20+ Best Hoodie Mockup Templates

Hoodie sweatshirt mockups are a clever way for graphic designers, business owners, artists, musicians etc. to preview, showcase or promote their artwork and logos without needing to get into the time-consuming and expensive production of garments, hiring of models, and arranging of photo shoots.

If you’re looking for a range of terrific hoodie design templates, Placeit has a wide selection to suit just about every need. What’s more, the Placeit software makes these mockup hoodie templates super easy to use.

Upload your design using the button at the top of the page and select your hoodie colour. All the templates will update to show your design in the colour you’ve chosen.

Placeits Hoodie Mockup

Now look through the designs available and select the one that reflects your target audience the most and shows off your design the way you want your audience to see it. For my example, I’m looking for a black zip hoodie template.

Select a Template You Like

When you select your hoodie sweatshirt mockup, it will open up in the Hoodie Mockup Maker. Look over your design and note if it’s displaying the way you’d like it to. At this point, you can upload an alternative design or change the background of the hoodie if you like. For my example, I’ve found the perfect black zip hoodie template and am quite happy with how my design looks, so I won’t be making any changes.

Placeits Hoodie Mockup

When you’re finished with your hoodie sweatshirt mockup, you can download it for a small fee. I’m happy with my black zip hoodie template design, so I go ahead and download it. And just like that, I’ve got a great black hoodie template to use as I choose.

Placeits Hoodie Mockup

If you’re in a band, work as a DJ, or sell turntables or musical instruments, and you’re looking for a terrific hoodie template to show off your logo, you can’t go wrong with this mockup. Featuring a turntable in the foreground and a DJ moving to the music against a gorgeous background of tropical foliage and flowers, this hoodie design template will strike just the right tone with your fans and music lovers.

If your target audience is kids, this awesome hooded sweatshirt mockup is perfect for you. The mockup is splendid for advertising children’s toys, a children’s clothing store, online children’s games, and even uplifting quotations for kids.

This blank hoodie template is a great mockup for a cafe or coffee shop logo. It offers viewers a slightly angled view of your design and creates an overall vibe of youth and freshness.

If you need a pullover hoodie mockup template that’ll feature a close-up of your design, this template is a great choice.

Looking for a youthful and energetic theme? This wonderful pullover blank hoodie template of a young woman dancing with a milkshake in a cafe can be used to advertise all sorts of products and experiences.

This is the perfect blank hoodie template with sweatshirt mockup for showcasing both the back and front of your designs. Just upload your left design and change the background colour, then upload your right design and change the background colour if needed, and you’re ready to download.

The great thing about a blurred and empty background is that it focuses the viewer’s attention on the subject. This striking hoodie template is just what you need to show off your designs to their best advantage.

Most mockups display the front side of a hoodie, but for those times when your design is meant for the back, this template is ideal. Featuring a close-up back view, one of the great things about this particular template is that you can change the background to whatever colour works best for you.

This zip-up hoodie design template captures the spirit of Christmas and New Year’s and so would be great to showcase designs and products that pertain to the winter months.

A great hoodie design template for targeting skateboarders, bikers and graffiti artists, this template features a young man against a graffitied wall.

Under the Mistletoe is a wonderfully seasonal blank hoodie template that you can use to showcase your designs featuring any and everything to do with Christmas.

We’ve shared a couple of back view hoodie templates with male models, but this one features a female model and gives you the added advantage of being able to change the background colour.

An excellent mockup hoodie choice for those who want to show off their logo in the simplest way possible, this hoodie template features a folded and zippered hoodie against a plain background that you can colour as you please.

This pullover hoodie mockup template is ideal for those times when you want a template shot at night. All the detail of the background and model are lost in the dark except the area dedicated to your designs. This has the advantage of focusing your viewers’ eyes exclusively on your design.

If you’ve been looking for a first-rate hooded sweatshirt mockup that allows you to drop in your own background easily and quickly, this template is for you. It features two blank hoodie templates so you can add two different designs or a different version of the same design.

This is another mockup hoodie that keeps the attention fully focused on your design. Not only is the model directing our eyes to the design by looking down at it, but his body almost fills the frame and is facing the camera squarely so your design holds pride of place.

Looking for pullover hoodie mockup templates that will appeal to the hipster generation? Look no further. The template is perfect for displaying logo designs for a bookshop, barber shop, cafe, indie band, vegan restaurant, and more.

Two is better than one… at least sometimes. Put your designs on show using this fun combination of sweatshirt mockup and pullover hoodie mockup templates.

This mockup of a cool young couple can be used for a myriad of purposes, including edgy hairdressing salon, tattoo parlour, laidback clothing line, and more.

Another great resource for hoodie mockups is Envato Elements.

Here you’ll find hundreds of hoodie mockup PSD files that are more suitable for those who have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If that’s you then head on over to Elements and take a look at their offering. Here are just a few to whet your appetite.

This amazing set includes five different hoodie mockup PSD files to showcase your designs. All the files are completely customisable, so that you can change the design, colour, fabric texture, shadows, effects, and the background as well.

Hoodie Mockup Vol.2 contains everything you need to create a realistic-looking hoodie. The package includes nine hoodie mockup PSD files with named layers that are easy to customise and edit. A PDF help file is also included.

Man Hoodie Fashion Mock-Up contains six hoodie mockup PSD files with well-organised layers. There are eight changeable backgrounds included, and you can edit just about every aspect of the templates.



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