template

Introduce your brand online with a corporate e-book template. This classic design features sleek, geometric elements with photos you can easily replace with landscape, cityscape or portrait photography. Edit the 16-page file to your liking and launch it with style.

Creative Rich-Brand Book Template

Allow your creativity to flow with this next InDesign book template. Featuring some of the latest trends in the design industry, this template helps you present your work with both flair and professionalism. Edit it fast with your choice of colors, fonts, and photos.

InDesign Magazine Template

Our final InDesign book template will push you to new heights. So smash your goals with this brilliant magazine setup. This download includes a fully editable InDesign file with 26 pages and free fonts. A helpful guide is also included to help you get started.


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