30+ Best Wild and Crazy Fonts

30+ Best Wild and Crazy Fonts

Are your designs so boring they could cure the worst case of insomnia?

Get brave and daring, and breathe new life into your designs with this collection of 30+ best wild and crazy fonts from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

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How’s this for bringing a bit of the wild side to your font action? It may be friendly, but this wacky font is just spicy enough to add life to your designs. Great for logo design, branding, titles, posters, and signage.

And speaking of wacky fonts, check out this cute but crazy text font. The collection includes lowercase and uppercase Latin letters and numbers—enough for you to have some serious fun. A great choice for creative or child-focused businesses.

This crazy text font is not for the faint of heart. Playfully named Colorblind, the set contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, as well as four bonus backgrounds.

The Jotunheim typeface contains three different wacky fonts inspired by ancient runes, which range from simple and legible to highly intricate and complex. Mix these three crazy font styles to create a completely unique text design. The set includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers, and simple punctuation.

The Brooklyn Typeface contains four crazy font styles: regular, grunge, inline, and inline grunge. Mix and match these vintage-influenced wacky fonts to create your own unique text for apparel, signage, or branding projects.

Looking for a crazy text font with an Asian flavour? Sakap may be the wacky font for you. Inspired by the idea of mountains, climbing, and overcoming obstacles, this is a font that would be great for creating logos, banners, text for apparel, etc.

The crazy font alphabet may not appeal to everyone, but for those born to be wild, it’s just the thing. With its futuristic, hi-tech style, Madeline would look great on signage or other projects where standing out is essential.

Another crazy font alphabet to rock your world, RibOne uses two colours within each letter and number to create a stylish and eye-catching design. A colour gradient version is included in the package.

Create a fun and quirky design with this wild font, which includes a full set of upper and lowercase Latin letters, numbers, punctuation, special characters, and symbols for other alphabets. The set includes three styles: regular, italic, and outline.

How’s this for a crazy letters font? Aptly named Scrolling Font, this wacky font may test the limits of legibility, but while viewers are trying to read your text, they’re spending more time with your brand, which is always a good thing.

Who could resist this wild font? Reminiscent of origami, Sentaband is a great font for signage, logos, branding, and any other project where a display font is indispensable. A crazy font alphabet that’s not easily forgotten.

Not sure mushroom and wacky font should be in the same sentence, but since today is all about the world of crazy letter fonts, why not? Mushroom font is cool and funky and, yes, definitely a wild font. Throw caution to the wind and dive on in.

Castillo is one of those crazy font styles that’s too cute to resist. Perfect for playful or child-targeted projects, this wild font is bound to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. The set includes four styles: regular, italic, bold, and bold italic.

If you’re on the lookout for crazy tattoo fonts, pay attention. Ornacle uses a clever, futuristic design that definitely puts it in the crazy letter fonts category. Have fun using this font for your tattoo designs, titles, signage, logos, etc.

What is this? Yup! That’s definitely a crazy letters font! Using nothing more than paper, glue, and scissors, the designer created a font that is both flawed and genius. Best suited for projects where a unique display font is needed, this crazy text font offers uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

Just because it’s sweet, doesn’t mean it’s not a crazy letters font, because it most certainly is. The botanically inspired crazy font is perfect for quirky cards, invitations, and pithy quotes on T-shirts.

This is definitely a crazy font alphabet that will turn heads. Use it to create bold and daring signs, logos, or a stand-out brand.

Looking for crazy letter fonts with a vintage twist? Oldstar Typeface may be just what you’re looking for. Aside from its uppercase Latin letters, the font contains ligatures you can use to create your own distinct style.

Another one of those crazy font styles that falls into the futuristic category, Nemesis is a great choice when you want to add a big dose of edginess to your projects. The set comes in four styles: regular, grunge, inline, and inline grunge.

Based on sacred symbols, this wonderfully wild font is bound to add a high dose of excitement to your next project. Use it to create labels, logos, signs, and whenever you need a font that’s a cut above the rest.

How sweet is this crazy letters font? Designed for kid-targeted projects, Jungle Font contains 52 unique characters inspired by the flora and fauna of the jungle. You can colour the letters or leave them blank.

This oh-so-cool and modern crazy text font is irresistible when you need a font for a large display that will stand out. Available in thin, medium, and bold, this is the font to pull out when you want to create a WOW moment!

Pandora is one of those crazy letter fonts that offers three styles that you can combine in various ways depending on how ‘extra’ you want your design to be. The set includes uppercase letters and numbers.

Use this crazy text font on the web or in print design for hi-tech, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence projects, as well as projects you want to impart with a futuristic sci-fi feeling.

Frightful is a wild and crazy font for your kid-targeted projects. It’s designed to make monsters cute rather than scary, which is exactly what you want for a kid-friendly project.

The Arkadewi typeface is a florally inspired crazy text font that’s perfect for creative branding. It comes with uppercase lettering only, so it’s best for projects where you need a unique display font.

This hand-crafted crazy letter font is bold and fun at the same time. The font is available in uppercase letters only, so it’s another wild font that is best when you need an eye-catching display font.

Have you been waiting with bated breath for a crazy calligraphy font? We aim to please. Presenting Jockerland, a calligraphy font that’s reminiscent of the Bengali script. The set includes uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and various symbols.

We’ve tried to include a wide variety of premium crazy font styles for you, but no list would be complete without Hellioum. As you can guess by the name and the image, this wild and crazy font is all about capturing the light airiness of a balloon.

It should be no surprise that many of the crazy letter fonts here are designed for kid-targeted projects. And Only Joy Typeface is another one of those. Unlike some of the other kid-friendly crazy text fonts here, however, this one is mature enough for playful adult projects as well.

What would a collection of crazy font styles be without a nod to Halloween? These uppercase letters can be used in web projects as well as in booklets, posters, or any other printed matter.

This retro-inspired crazy font alphabet is everything you need to create your next wacky project. The fun and playful set includes upper and lowercase Latin characters, numbers, and symbols, as well as accented characters for various languages.

Tikiland is a fun and unique display typeface which fits squarely in the crazy font alphabet category. It’s great for logos, titles, headlines, taglines, T-shirts, etc.

I know this is not what you may have been thinking of when you set out to look for crazy tattoo fonts, but how cool would this be on a tattoo? This modern and playful display font works equally well in small and large type settings. The set includes four styles that you can mix, match, or even layer to create your own unique look.

Taking crazy calligraphy fonts to a whole new level is Spidoels Jadoels, a handmade vintage font that offers alternate characters and discretionary ligatures to help you create that one-of-a-kind look that’ll make your work stand out.

This crazy letters font is a simple and modern take on the crazy font styles genre. It is most certainly an elegant font, with just a whiff of the wild. The set, which includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, will bring a great touch of the unconventional to any project.


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