30+ Best New Photoshop Portrait Actions 2020

Make beautiful portraits with amazing Photoshop portrait actions. These are the best Photoshop actions for portraits out now! Check out this list of premium resources perfect for Instagram posts and more.

The best types of Photoshop portrait actions can really transform a photo. With a single click of a button, these pretty actions turn your pictures into dreamy portraits or cool cartoon effects.

So, in this selection of high-quality actions, we’re giving you another round of cool Photoshop tools from both Envato Elements and Envato Market. Enjoy amazing portrait photo effects that will brighten up any feed. Dazzle your Instagram followers with pretty color effects and more.

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Fury 3 Photoshop Action

The Fury 3 Photoshop action is one of the best of its kind! If you’re looking for a set of Photoshop portrait actions that bring both movement and intensity, then look no further. Not feeling the fire look? Change it from red to blue for an icier Photoshop effect.

Carbonium - Black  White PS Actions

This is a huge collection of Photoshop actions for portraits full of both vintage-inspired and modern-day black and white portrait effects. All of this makes it one of the best Photoshop plugins for portraits and other fine art pieces!

Animated Retro Vintage Film - Photoshop Actions

Take your cool Photoshop edits for portraits and add a layer of animation to finish them off! This set of Photoshop portrait actions will generate a video sequence of animated vintage effects for your images! It comes with multiple vintage Photoshop filters, as well as Photoshop portrait tutorials to show you exactly how to use the action!

Double Exposure is a set of Photoshop actions for portraits that creates the classic double exposure effect on any photo you might have! Though it will work best for editing portraits in Photoshop, you can also experiment with landscapes and animal photos. Editing portraits in Photoshop has never been easier!

Fire Photoshop Action

You can never have too many fire-themed Photoshop filters, but if I had to choose just one, then this set of fire Photoshop actions for portraits would be it! Create a stylish fire effect, embers and all, with another one of the best Photoshop plugins for portraits!

25 Lifestyle Portrait Photoshop Actions

Design the lifestyle you want with amazing Photoshop actions for portraits. This high-quality pack features 25 colorful effects to make your pictures look more attractive. Professionally process your photos in less time with carefully crafted portrait actions.

50 Film Noire Portrait Photoshop Actions

Get that cinematic look with this set of film noir-inspired Photoshop actions for portraits. Make your photos look as if you just stepped off a set with 50 cinematic actions that are great for professional photographers. Enjoy non-destructive results that work well on Mac or PC.

Portrait Series Photoshop Actions

Editing your photos with a touch of subtlety can really make all the difference. That’s why this phenomenal Photoshop portrait action series of Photoshop actions will do just the trick for high-quality effects. Enjoy ten Photoshop actions for dramatic results you’ll definitely love.

Caramel Wedding Photoshop Action

Add a sweeping color of caramel to your work for a one-of-a-kind look! Caramel is a new Photoshop portrait action that will speed up your post-processing for fast, amazing results. It’s great for bloggers and photographers to add to your wedding, event, and portrait pictures.

Double Light Portrait Photoshop Action

This next Photoshop action is inspired by the trendy double light effect. Save hours of painting the colors by hand with this specialized Photoshop action for portraits and more. Just fill in the area you would like to apply the effect, and press play! So simple!

Duotone Portrait Photoshop Action

One of the hottest effects going around is the duotone portrait. So bring your work to the next level with this duotone Photoshop portrait action. It’s compatible with Photoshop versions CS6 and above, so you’ll be able to use it with the latest editions.

Anaglyph Portrait Photoshop Actions

Are you seeing 3D? These Photoshop actions for portraits give your images that cool 3D anaglyph look inspired by film. Download four basic actions that will take your pictures to new heights. Get a professional result that is non-destructive and easily adjustable.

Geometric Portrait Art Photoshop Action

Another popular trend in photography is making the most out of geometry. This cool Photoshop action, for instance, adds awesome geometric shapes, lines, and dots for a futuristic look. Great for Mac or PC, this action has been optimized for Photoshop CS3 and above.

Cinnamon Portrait Actions

Make your photography stand out with stunning tonal Photoshop portrait actions. The Cinnamon portrait action makes it easy to achieve gorgeous results in less time. Inspired by wild, mysterious, and enigmatic themes, this action suite is perfect for fashion and editorial photography.

Rainy Day Photoshop Actions

Get artistic with this next Photoshop action. Rainy Day is a cool new Photoshop action for portraits that lets you apply a rainy window effect to your photos. Enjoy the look of realistic water droplets and fog that have been exclusively designed for artists and photographers. Add it to your collection!

Caricature Photoshop Action

Want to create wacky caricature portraits of your friends and family? Then check out this set of fun caricature Photoshop actions for portraits. Turn regular pictures into funny photos that you can customize even further with additional painterly effects. Just set up the warping intensity for more impact.

Island Portrait Photoshop Action

Get lost on a stranded island designed like you, with this set of cool Photoshop edits for portraits! This beautiful portrait Photoshop action creates a gorgeous, realistic island made with sand, trees, and water. It works great with photos, vector shapes, and even logos for a cool effect! Try it out.

Gypsy Portrait Photoshop Actions

Create expressive, cinematic portraits with the Gypsy Photoshop action. This download features four high-quality actions to give your photography expressive and rich toning. Or add a simple, faded matte effect for a nice vintage feel. Check it out!

Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

This massive pack of Photoshop actions for portraits includes 80 double exposures for a professional visual effect. Use it with studio portraits and landscape photography for incredible, attractive photos.

Quick Sketch Portrait Photoshop Action

Need to turn your picture into a cool, quick sketch? Then check out these Photoshop portrait actions. Just check out the video tutorial to see the process evolve from start to finish. Enjoy realistic sketch effects that work well on a wide range of photography.

14 Pop Art Portrait Photoshop Actions

Or make your pictures pop like the early 1960s. This pack of Photoshop portrait actions recreates famous pop art effects which you can apply in seconds! It contains 14 diverse actions that you can customize with your favorite colors and textures. Add it now!

Comic Portrait Action

Turn your selfies into awesome comic art with this next portrait action. This clever Photoshop asset lets you add epic bright colors and retro textures to your pictures. It’s compatible with Photoshop CS5 and above, and it’s also super affordable!

Vector Art Portrait Photoshop Action

Do you love vector art but find it hard to make? Well, you definitely aren’t alone! That’s why this next Photoshop action has been designed to give you amazing vector art portraits fast. Add a brilliant artistic effect or unlimited color results with one helpful action.

Portrait Collage Photoshop Action

Make a huge collage out of your portrait photography with this fun action. This newly updated action delivers two wild collage styles with 18 color effects. Just open your photo and create a selection before running the Photoshop action. You’ll love this one!

Blood Art Portrait Photoshop Action

Or make a colorful splash with this dramatic blood art Photoshop action. Designed for high-resolution portraits and more, this action instantly applies splashes of liquid to your pictures in any color you need. Modify the results easily with simple-to-use adjustment layers.

Typography Portrait Photoshop Action

Love typographic portraits? Then you’ll definitely want this typography portrait Photoshop action. Write an inspiring passage onto the model’s face or include your favorite words. This fully editable action lets you choose the pattern, color, and scale for custom results.

Black and White Portrait Photoshop Actions

There is truly an art to black and white photography. And this next Photoshop action helps you create masterful compositions with drama and flair. Enjoy 12 tonal black and white photo effects that will give your pictures that vintage look. Check it out!

HDR Portrait Action

Reproduce the look of HDR photography with this exquisite HDR portrait action. Developed for Photoshop CC and above, this action is super affordable and easy to use. Instantly transform your pictures for Instagram and more.

Vector Sketch Portrait Photoshop Action

Turn your pictures into cool vector sketches with this best-selling Photoshop action. Compatible with Photoshop CS6 and above, this action delivers an epic vector sketch in a wild range of colors. Also included are additional patterns for more customization.

Taboo Fantasy Portrait Photoshop Actions

Fantasy portraits can add a lot of allure to your Instagram feed. This next series of Photoshop actions creates dark and eerie effects designed for creatives and all amateur photographers. Use it with natural light photography for a truly outstanding mood!

Pet Portrait Photoshop Actions

Your adorable pet portraits need love too! This next Photoshop action is perfect for animal lovers. It contains 25 multipurpose actions to give your work a wide range of lighting conditions. Add more intensity to your dog and cat portraits with this incredible pack!


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