30+ Best Western Fonts (Old Western, Cowboy and Country Style)

Old Western fonts bring to mind images of cowboys and gunslingers, pioneers and adventure. So it’s no wonder that Western fonts are still a perennial favourite for use on posters, custom logos, flyers, websites, etc.

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Any search for Western style fonts should begin with Envato Elements, which offers a wide selection of premium fonts to suit just about every project.

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Let’s take a look at some of the awesome old western fonts you can find at Envato Elements.

Bring a sense of adventure and freedom to your next project with this vintage Western style font collection. The collection contains eight old Western fonts in regular, grunge, bold, and shadow styles.

If you’re looking for a bold and eye-catching cowboy Western font, this is the font for you. Perfect for invitations, banners, movie titles, etc., the font includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, and includes some international characters.

Inspired by Western films, Brigand is a wonderful cowboy Western font. The typeface comes in rough and regular styles and includes uppercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

Addison is a wonderfully modern take on traditional Western style fonts. It combines the style of letterpress with old Western font styles to create a beautiful, textured, rustic font. Addison comes in Circus Regular and West Regular which can be combined for the most visually interesting effect.

Searching for an authentic-looking cowboy Western font? Check out Durango Western. The uppercase display font is defined by its close spacing and thick serifs and is perfect for use in movie posters, on social media, or to create cool logos. The set includes basic Latin characters, various European language accents, punctuation, and Cyrillic characters.

This hand-drawn typeface takes its inspiration from country Western font styles. It features a distressed look that gives it a vintage quality. The set includes basic Latin characters, numbers, numerals, symbols, punctuation, and over 300 glyphs.

This slab serif is a very contemporary take on old Western fonts. Bold and attention-getting, the set includes uppercase Latin and Cyrillic characters, outlines, and punctuation. A great choice for a T-shirt, logo, or poster.

Dafodil is a country Western font that oozes with the lure of the Wild West. Strong, bold, and eye-catching, it’s perfect for headlines, posters, logotypes, branding, signs, events, or any design you want to bring a bit of that Western flavour to.

Inspired by the old American chromatic wood type from the late 1800s, this typeface brings its own unique quality to the old Western font theme. The font comes in four styles that can be layered one on top of the other to get a chromatic colour effect reminiscent of vintage letterpress printing. The font includes uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

Knox is a modern country Western font inspired by both Western culture and tattoos. It is a great choice for projects that you want to infuse with just a touch of the old Western aesthetic. The font consists of six font variations with different decorations.

Like Knox above, Velasco has also been inspired by a combination of Western culture and tattoos. It has a more vintage feel than Knox and so captures more of that old Western font vibe. The font comes in three variations and includes different decorations.

If you’re looking for a Western script font, this is one of the styles that will bring you close to that look. Brighton & Smith is a hand-drawn font available in two weight styles and is a great choice for headers, logos, clothing, and posters. It comes in two variations: regular and rough.

What a great name for a font that perfectly captures a modern take on old Western style fonts. This Western film inspired typeface will look great on monograms, logos, prints, posters, etc. It includes 75 glyphs and comes with international language support.

Knucklehead is another clean, contemporary take on old Western style fonts. The font family comes in a variety of weights—light, regular, bold, black, and more—and includes different decorations. Use it in any project you want to inject with that old Western feel.

A very contemporary take on a vintage style, this Western style font has a large dose of flair that will add some pizzazz to any project from T-shirts to badges, posters to logos. The font comes in uppercase letters only, with several glyphs.

An interesting take on Western style fonts, this typeface includes three different styles—regular, serif, and deco—and various decorations. Use it to bring a bit of Western charm to your logos, posters, wedding invitations, greeting cards, etc.

With its clear nod to Western style fonts, the Circus Font will add a touch of lightheartedness to any project. The package includes OTF and TTF formats as well as a variety of web font formats.

The aptly named Buffalo font combines Western characteristics with the grunge aesthetic to create a wonderful display font for your next project. The family includes six font files for you to choose from or combine as you please.

This Western style font uses only very light touches of the hallmark of Western fonts, but there are enough to add some flair and distinction to the text of your packaging, posters, headlines, flyers, etc.

This slab serif design is reminiscent of the distressed text of a wanted poster and is the perfect cowboy Western font style for signage and other projects where you need to go bold and fearless. The heavy and condensed font comes in two versions: regular (which you can see in the subtitle of the example above) and a weathered, grunge version (which you can see in the title above).

The Rodeo typeface started with the cowboy Western font style and then went in its own direction to create a display font that is unique and exciting. The font offers six styles, with various reconfigurations of regular, grunge, shadow, and shadow wave.

This is a thoroughly contemporary font that manages to reference the old Western font style to create something new and exciting. The font includes uppercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. Perfect for movie posters and signage that needs clean lines and a touch of the distinct.

Now this is an old Western font that harnesses the flair of the Western saloon life. A gorgeous typeface for only the most special of projects, this bold and eye-catching font includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and beautiful decorative ornaments and ligatures. In other words, everything you need to create outstanding text for your project.

A wonderful blend of Western and modern elements, this font is perfect when you want to keep your Western reference light. A great font for signs, menus, posters, T-shirts, etc., the package offers uppercase Latin characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. There are two styles to choose from: regular textured and rounded textured.

This lovely Western style font combines other retro influences and styles to create its very own look. The handmade display typeface is offered in three different styles: solid, outline, and coded. It includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Use it in your next project to add a touch of vintage appeal.

Check out this Western style font, which features a family of layered letters that can be combined in different ways to create your own unique look. The font offers four different weights and consists of uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and various foreign language accents. It a great choice for creating headlines on a poster, signage, or for other projects where you need a strong, distinct font.

A strong slab serif, this cowboy Western font comes in three styles—regular, spurs, and college—which can be combined to create your own unique style. The font consists of uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, various symbols, 27 foreign language accents, and over 300 glyphs.

Another modern slab serif that you can use for signage, posters, and various headlines, this cowboy Western font adds a huge dose of style to your projects when you add the available ligatures, alternates, and swashes.

This classic Western style font consists of 12 font styles that you can combine and experiment with to bring your own unique look to each project. A great choice when you want to add a touch of vintage Western style to your projects.

A modern and clean approach to the cowboy Western font, Barletta is a great choice for making a vintage logo or cover headline for a magazine or book cover. The font consists of uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and foreign language accents.

Another font Western script font type style, this typeface has an elegant vintage look that could work well for a variety of projects, such as logos, T-shirts, posters, and more.

If you need a bold display typeface that has an old Western font vibe, then this is the font for you. Inspired by old signage and posters, this font comes in various styles, including clean, alternative, textured, and Western.

A country Western font with flair, Wacamóler harnesses Western movie typography to deliver a font that is playful and would look great on signage, posters, and other projects.

Inspired by old Western lettering, this cowboy Western font is perfect for T-shirts, labels, and posters. The font includes uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

If you’re looking for a country Western font with a lot of flair, then this is it. This modern vintage typeface uses various decorative characters to create a beautiful font that would complement various projects like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, etc.

This gorgeous old Western font is everything you need to make a statement. It is offered in two styles—regular and rough—and consists of uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. A terrific font for any number of projects.


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