40+ Best Halftone Actions, Patterns, Brushes for Photoshop & Illustrator

Create awesome halftone images in less time. This halftone resources list includes halftone brushes, halftone png, halftone Photoshop actions, halftone patterns, halftone overlays and halftone textures.

What is halftone? Halftone effects first appeared in printing during the late 19th century. This incredible art allowed printers to create realistic images by arranging small dots tonally with various sizes and spacing.

Popularized by many famous creatives, this medium has naturally turned digital! Now modern designers use halftone patterns, vectors and textures to add a nice retro flair to their work.

So get ready for another amazing list of resources from Envato Market and Envato Elements! Including 40+ of the best halftone resources for Photoshop and Illustrator, this list features everything you need to get that classic vintage look.

Let’s start with this selection of Photoshop actions. Turn portraits of your pets or loved ones into phenomenal works of art with just the click of a button!

Halftone Effect PS Action

Need a quick halftone effect? This straightforward black and white effect creates a high-quality halftone effect from your pictures. Enjoy a complete set of Photoshop actions, patterns, and instructional files to get the most out of this download.

10 Special Effects - Photoshop Actions

Special effects packs are great for designers on a budget. This special effects series features ten creative photo effects including a halftone action. And combining effects is a breeze! Just play each action to try out new possibilities. Check it out!

Dot Grid Photoshop Actions

Here’s another splendid halftone action to add to your arsenal. This time, this action includes impressive results for colorful portraits. Easily set the dot range to fixed or varied dots in size for a custom effect in less time. How will you use this action?

Halftone Photo Effect

Design a stunning timeline with this next halftone photo effect. Simply replace the convenient smart object placeholder with the photo of your choice. Enjoy a simple halftone effect without all the extra hassle. Get yours with this action!

36 Halftone Strokes Effects Photoshop Action

Artists have found many ways to interpret the halftone effect throughout time. And this next action creates a money-like effect that will make your photos look brilliant and unique. Six actions are included in this pack, and they’re all sure to help your pictures stand out.

Halftone Maker - Photoshop Action

Combine two trendy effects into one! Get a beautiful duotone halftone result with this professional Photoshop action. This halftone maker is perfect for beginners. It’s 100% editable and very easy to use. Just insert your photo and press play to begin!

Poster Halftone Effect

Halftone effects add incredible mood to any poster. So bring your print design to the next level with this poster halftone Photoshop action. For just $3, this action adds a retro halftone effect inspired by popular vintage trends. Add it to your collection!

Halftone Photoshop Actions

There’s certainly no need to place each dot manually when you have an action! This halftone photo filter features a professional Photoshop action with four halftone variations. You’ll also receive ten duotone color variations to add more wow to your images.

Comic Halftone Photoshop Action

Thinking of a halftone sketch effect? This next Photoshop action will do just the trick! Influenced by comic art and vintage design, this Photoshop action creates a halftone effect that is mixed with a sketch effect. Get two incredible looks with one action!

Risographia for Adobe Photoshop

Instantly turn your photos into 16 vintage portrait effects with the eclectic Risographia action. Enjoy the look of traditional hand-painted textures made for the digital arena. All you need to do is place your photo into the smart object and save it!

Looking for a retro text effect? Halftone textures offer amazing texture and realism to any project. So check out this next list of incredible halftone text effect resources.

Sloppy Press Inc

Turn your office into a classic printing press! This pack of retro layer styles is perfect for any vintage lettering enthusiast. It includes 33 typography styles that are all suitable to work with in Adobe Photoshop, along with additional bonuses like textures and brushes!

Vintage Comic Creator

Are you in a comic rut? Turn to this vintage comic creator to catapult your comics to fame. This brilliant pack of Photoshop layers, styles and patterns features many rustic effects like halftone dots and grunge patterns. Add style and texture to your illustrations in seconds!

Vintage Halftone Text Effects

Are you new to typography? This text effect instantly applies retro 3D and texture effects to simulate the appearance of off-set print. Create that natural, hand-painted look with 15 layer styles set against 15 different backgrounds. Try them all out with Adobe Illustrator!

Alternative Printmaker

Looking for an alternative to modern printmaking? Explore vintage effects like the ones from this alternative printmaker pack. Make DIY prints and gig posters for your events with 16 different styles. This set also includes 36 halftone brushes!

Vintage Letterpress Texture Effects

This next halftone and letterpress pack works only with the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop. Easily replace your text and logos with realistic textures using editable smart objects. Work with text, vector shapes, or PNG files to get the best results!

Vintage Letterpress Texture Effects

This next pack includes ten Photoshop files packed with letterpress goodies. From halftone text effects to remarkable vintage textures, these files are well organized and simple to navigate. Use them with Photoshop versions CS6 and above.

Under-Inked Print - Instant Vector Text Effects

Make anyone believe that your work came right off the press with these next text effects. Under-Inked is a pack of halftone vector text effects that work with Illustrator CS1 and above. It contains several different textures with varying sizes and graininess.

Vintage Halftone - Instant Text Effects

Instantly transform your modern text into vintage typography! This pack supplies you with 12 unique color variations along with 12 additional built-in backgrounds for a speedy result. Pair it with lovely quotes for typographic posters and so much more!

This next selection of halftone resources includes fantastic patterns available in many high-quality formats. Use these patterns for a variety of projects like printing, illustrations, and websites.

Halftone Textures

This essential pack of halftone vector textures includes ten EPS and PNG files. Make sure to read the initial PDF guide to get a better overview of these textures and how to use them. Enjoy ten grungy texture files with transparent backgrounds.

Halftone Gradients 1 Texture Pack

Halftone effects plus gradients can only lead to a creative combo. So make sure to grab up this next texture pack, dedicated to 15 handcrafted textures with halftones and gradients. Explore various styles to see how they fit with your halftone images and graphics.

Retroset Halftone Pack

Let’s get retro! Transfer that old-school feel to your projects with this Retroset halftone pack. This pack includes dozens of vector and PNG files with high-resolution patterns and halftone designs. Check it out!

Halftone Pattern

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one halftone pattern by itself. So let’s take a look at this simple creation from designer bmel. Inspired by traditional offset printing, this pattern is quick and simple for anyone on the go. Grab it now for $6!

Poster Press - Screen-Print Creator

Want that authentic messy feel for your posters? This screen print creator is the perfect toolkit for Adobe Illustrator lovers. It uses a selection of brushes, patterns, and overlays to instantly dirty up any clean composition. Check it out on home and work projects!

Halftone Patterns

Need a set of halftone patterns for under $10? Then take a look at this next brilliant pack of halftone Illustrator patterns. Featuring 12 seamless designs, these patterns can be used on text, logos, and vector shapes. They’re easy to use, and instructions are also included!

45 Halftones Pattern

Next up on this list is this massive pack of vintage halftone patterns. This set includes over 40 fantastic options of the classic halftone effect. Do you prefer halftone graphics with fewer dots or more clustered together? Just test it out with various sizes and colors.

10 Halftone Textures

Get ten awesome vintage patterns in this cool texture pack. Designed with large, high-resolution PNGs, this pack features highly detailed patterns like halftones and more. See how far you can push the texture and use them together!

30 Seamless Tiled Halftone Pattern

Tile halftone effects seamlessly with this pattern kit. Featuring three variations and ten different densities, this halftone pattern pack is smart and efficient. A quick PDF help file is also included to help get you started. Add it to your suite today!

Clean Vector Halftones

Enjoy sharp, clean halftone images with this vector pack. In this suite, 16 halftone effects have been supplied as vector artworks that can be scaled to any size. Since most halftones are bitmap, this vector pack will result in clean, sharp dots.

Love to paint with texture? Don’t forget to add a few halftone brushes to your arsenal! These next resources are great for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator users.

Halftone Brushes

Paint the texture you need directly onto the screen! These stunning halftone Illustrator brushes are essential tools for all artists and designers alike. And with this pack, you’ll get 26 halftone brushes you can layer up for tone and shading. Try them out!

40 Halftone Photoshop Brushes

Love Photoshop brushes? Make sure to also grab up these wonderful halftone brushes from Envato Market. For just $4, you’ll receive 40 high-quality brushes that are compatible with Photoshop versions CS and above. Use them on invites, posters, and illustrations.

Light Print Texture Illustrator Brushes

Or add some light texture to your print work with these brushes. Made for Adobe Illustrator, these highly detailed brushes will simulate actual texture with little effort. Just download the pack to enjoy light halftone textures with just a few clicks.

40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop

Here’s another popular pack of halftone brushes for Photoshop. This stunning collection includes eight halftone art brushes along with 32 line and dot brushes. Find detailed instructions included in the help guide for more information. Check them out!

Our final selection includes a look at these phenomenal premium halftone backgrounds. Explore a wide variety of textures and details to complement your style.

40 Vector Background Textures

There is an art to purposeful texture. That’s why it’s always good to have a pack of handy vector backgrounds available. This set includes 40 marvelous background textures with varying degrees of dirt and grime. Enjoy unique, distressed styles along with cool halftone textures.

Vector Textures Kit

Every designer needs a go-to vector textures kit! This one in particular features classic halftone textures for a sweet retro edge. Get 30 background textures, ten circular arrangements, and a PDF visual guide for more reference.

Shine On - Retro Advertisement Kit

Add that vintage charm to your advertisements! Download this retro advertisement kit and get started with professional, one-click photo editing. Inspired by the famous matchbooks of the 40s and 50s, this kit includes dust, halftone and line textures along with so much more!

Halftone Frames

Need a few halftone frames for your comics? Just add one of these simple designs onto a new layer. Or you can play with layer blend modes in Photoshop or Illustrator to see how it looks! How would you use these frames?

Comic Halftone Backgrounds

Short on time? Here’s another selection of color halftone backgrounds to keep you inspired. Featuring 14 high-resolution JPEG images, this pack includes vivid halftone effects across a wide spectrum of colors.

Halftone Network Wave Backgrounds

Create a network of beautiful halftone waves with this next series of backgrounds. Ten elegant backgrounds are supplied in this pack of high-resolution halftone vector images. They’re perfect for print and web work… and they’re only $4!

Colorscapes Lite

Feeling creative? Step out of the box with this intriguing set of colorful halftone backgrounds. Each background makes a unique halftone design that we’re sure you’ll love. Use these designs for fashion, print, or even home projects. The possibilities are endless!

10 Retro Graphic Backgrounds

Let’s get retro! Find ten amazing graphic backgrounds in this pack of colorful retro backgrounds. Each background is fully layered and organized, so you’ll be able to edit the style to fit your personal flavor. Combine it with more halftone resources for a wild result!

Halftone Heaven

We’re in halftone heaven! This next premium resource includes a massive suite of halftone goodies. From radial halftones to full-on halftone backgrounds, this pack features tileable assets that you’ll certainly want to use. So try them out today!


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