20 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes for Bitcoin 2020

In the past couple of years “cryptocurrency” (certainly “bitcoin”) has become a term familiar to almost anybody. Starting as a concept that only visionaries and fans were familiar with, the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has become so mainstream that all kinds of people have invested in them, written about them, or even ventured into creating their own.

The high profile profits, the commonplace losses, corruption, mystery, and outspoken optimism and skepticism have been making headlines for years now. Stories such as John McAfee eating his own body parts if his BitCoin predictions fail to materialize, and the tale of the Missing Crypto Queen have become part of the compelling crypto narrative.

We’ve put together an outstanding list of 20 premium cryptocurrency WordPress themes that you could use for a multitude of purposes, be that to write about cryptocurrencies on a magazine-styled website, display the actual price of most popular currencies on a directory/listing styled website, or promote your own Initial Coin Offer (ICO).

Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Crypterio - ICO Landing Page and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Crypterio is a best-selling WordPress cryptocurrency theme targeted at digital consulting or crypto-oriented businesses which offer their consulting or investment services. Whether you’re an ICO advisor or an expert focused on cryptocurrencies, this theme will help you boost your sales and popularity by means of great design and functionality.

onyxi  ICO Cryptocurrency Trading Business Coach WordPress Theme

Monyxi is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is modern, powerful and bold. It works well for financial blogs and is a great choice when it comes to picking a layout for a financial advisory or consulting business.

With a thematic design and beautiful crypto-oriented interface elements, this theme will definitely help in making your website stand out from the crowd.

Cryptico - ICO Crypto Landing  Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Cryptico is a great website theme oriented at ICO agencies and cryptocurrency investment companies. It provides everything needed to create a great looking website. Built with the latest technologies in mind, the theme has its foundation on the Bootstrap framework and LESS, paired with an icon font set.

Cryption - ICO Landing ICO Consulting Cryptocurrency  Blockchain WordPress Theme

Cryption is a premium WordPress cryptocurrency theme, optimized for the specifics of the industry, and is perfect for building websites for ICOs, ICO Advisors, and Cryptocurrency Agencies.

If you’re in need of a stylish business website for your digital consulting agency or crypto investment website, then there aren’t many reasons to look any further.

Crypton  A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency  ICO WordPress Theme

Crypton is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency premium WordPress theme that is powerful, modern and bold; a perfect solution for a cryptocurrency or financial blog.

Spreading the word about your business in the crypto industry is now easier than ever with the plentitude of available integrations and extensive functionality that are integrated in the theme.

Bryte  Multipurpose Creative  Business Elementor WordPress Theme

Bryte is the by-product of seasoned developers who have more than a decade of experience in building web products and themes. Being advertised as a theme that is meant to be a great solution for your online business, Bryte is packed with solid features such as a Visual Composer, 4 classy blog layouts, 7 header styles, and immediate installation available at a click’s distance.

Cryptro - Cryptocurrency Blockchain  Bitcoin  Financial Technology

Cryptro (yes, you read that right) is another premium WordPress cryptocurrency theme that we believe is worthy of being included in our showcase of themes. The reason behind this lies in the numerous features that start with a Live Composer, Auto-Update feature, a maintenance or coming soon page, and unlimited sidebar options.

Having been built by a seasoned developer with more than 100,000 customers, the quality of the product can hardly be questioned.

Coinmag - CryptoCurrency Blog WordPress Theme

Coinmag is cryptocurrency magazine theme that’s powered by WordPress. With a tidy and well-looking interface, clean and well-written code, and niche specific features (such as a cryptocurrency table listing), the theme does prove to be a better choice than a regular magazine WordPress theme, when it comes to creating a crypto-oriented magazine or news website.

Hoverex - Cryptocurrency  ICO WordPress Theme

Hoverex is a cryptocurrency and ICO WordPress theme. With powerful functionality, modern and bold design, this theme seems to be a great fit for cryptocurrency-oriented sites and financial blogs. The beautiful and thematic design that comes paired with it definitely is a competitive advantage to consider when choosing a theme.

Lymcoin - Cryptocurrency  ICO WordPress Theme

Lymcoin is a premium WordPress theme made for crypto stores and shops. It greatly helps with the promotion of own ICOs and provides functionality that allows payments in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium.

Furthermore, it comes with a one-click installation feature which will definitely be handy for anybody, be that an experienced developer or somebody with no coding knowledge.

Cryptonite - Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies WordPress Theme

Cryptonite is another premium WordPress theme that is targeted at both experts and beginners, with a multitude of customization options being provided. Be that a crypto-related landing page or an agency’s website, this theme will definitely serve you well given the multiple pre-designed layouts it comes packed with.

Blokco - ICO Cryptocurrency  Consulting Business WordPress Theme

Blokco is a premium Bootstrap-based WordPress theme that features the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and the Eventer Plugin as its key features. It allows for unlimited header and footer customization and was built on the Isotope grid system. The crypto widgets and tickers allow for a good layout that’s both beautiful and niche-themed.

RexCoin - A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency  Coin ICO WordPress Theme

RexCoin is a multi-purpose crypto-currency WordPress theme. It is powerful, well-designed and features extensive functionality that allows the promotion of an ICO or crypto-related business. With a sleek and crisp design, this theme does stand out of the crowd with its clean and dynamic style.

Tolarcek - A Bitcoin  CryptoCurrency WordPress Blog Theme

Tolarcek is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency oriented WordPress theme that proves to be a powerful tool for creating outstanding websites for the crypto market. With real-time graphs and coin tickers, this theme is definitely a great choice to be considered amongst the bunch.

Cryptox - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Cryptox is a beautiful and functional WordPress theme that is oriented towards websites who trade, discuss, or have consulting businesses around cryptocurrencies. Considering the WooCommerce integration is one of its key features, a testimonials and contact form and a currency calculator, the theme will work great when it comes to creating any kind of informative portals about cryptocurrency.

Cryptoland - ICO Landing Pages WordPress Theme

Cryptoland is a beautiful, functional and powerful bitcoin and altcoin ICO theme that is backed by a rather unique and sleek design.

This theme empowers anybody with no coding skills to get up and running by using the integrated WPBakery page builder, thus an option to thoroughly consider, especially if time is a sensitive issue and a fast launch is necessary.

Cryptoigo - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme With Elementor Page Builder

Cryptoigo is another premium WordPress theme which is worth your consideration, mainly because of its extensive features, beautiful design and structured layout. With several unique ICO landing page designs, a fully responsive layout and an unlimited page builder – this theme does prove to be a potential great choice.

IcoTech - Crypto BlockChain WordPress Theme

IcoTech is another premium WordPress premium theme that makes use of parallax effects to beautifully display several themed layouts. With distinctive crypto-oriented user-interface elements, IcoTech is a great choice when it comes to choosing your next theme for a website that promotes and ICO or an agency’s consulting services.

Blockcaten - Consulting WordPress Theme

Blockchain is a premium and fully responsive cryptocurrency and consulting WordPress theme. It’s suitable for several corporate websites such in the area of finances and financial services. With free lifetime updates, an extensive knowledge base and great support theme this theme is another great pick in our showcase.

Cryptech - ICO and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Cryptech is a stunning, professional and well-coded ICO and cryptocurrency WordPress Theme. Based on solid research, this theme was developed and designed with any business owner’s needs in mind, providing powerful customization and editing options and a one-click import demo.

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