30+ Best Album Cover Art Templates

Every great rock album needs even greater album cover art that will catch a target audience’s eye and make them want to listen to the music inside.

If you’re a rocker looking for great CD album covers, you need to check out Placeit’s music album cover maker online. This terrific app offers a wide selection of the best album covers that you can customise in just a few minutes to create gorgeous rock album covers.

Best of all, the album cover maker online is simple and intuitive to use. Let me show you how with these simple steps below.

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Navigate to Placeit, click on Designs in the header menu, and select Album Cover in the sub-menu.

Go to Placeit Designs Album Cover Maker

Now browse the entire catalogue of cool album covers, select the designs you like the most, and use the customisation features to turn them into rock album covers.

Select an album cover you like

Click the album cover template you like, and it will open in the Placeit music album cover maker.

Open your album cover template in the Placeit album cover art maker app

Start to customise your album by selecting the background image first. This will set the tone for all your other design choices.

Go to the lower right side of the album cover art maker and choose an image for the background of your album cover art.

Note that if you want to upload your own photo, this is where you can do so by clicking on Custom Image. Alternatively, you can elect not to use a photo by selecting No Image and choosing a beautiful colour for your background instead.

Begin customisation by selecting a background photo

Move to the area above the background photo called Main Graphic and, depending on the background you’ve chosen, you can either add a graphic here or remove one. I’m going to remove the one that came with this album cover as it no longer fits.

I’ll also go to the two sections above Main Graphic and remove the lines that were in the previous design because they no longer work either.

Now we move to the left side of our music album cover art maker.

Starting at the top of the template, you can enter all the relevant text for your rock album cover design—name of album, name of artist, producer, etc.

Once you’ve entered your text, you can keep the default fonts or select different fonts from the dropdown menu. Afterwards, select the font colours.

Enter your album text details and select fonts

Go to the right side of the template and add an icon if you need one.

Our next step is to adjust the various elements in the album cover creator so that they fit perfectly together. You can click on each element of the design and move it around the design or click on the corners of an element to scale it up or down.

Resize elements and move them as needed

You should feel free to experiment as much as you like, knowing that if you’ve scaled and/or moved the elements in your album cover design and you aren’t happy with your work, you can simply hit the Reset Layout button in the top right of the album cover maker online app, and everything will be reset to its original position.

Look at your rock album cover as a whole and make any tweaks to the text, fonts, colours, icon, or anything else you feel is necessary to make it just right.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, hit the Download button at the top of the screen and download your design for a small fee. Alternatively, if you regularly need to create cool album covers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly plan may be the best deal for you. And that’s it. You’ve got your own customised rock album cover design ready to go.

Download your design

If you want to see what your album cover art would look like in a real-life scenario, upload it to an album cover mockup on Placeit.

Test your rock album covers with a Placeit album cover mockup

Many artists start their careers by putting out their own music. This often means budgets are tight and time is of the essence. This is where a tool like the album cover maker is indispensable. It offers tons of awesome CD album covers with gorgeous images and graphics that you can customise to suit your specific needs.

What’s great about the CD album covers at Placeit is that you don’t need to find a template that was made specifically for a specific genre of music. For example, this template was made for alternative music but can also be used for rock and customised to your taste and needs.

How cool is this album cover? This eye-catching template offers a number of super images and cool fonts that you can use to customise your own cover. Just choose the image that most appeals to you, add your text, and your cover is ready to go.

This alternative music cover template is a super choice for rock musicians as well. It offers not only a ton of awesome background images and eye-catching fonts, but also great graphics that you can customise as needed to add more interest to your cover.

CD album covers should be intriguing and mysterious, wouldn’t you agree? Well, you can’t get more mysterious or intriguing when you choose this soft and moody cover. Add your title, band name, and any other info you need, and your album is ready to go.

A great template offering loads of customisation features. For example, after you have chosen your background image, there is a setting for adding texture to your image to create this swirled effect you see here. You’ll have fun mixing and matching the textures and backgrounds to find what works best for you.

One of the best of the best album covers featured here, this beautiful abstract cover captures some of the best qualities of rock. Use the image here or choose the one that most appeals to you from the wide selection available, add your text, and your cover is ready to go.

For an album cover with a distinct look, check out Alternative Album Cover Maker. Though it wasn’t created for rock album covers, it fits the rock aesthetic perfectly with the cool and intriguing images on offer, bold text, and impressive graphics.

How’s this for a terrific album cover? The graphic mimics the shape of a vinyl record or a CD. Customise the template by adding your choice of front and middle images to create a complexed layered look, and then add your colours and text and you’ve got yourself a great rock album cover.

Just to show you how wonderfully versatile these templates are, here’s a variation on the one above with different colours, images, and fonts used to create a rock album with a totally different feel.

A strong image goes a long way in creating amazing rock album covers. Pick a strong image like the one featured here, and then add your album title and band or artist name. Change the font to reflect your taste and style, and you’ve got one stunning album cover ready to download.

The New Wave template is another that can be repurposed for rock albums. The album features a bar down the side on which you can write the artist or band’s name, and then add the album title to the bottom, or vice versa.

This gorgeous variation on the template above shows how customisation can create a very different look for an album. In this version, the background image features a clean graphic image, and the band name down the side lies on top of a bar edged by a torn paper edge. The album title is slightly tilted to give a nice effect.

When you’re looking for something more abstract, this album cover template is a good choice. Though it wasn’t designed specifically for a rock album, it is abstract enough to suit the genre and of course can be customised extensively to suit your needs.

Create amazing rock album covers with this hip hop album cover template. Just add your background image and text, change the fonts and colours as needed, add your icon or a graphic if appropriate, and your job is done.

This album cover for experimental music is perfect for rock album covers. It offers phenomenal background images like this beautiful one here, a great range of fonts, and loads of graphics and symbols that you can use to make the rock album of your dreams.

For those who love abstract backgrounds, there is this terrific rock album cover maker. Creating your own rock cover albums is as easy as choosing a background, adding your logo or graphic icon, adding the name of the album and artist, and selecting your font type and colour. A quick and easy way to create great rock album covers.

This template offers a simple album cover design with just text at the top and/or bottom of the album. The strength of the cover depends on a striking image like this one, featuring a young man against a black background, surrounded by sparkling particles.

Who doesn’t love dogs? Well yes, there are some people who don’t, but even they couldn’t resist this cute image of a dog in profile against a planet in outer space. Of course, if you really don’t want an animal on your cover, you can choose another background from the tons of choices available with the template.

This Heavy Metal cover template is perfect for rock album covers with a dark overtone and easy to customise to suit the rock genre by selecting one of the cool background graphics on offer—or uploading your own, changing colours and fonts, and adding your own text.

We end our list of the best album covers with a variation on the template we started with. You may recognise the photo of the child on a swing from the first image on this list, but look at how this template brings a fresh new twist to the image with its layered background and beautiful framing geometric shapes. Customisation is as easy as it is with all the other templates here—just add your text if you like the template or change the background to one of the others on offer, add graphics, and you are done.


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