26 Best Beanie Mockups

‘Tis the season for staying warm, which makes it a great time to show off your beanie designs. If you’re looking for high-quality beanie hat mockups to display your own artwork or logos, read on.

Just one of the premium beanie mockups available at Envato Elements

Today we feature 26 of the best beanie mockup templates from Placeit and show you how to use the Placeit Hat Mockup Generator to upload your own designs.

Now that you know how to use the beanie hat mockup generator, let’s look at the best beanie mockup templates available at Placeit.

This awesome knit beanie mockup is a perfect way to show your cool designs to potential clients and customers alike. This template features a young woman in fall/winter clothing wearing a beanie with a large pom pom. You can change both the colour of the hat and the pom pom to suit your needs.

If you like the design of the beanie above but would prefer the beanie against a plain background instead, you’ll be pleased with the mockup. As with the example above, you can make the pom pom. You can also change the colour of the background to any colour you need. If you want a transparent background instead of a coloured background, you can also choose that option using the hat mockup generator.

Maybe you like the flat lay beanie mockup above, but you don’t like the pom pom. Well, here’s a mockup you’ll be happy with. You can change the colour of the beanie and the background to suit your needs and, like the option above, you can also make the background transparent if you want.

I’ve included one more version of the flat-lay style to feature a different style of beanie. This one is in a lovely heather colour with no fold, for those who prefer this style. And remember, if you’re not into the colour, you can change it to whatever colour you need. So if you’re looking for a black beanie mockup, just use the hat mockup generator to change the colour and voila, your black beanie mockup is ready for download.

If you’re appealing to the skater community or just want a cool-looking beanie mockup template, this one may appeal to you. Just upload your design using the hat mockup generator, change the colour of the hat if needed, and you have an awesome mockup ready for use.

Beanies and Christmas go hand in hand. So we had to include this gorgeous flat lay of a beanie surrounded by Christmas paraphernalia. Use the hat mockup generator to customise the template as you like.

A great beanie mockup template with a street vibe, the mockup features a profile view of a young woman leaning against a wire fence. The area of the beanie where your design will be placed is facing the camera to make sure your design is clearly visible.

This flat lay takes a different approach to the plain backgrounds already featured. This one offers users a more dynamic image by dividing the background diagonally, which allows you to add a different colour to each part.

Instead of being divided into two, this stunning beanie mockup template is divided into three, allowing you to add even more varied colours to your background.

This knit beanie mockup is quite similar to the one above and is a good example of how you can customise your template with a different colour scheme. The main difference between the two templates, however, is the style of beanie used. This one has no fold and is offered in heather as opposed to plain white.

Another variation on the tri-colour beanie hat mockup, the main difference here is in the division of the colour segments. This no-fold heather beanie lies diagonally across the frame and sits inside a colour segment as opposed to across all three colour segments.

Our last option in this selection of tri-coloured knit beanie mockup templates, this one uses rectangles of colour with the folded beanie sitting squarely in the middle of the frame to keep your designs front and centre.

A knit beanie mockup should be fun, whether that fun is created with colour or by the model’s expression. That’s why we’ve included this template, which features a model pulling her beanie down over one eye and looking at the camera with a cheeky smile.

Even cheekier than the beanie mockup template above is this one, where the model pulls her beanie down to cover her entire face, making the area where you will place your design highly visible.

For those whose target audience is young men, this is a great knit beanie mockup. Just add your design using the handy beanie hat mockup generator, and in a few seconds, your mockup will be ready for use.

This beanie mockup is great for designs and logos with a more fashion-conscious edge. It features a young woman in a beanie and sunglasses relaxing on a wooden deck. Though the model is looking away from the camera, the area of the beanie where your design will sit is angled towards the camera for full visibility.

If you love the template above but want another layout option, check out this beanie hat mockup, featuring a close-up of the same model at a different angle. What’s great about this template is that with the model’s head tilted slightly downwards, the area where your design sits is even more prominent.

A charming beanie mockup template of a woman smiling at the camera while taking a walk out in nature, this is a great template for designs or logos with outdoors themes.

Quiet and contemplative is what this knit beanie mockup set in an urban environment communicates. Use the hat mockup generator to upload your designs, and your mockup will be ready to download in seconds.

If you’re looking for a black beanie mockup, this is it. Of course, you can colour the beanie and/or the pom pom in just about any colour you’d like, so you’re not limited to a black beanie mockup if you actually need another colour.

If you’re an outdoors brand, you’ll love this beanie mockup template of a young woman standing outdoors covering her eyes with both hands. Just add your logo or design to the beanie using the mockup generator, and just like that, your mockup is ready to use.

Another fun knit beanie mockup, this one offers a beanie with a fold lying diagonally against a background of solid colour and various shapes. Customise it by uploading your design and colouring the beanie, the background, and the shapes.

A great multipurpose beanie hat mockup, this template might also appeal to tech entrepreneurs and others looking for the perfect beanie mockup to show off their logo.

Show your designs to their best advantage with this knit beanie mockup, which offers a medium shot of a young woman with her head tilted back to look at the viewer, which has the advantage of showing the area where your design will go clearly.

Another cheeky beanie hat mockup you love, this one features a woman wearing a folded beanie with a pom pom and using her fingers to create a frame around one of her eyes. Her head is framed by a circle in the wall, which draws even more attention to the beanie and the area where your design will go.

These 26 high-quality beanie mockups are only a fraction of the fabulous selections available at Placeit, so if you haven’t found exactly what you need here, head on over to the site and browse the large collections to be found there.


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