16 Free Templates to Spread COVID-19 Awareness

If you have access to any public facing digital signage display we welcome you to use any of FREE coronavirus digital signage templates. Together we can help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.

1. COVID-19 Awareness T-Shirt Design Creator


2. COVID-19 Awareness Facebook Post Maker Featuring a Man Washing His Hands


3. Keep Calm T-Shirt Design Maker with a Coronavirus-Related Quote


4. T-Shirt Design Template for a Coronavirus Relief Fund

5. Instagram Post Maker for Coronavirus Prevention Featuring Two Washing Hands


6. Illustrated Facebook Post Design Maker With COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines


7. Illustrated Facebook Post Design Template for a COVID-19 Awareness Campaign

9. Instagram Story Maker with COVID-19 Prevention Recommendations

10. COVID-19 Awareness Instagram Story Maker with Two Washing Hands


11. Breaking News Instagram Post Template for a COVID-19 Awareness


12. Coronavirus Awareness Facebook Post Design Maker Featuring an Illustration of a Woman at Home

13. Instagram Story Design Maker for COVID-19 Themed Posts


14. Instagram Story Design Template for a COVID-19 Prevention Campaign

15. Instagram Story Maker Featuring Coronavirus Prevention Tips with a Female Doctor Graphic


16. COVID-19 Prevention Social Media Post Design Template for a Healthy Challenge


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