40+ Best Child-Friendly Fonts for Kids’ Handwriting Styles

40+ Best Child-Friendly Fonts for Kids' Handwriting Styles

If you design or create products for children, chances are you’ll need a ready supply of child-friendly fonts at your fingertips.

Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. Here’s an impressive list of the 40+ best child font styles to be found at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Take a look. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Monster World is a playful child font that kids will love. This fresh and fun font is available in three styles: light, bold, and bounce bold. What’s more, the set comes with a fun vector pack of awesome monsters that you can use to complement your designs.

Batboo is a faux-scary, kid-friendly font, perfect for Halloween celebrations of all kinds. Add it to cards, invitations, T-shirts, games, and other products that target children. The font includes uppercase Latin alphabet and foreign language characters, numbers, punctuation, and a bonus of five Halloween monster vector objects.

Here’s another terrific child font style for Halloween. Escape is a display font that you can use to emphasise the eeriness of Halloween when you are creating birthday cards, signs, and posters for kid-related events. Uppercase Latin alphabet and foreign language characters, numbers, and punctuation are all included.

How sweet is this child font style, which uses crafts as its style reference? The font includes both lower case and uppercase Latin letters, numbers, and punctuation. Use this kid-like font for any and all products that target a younger audience.

Need a fun, creative, kid-like font for your next project for children? How about the aptly named Happy Kid Creative Font? This display font is bold, playful, and colourful, all the qualities you need in a font designed for children.

Hello Lijo isn’t just designed for children—it borrows the charm of a child’s penmanship to create a font that looks like handwriting. This kid-like font includes a set of playful graphics that you can include in your designs.

Graham Cracker font is everything that the American snack is famed to be: fun, familiar, and versatile. It was inspired by a 1960s movie poster, and it contains over 175 interlocking ligatures that give it a hand-lettered feel and allow you to create a font that looks like handwriting.

Here’s a kids’ handwriting font that’s simple, fun, and very easy to read. Based on hand lettering with a paintbrush, the kid-like font includes upper and lowercase Latin characters, numbers, punctuation, and simple ligatures. Use it for book titles, greeting cards, posters, and other child-friendly projects.

Kido is another cool font that, though not exactly a kids’ handwriting font, is inspired by children’s handwriting. This fun display font offers tons of glyphs and ligatures so you can create a style that is all your own. Use it wherever you need a bold, eye-catching font.

Need a kids’ font with a bit of funk? Then check out Funkie Bunny. Inspired by child handwriting fonts, this bold yet playful font is all kinds of awesome. Use it in family-friendly projects that target young kids. They’ll love it.

Need fonts that look like handwriting? Pagi Ceria is an exciting display font that will make your child-themed design stand out! With bold, eye-catching letters and tons of glyphs, this child writing font is a great choice for branding projects, logos, T-shirt designs, book cover designs, etc.

How about Kids Zone for a standout kids’ font that will make your child audience stop and take notice? This playful cartoon font is great for posters, cards, T-shirts, and other projects designed for children.

Looking for a kids’ handwriting font with a bit of a twist? Check out Blendstripe, a hand-drawn inline font that is perfect for your children’s projects. The font features the kind of inconsistent lettering you find in simple handwriting fonts and softly rounded corners that add a warm and friendly touch.

You have to admit that this chubby kid-like font is super cute. Round and shiny, Babelgamee is an excellent choice for all child-friendly projects, including posters, book covers, wall art, T-shirts, and much more. The font offers four styles: regular, shadow, base, and shine.

Fonts that look like handwriting can be quite charming, and when you add the naive touch of a child’s penmanship, they are are simply endearing. Rocketboy is one such font you need to try if you’re looking for a child writing font. The font includes upper and lower case Latin letters, numbers, and punctuation. Give it a try.

And speaking of charming and endearing fonts, how absolutely adorable is Anima? With a wonderful collection of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation, plus a bonus addition of ten sweet animal vector objects, Anima is a font that you need in your toolbox if you design anything for children.

Caramelia is a quintessential kids’ writing font that’s hard to resist. The font offers uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and punctuation. Use it to create lettering for all sorts of kid-friendly projects, from birthday cards to posters to advertising banners.

How about Kindergarten, a bold and fun child font style that children will love? The font offers both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation. Use it to create eye-catching signage, cute greeting cards, and awesome T-shirt logos.

How clever is this font, which takes its inspiration from the shape and style of puzzles? This sweet child font style is only offered in uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, but that’s all you’ll need to create bold and distinct letters for attention-getting messages.

Kiddo Handwriting is an easy handwriting font that offers uppercase letters only. Obviously this would not be appropriate for all projects, but if you’re looking for a simple kids’ writing font for your next project, check it out.

Inspired by a friendly T-Rex, Trexos is a bold and playful font that looks like handwriting—a kid’s handwriting, that is. So if you are looking for a great child writing font for your next project, this is a charming and readable choice that is offered in two weights that can easily be mixed and matched.

Suga Rush is everything its name suggests, a super sweet confectionery-inspired child font. Aside from uppercase Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation, there are 79 sweet vector objects included with the font that you can add to your designs to increase the sugar rush.

Here’s another kids’ writing font to fall in love with. Ginidino is a quirky child handwriting font that’s offered in bold lowercase letters. Use it for child-targeted projects like cards, signs, T-shirts, product packaging, and more.

All girls are wonder girls, so of course there’s a child font style named after them. Wonder Girl is a cute child handwriting font that features soft, rounded curves in uppercase lettering. It would complement a wider range of projects, so take it for a whirl and see what you think. My bet is: you’ll love it.

Another cool kids’ writing font, but this time one that’s angular rather than rounded. This fabulous child writing font is offered in upper and lowercase Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation. A variety of symbols are also included to add to your projects.

Hey Kiddo is exactly what you would expect a kids’ writing font to be: playful, a bit awkward, and completely lovable. This adorable font, which looks like handwriting from a child, is offered in five styles: regular, scribble, cloze, ink, and cloze ink. Check them all out to see which works best for you.

Add Kidsjone to your signs, cards, T-shirts, and other projects for children, and capture some of the joy and spontaneity of childhood. The font includes tons of glyphs and ligatures so that you can create a look that is uniquely yours.

Can you imagine this kids’ writing font on the cover of a book? How awesome would that be? Mighty Worm is a slightly messy handwriting font that exudes the spirit of childhood. It is offered in both upper and lowercase Latin letters and includes numbers and punctuation. Have fun incorporating it in your next project.

When you’re looking for a child font that is scary but not too scary, Monster Squad is the answer. The bold display font was made with children and Halloween in mind, but it can be used in other projects and at other times of the year as well.

With its irregular lines and slight awkwardness, Hidalgo is a sloppy handwriting font that captures the quality of a child working on their penmanship. Use it in any project where you require a child-friendly font and where you want to communicate youthfulness.

Quirky is not a word usually associated with potato, but don’t let that stop you from trying Potato Kukiry. Here’s a fun serif font that captures the spirit of a child’s handwriting to create a fun kids’ handwriting font. Use it in your child-targeted crafts, projects, banners, video projects, and more.

They don’t come more beautiful than Hailyland, a beautiful, fun children’s font which is perfect for all types of kid-friendly projects. An excellent choice for product packaging, stationery, invitations, branding projects, etc., this child font style comes with extra glyphs and ligatures which allow you to experiment and create something truly unique.

Fonts that look like handwriting from kids come in all shapes and styles, so we wanted to include a more traditional child handwriting font style here. Child’s Brush isn’t as fancy as other fonts offered here, and it only comes in one style, but when you’re looking for a classic child writing font, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Running the gamut, Blue Ocean is a fun display font that’s designed to appeal to children. The font comes in three styles and includes a bonus of several beautiful doodles.

Happy Kids is a serif child font that can be used for children’s books, product packaging, stationery, invitations, branding projects, etc.

Chirrup is a messy handwriting font painted with a brush and watercolors. It includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, accents, and alternates, and it’s perfect for cards, prints, logos, wedding invitations, and more.

Check out Xiluman, a hand-crafted child font that comes in three styles. Inspired by a love of textiles and hand stitching, this cool font would look great on invitations, games, packaging, T-shirts, and other projects created for children.

School Type Lettering is a chalkboard font that is perfect for child-friendly projects like games, posters, flyers, and more. The font is offered in both upper and lowercase letters and includes numbers and punctuation.

Looking for a child crayon font? Check out Creative Kids, an absolutely smashing handwriting font that is modern, playful, and oh so creative. This is the font to use when you’re looking for a standout child font for logos, apparel, signage, branding, and so on.

A typeface inspired by candy canes, Candys Font is oh so special. It offers upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and loads of swashes and ligatures that you can use to create your own signature look.

Spring Dreams Typeface is a gorgeous handwritten font that is quirky and imaginative and so perfectly captures some of the best qualities of both spring and childhood. Use it for cards, prints, logos, and whenever you need to add a little lightness and magic to your designs.

Summer days are often filled with great light, laughter, and playful moments, and that is exactly what this font attempts to capture: all the things that make summers great. Summer Day Typeface is a terrific way to bring the long, sultry days of summer to all your projects, no matter the time of year.


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