30 Best Computer Mockups

If you’re a web designer, a blogger, or a social media influencer, there are going to be times when you need a high-quality computer screen mockup to show your site in a real-life context.

Today, we’ll share the best resources for finding premium computer screen mockups around the internet: PlaceitEnvato Elements, and GraphicRiver. These sites offer something for every budget and skill level. Read on to see which works best for you.

If you’re looking for an easy and versatile way to add your website URL or image to a desktop mockup, then you’ve got to check out the desktop mockup generator at Placeit.

Placeit is a one-stop shop for the best and easiest-to-use mockups around. It not only offers you hundreds of stunning PC computer mockups as well as Mac desktop mockups, but also provides you with a handy tool—a desktop mockup generator—for embedding your website URL or images into your mockup quickly and easily.

What’s more, you can buy just one mockup at a time for a small fee or sign up for a monthly plan that allows you to create and download as many resources as you like for one low monthly fee. 

Now that you know how to upload images to a mockup, let’s looks at some of the terrific desktop mockups to be found at Placeit.

Looking for the perfect Mac desktop mockup to advertise your new app? Check out this new iMac mockup, which features a clear view of an iMac screen in the context of what could be a home office or a flex-space. A terrific mockup for a contemporary work scene.

If you love the previous image but would prefer a computer screen mockup without a human presence, this might be a better choice for you. Again it features a very contemporary work setup, which could be a home office or a flex-space, and gives a large, clear view of an iMac just waiting for your very own image.

A great choice for the minimalists among us, this mockup features two screens which you can use to show different pages of the same website or different websites or products side by side. One of the great things about this Mac desktop mockup is that you can change the background colour to any colour you need or leave it transparent so you can integrate the image into the background of your choice.

If you want to show off a site’s responsive quality, there’s no better way than to show how it looks on multiple devices. That’s why we’ve included this PC computer mockup, which includes Android tablets and a phone. You can leave the background as is to blend it into the background of your choice, or pick any colour you need using the desktop mockup generator.

This great PC computer mockup gives us an over-the-shoulder shot of a young woman using her computer at home or at work. Use this mockup when you want a photorealistic scene of someone viewing your website or product or using your web app.

Here is a new iMac mockup featuring another version of the over-the-shoulder shot. In this mockup, the computer screen, while clearly visible, is featured less prominently. Another difference with this Mac desktop mockup is that you can either use the desktop mockup generator to add whatever colour you want the background to be, or you can leave it transparent to integrate it into the scene of your choice.

Looking for an iMac and iPhone mockup? We’ve got the perfect one for you, and it also includes an iPad. A great way to show how a responsive website would look on different devices. Just use the desktop mockup generator to upload your URL or images, and then choose a colour for your background or leave it transparent to integrate it into the background of your choice.

If you’re looking for a PC computer mockup and Mac desktop mockup combo, this is it. Use the desktop mockup generator to upload the same website URL/image to each screen (or different website images), and in a matter of seconds your mockup is ready for download.

Need a new iMac mockup that shows colleagues collaborating on a project? This is the image for you. Not only does it communicate camaraderie and team spirit, but it also gives your viewer a clear view of the image you chose to upload to the computer screen.

This iMac and iPhone mockup, which shows a young man using his iPhone while sitting at an iMac, is a great way to incorporate content on both screens. It’s perfect if you need to show either a responsive website or complementary content or products.

Need a photo of a creative office space to complement your website? This template will do the trick. Featuring a new iMac mockup on a vintage desk framed by plant leaves and surrounded by a brass Turkish coffee pot and mug on one side and an opened magazine on the other, this mockup is perfect for designers of all types who want to display their website or portfolio page in a cool context.

This PC computer mockup template keeps your content front and centre in the viewer’s mind. Just use the desktop mockup generator to upload your website URL or image, and your job is done.

This terrific computer mockup in PSD offers four high-res files in landscape and portrait orientation, with a variety of angles and light settings. The files are organised in layers and can be easily and quickly edited using Smart Objects.

Need a mockup computer template featuring a modern home office setting to display your new business venture? We’ve got just the thing for you with this ultra-cool computer mockup in PSD format. The mockup contains five high-res files which are all editable using Photoshop.

If you like the mockup computer template above but you want an image that shows more of the screen and less of the office context, this is the template for you. The high-res file is organised in layers, and editing is easy using Photoshop.

An excellent mockup computer template for the modern businessman. Not only does the environment communicate professionalism with a personal touch, but the computer screen is clearly visible to the viewer so that your content will be too.

For the minimalist souls out there, here is a PC computer mockup in PSD format that should appeal. This simple and clean image is easy to edit via Smart Objects using Photoshop.

Another terrific PC computer mockup template for those who like to keep things simple, this template requires that you have a working knowledge of Photoshop, which you can use to add your image to the mockup using Smart Objects.

Want to sell anything? Add an adorable puppy or two to it. This tablet and computer mockup in PSD offers three design options for your convenience. The files are organised in layers and are easy to edit using Smart Objects. What more could you want?

A great image for mums, dads, crafters, artists, lifestyle bloggers, etc. who want a homey computer screen mockup that communicates intimacy and warmth. The template contains four high-res PSD files shot from different angles and in different lighting conditions. All files are well organised in layers and are easily editable in Photoshop using Smart Objects.

Businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs will love this double computer screen mockup that allows you to show different versions of the same image—or different images altogether. The template contains five different high-res PSD files, so you have lots of options to choose from. Customisation is easy using the Smart Objects feature in Photoshop.

Another gorgeous computer screen mockup for minimalists, like the other templates featured here, this one is presented as layered high-res PSD files that are easy to customise if you have a knowledge of Photoshop.

Framed by simple objects on the right and left, this computer mockup in PSD format is a great choice for those who want all eyes to be on their image. Adding your image is easy using the Smart Objects feature of Photoshop, but a help document is included in case you get stuck.

Choose the mockup computer template that appeals the most from this set of four high-res PSD files. The files are well organised in layers and can be edited using Smart Objects.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with these seven different computer mockups in PSD format. Use the Smart Objects feature in Photoshop to upload different images to each screen, or show different versions of the same image. The sky’s the limit.

If you like the idea of the template above but are looking for something a bit more dynamic, this may be the Mac mockup for you. It features angled computer screens that you can use to show different pages of the same website or different product views. There are ten high-res PSD mockups, so you’ll have a good selection of various angles to choose from.

This computer mockup template contains six different high-res PSD files that are shot from different angles and in different lighting conditions to give you lots of choice when it comes to finding the image that works best for you.

When you are looking for a mockup that allows your image to be the focal point exclusively, this is the computer mockup template to choose. There are five different images in the template, and customisation is easy using the Smart Objects feature in Photoshop. A help file is included in case you get stuck.

This new iMac mockup is a more photorealistic variation on the template above. It maintains the simplicity of the previous image but gives a real-life context. The template contains five different high-res PSD files, which are fully customisable using Smart Objects.

This computer screen mockup is unique among the templates covered here. As you can see, the screen occupies quite a small part of the template as compared to other templates, where they tend to stand out more or be the centre of attention. In addition, the template gives you the ability to drag and drop up to 70 different objects within the image to create your own unique scene. A unique proposition that will appeal to some more than others.


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