25+ Best Coffee Mug Mockups

If you want to create a realistic coffee mug mockup to test your logo or other designs, this article will show you how to do so quickly and easily and then share the 25+ best coffee mug mockups available at Placeit.

Whether you’re a designer or a business owner looking to showcase your logo or other designs on a mug, the Placeit Coffee Mug Mockup Generator is an indispensable tool. It allows you to add your designs on a variety of realistic mug mockups so you can get an idea of how they’ll look in real-life scenarios. In addition, the Coffee Mug Mockup Generator is cost effective and very easy to use. I’ll show you how.

Upload your design to the coffee mug mockup generator using the button to the right of the template. Once your design is uploaded, go to the left side of your template to select the colour you’d like your coffee mug to be or leave the setting at the default white.

When you’re happy with your mug logo mockup, you can download it for a small fee—or, if you regularly need mockups, logos, flyers, videos, etc., a monthly subscription is a better choice. And just like that, you’ve got a great realistic mug mockup ready to use.

This terrific photo showing a woman’s hand lightly touching a coffee mug that’s lying on its side is a perfect mockup for creative brands. One of the things that makes this 3D mockup mug so special is that you can change both the colour of the sweater and the colour of the background to complement your chosen design.

All eyes will be on your logo when you use this terrific mug or cup mockup which sits in the foreground of the photo and stands out quite clearly against the softly blurred background of a kitchen.

A perfect coffee mug mockup to keep your design front and center, the mockup features a young woman holding the viewer’s gaze while taking a sip from her cup.

Cool and casual, this delightful mockup shows a man’s tattooed hand resting against his leg while holding a white coffee mug. There’s steam rising from the mug and a teabag label hanging down its side, which really complete the scene in this realistic mug mockup.

This mockup of a coffee mug next to a laptop is a great way to showcase a brilliant quote, a company logo related to technology, a coffee shop, or something else entirely.

If you’re targeting the children’s market, then this mockup featuring a young girl enjoying colouring in her book with a large mug of tea in the foreground is a good choice for you.

Show off your beautiful creative designs with this equally creative white coffee mug mockup of a young woman with her face in profile, balancing a mug delicately in the palm of her hand.

Keep your logo, illustration or quotation the focus of attention in this white coffee mug mockup featuring a mug holding pride of place at a breakfast table alongside a bottle of milk and delicious muffins.

One of the things that makes this 3D mockup mug so great is that the scene, showing a young man sitting at his kitchen table having a cup of tea while using his mobile phone, feels very relaxed and natural. This is a great mug logo mockup for a wide range of companies.

This fun and playful white coffee mug mockup shows a mug being used to hold colouring pencils and surrounded by coloured paper, more pencils and pens, and a child’s coloured sunglasses in the background. A great choice for child- or art-themed logos or illustrations.

A terrific photo of a heavily bearded man sitting on a flight of stairs enjoying a cup of coffee would be a great mug logo mockup for men’s grooming or fashion brands.

For those times when you need a coffee mug mockup with a flexible background, there’s this mockup. What makes it so perfect is that you can either keep the background transparent so that it fits easily into any scene, or change the colours to suit your desired colour scheme.

Use this beautiful white coffee mug mockup with soft muted tones to show off your inspirational quotes or creative illustrations.

This 3D mockup mug, a variation on the one above, is perfect for fashion or beauty brands that want to advertise themselves by adding their logos to coffee mugs. It would also work well for whimsical quotes or illustrations.

This mockup, showing a woman chatting with someone off camera while holding her mug so that the design placement area is clearly displayed, will appeal to a young, hip crowd.

Featuring a coffee mug being filled at an espresso machine, this is another white coffee mug mockup that’s perfect for coffee-shop owners who need a mockup to test out their logos.

This fabulous closeup of a coffee mug held by a young man as he walks to his seat in a coffee shop is great for showing off your logo, illustrations, or pithy quotations.

In this Christmas-themed mockup, a young woman sits in a cozy robe looking off-camera in front of a brightly lit Christmas tree. She holds her mug in both hands with the area of design display clearly visible.

This mockup, featuring a young woman sitting with a book in a public space while enjoying a mug of coffee, is perfect for those whose target audience is students or readers.

Want a transparent mug mockup? For those times when you need a vertically oriented mockup with a transparent background, there’s this 3D mockup mug. To customise it, just add your design, change the colour of the mug as desired, and you’re ready to go.

This heartwarming photo of a couple enjoying Christmas celebrations with their dog serves as a perfect backdrop for a two-mug mockup.

Another two-mug mockup, this rustic scene is a good choice if you want to test two different designs or show off two complementary designs.

A lovely photo of a young man in a coffee shop, combined with the reflections created by the glass, creates quite a beautiful impressionistic photo without obscuring the space for your logo to shine.

A wonderfully simple layout, this mockup features a woman’s arm holding a mug with the place for your design facing to the front and clearly visible.

This mockup, with its cool tri-coloured background, will bring a bit of pizazz to your mockup presentation. You can adjust the colour of the mug and all three background panels to get the perfect combo for your brand.

A coffee mug stands in front of an open book. What would you add to this mug and cup mockup?  A literary quote, a company logo, or a book-inspired illustration?


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